Christmas Gifts for the Busy B

The other day, I did a blog post featuring a few of my favourite products from Busy B to help you organise your Christmas.  As a result, I spent a lot of time on the website.  And I ended up finding tons of products I think would make great gifts.  So today’s post will look at good Christmas gifts for the Busy B in your life.  I’ve categorised them into small areas, most of which are areas that I love or need in my life.  You don’t have to stick to those categories, they are just the ones that I am personally drawn to.  Essentially most of these gifts are things I personally would love to get (or already own and adore!) so you know…  It’s a selection of things I would like?

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Travelling the world – I’m in India

On Holiday [India]Hello!  It’s been a while since I last checked in so I wanted to quickly pop in to update you all.  In fact, it’s been a while since I got some time to myself at all.  It’s been a busy few weeks as I finished up at work whilst doing a huge spring clean of my house.  I also had to make time to as prepare for a long trip abroad.  If you follow my Instagram, you may already know this…  However, for those that don’t, I am currently writing to you from India.

I am really excited about this trip because it’s far longer than my usual travels.  Instead of briefly visiting a country for a long weekend break or a week or two, I have the opportunity to stay in India for 75 days.  Yes, 75 whole days…  Aka two and a half months.  During this time, I will be volunteering at a charity I used to fundraise for and donate to (which is really exciting as I get to see where the money has gone and see firsthand what the charity does) and I’ll also be able to spend time with my relatives that live over here.  I’ve just spent a few days at the charity and have been introduced to a few of the projects they do.  They do amazing work – I may have to share some of it with you after I’ve gotten to experience it more.  This is something that I have not had the chance to do before so I’m really excited to have such an opportunity.  There’s no doubt that this will be a busy holiday for me, rather than a relaxing one but that’s how you truly discover a country and feel satisfied right?  Plus I prefer it this way as I get bored easily if there’s nothing to do.  Of course, I will try to stay on top of the blogging too.  I have tons of amazing things to share with you, including some product reviews, new card designs and a travel related collaboration that’s coming up soon.  I am hoping to stumble across a few stationery stores whilst I’m in India and find some treasures to add to my collection too.  The biggest hindrance to my blog activity, however, will be access to the Internet, as I’m pretty dependent on that!

The internet is iffy here, to say the least, which has prevented me from posting sooner than now…  Furthermore, I have been travelling around to different houses or cities as I visit different people in the area, which has definitely not helped with internet access.  Being out and about has meant my blog has, unfortunately, had to take a little bit of a backseat during this time.  This should settle down over the next few days, giving me a little bit of a structure to plan my weeks in advance…  Hopefully.  That’s the plan, at least!

So I just wanted to quickly check in to update you all about the irregular activity recently and warn you that I might not be able to get a post up weekly, as I usually aim to do.  Let’s see how this works out…

For now, this is Reema over and out.  See you soon!

USA – Can I just come back please?

I love England, I love England to bits in fact.  I could never imagine living anywhere else without comparing it to England.  We have our faults, no doubt – every country does.  But I was born and brought up here, it’s home and I’ve fallen in love with all of the good in the country.  I was never sure how well I’d adjust to living in another country.  I’m sure I would eventually – human beings are pretty good at adjusting – but that doesn’t mean I want to.  Recently, however, I’ve started to travel more and go to places I haven’t been to before.  The more I travel, the more I realise how amazing and beautiful this world is – and the more positives I see in living in other countries and experiencing them.

img_20160516_235116.jpgUSA is one of those countries that is quickly winning my heart.  Does the fact that a lot of my favourite companies are also based in USA help to win my heart?  Yeah, probably.  The stationery and craft industry is huge over there – and I love that.  It’s very much a community and there’s always tons of events that look amazing to go to.  I couldn’t help but spend tons of money whilst I was over there.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve brought, head on over to my Instagram channel as I’ll be showing all of it over there, especially when I start using it.  However, if you’re not on Instagram then don’t worry, I’ll be sharing reviews of some of the products on here too.

img_20160518_013013.jpgWhilst I was in New York, I managed to pop into two craft stores that I have heard a lot about but never been to before.  Unfortunately, I only had 5-20 minutes in each store so I couldn’t take lots of photos (or do lots of shopping… but that’s good for my bank balance, right?).  But wow, inside both of these is my idea of heaven.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels…  I was surprised at how big both of these stores were – full of stationery, craft and planning supplies.  There was so much that I wanted to buy and I couldn’t even get around the whole shop in time (that didn’t stop me from spending a lot though!).

I’m already planning my return, I’ll be honest.  There are so many states and I would love to be able to visit, even just, a quarter of them.  That’s still a lot…  Nonetheless, I’ve now done a couple more now… so getting there, right?!  Time to get back to planning the next one!

Travelling the world – I’m in USA

On HolidayHey lovelies!  Just a quick post from me today as I’m currently on holiday and slowly achieving my dream of travelling across the world!  And I’m currently in the craft and planner heaven: America!  (Can you tell how excited I am by all of the !s?!)

Ahem – anyway, I’ve been here for a few days now so I thought I’d just quickly check in with you all and update you.  I’ll be travelling around the state of New York (and a few other nearby states too) so I definitely have the song “New York” by Alicia Keys in my head.  I spent yesterday in Manhattan, visiting some amazing shops as I had a free few hours away whilst I was waiting for someone.  Follow my Instagram account to see what I get up to but I’ve totally brought tons of stuff already so I cannot wait to share it all with you.  For starters, I got to visit some of the amazing American shops that I hear people talk about in the planner / craft community but have never gotten to visit (sadly, they aren’t available in the UK yet – I’m holding onto hope that they will be soon!) and I’m lucky enough to have been able to order a few goodies in advance so that I can bring them home with me!

But for now, I just wanted to stop by and say that there’s definitely a lot of hauls I need to show you all so be prepared for an Instagram spam of pictures and perhaps a haul post (if I somehow manage to fit it all into one).

Since I’ve been busy with National Stationery Week and blogged daily for the whole of the week, I thought a little break was justified.  So I’ll be taking next week off and I’ll be back on 28th May with another blog post for you all!

As I really enjoy travelling too and have been to 6 countries in the past year alone, I thought I’d do a little series about travelling and how I get organised for it.  What do you think?  Is this something you would want to see?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about it so please comment away or drop me an email on – thank you!