World Stationery Day

It’s World Stationery Day! I cannot believe it’s already come by, this month has zoomed past here. I have spent the entire day playing with a bunch of my stationery, writing some letters for some friends and scrapbooking too!

World Stationery Day banner

This week, I have been rooting through boxes of stationery that was in my storage. Going through it was so nice. Unfortunately, as I am in the process of moving, I no longer have a little craft room. Rather, I live out of boxes whilst I’m at my old home and am slowly taking things over to my new place. Since it is a temporary move (apparently), we haven’t taken too much so we’re trying to be minimal and put a lot of things into storage. It was nice to see what I had and organise it a little.

However, I am even happier to be able to use what I have. So, this morning, I spent some time using a few of the things I found in my efforts. I am hoping I can find myself a permanent place soon – and a craft room! So I can get back to making more crafts. I found a bunch of items that I had made or letters I have written for loved ones that were just not sent/completed. Next time I come down to the storage, I hope that I can actually work on completing some and get them sent to their recipients.

Just getting to use my stationery has been a huge bonus though. I have a few exciting posts planned that will be coming soon. For now, I just wanted to say Happy World Stationery to you all!

If you haven’t heard of National Stationery Week already – check out this post. Alternatively, visit the official website here.