Stationery Sales for Cyber Monday

Welcome to Day 2 of my Blogmas series. Black Friday-Cyber Monday might not have been a thing here in the UK but it has definitely been on the rise in the past few years. This week, I have seen quite a few sales starting up. In all honesty, some of the sales seen are not really sales. Companies have been known to increase the price of an item before putting it on ‘sale’, so it looks like a bargain when it is not. But sometimes, sales are a great time to start hunting down some Christmas gifts or pick up a few things that you have always wanted. I have been keeping my eye out for anything worth sharing. Since it’s Cyber Monday today, I wanted to share a few of the Stationery sales that are currently going on. Here’s what I have found. 

Blogmas Day 2 - Cyber Monday Stationery Sales

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Christmas Sale at kikki.K

One of my favourite planner companies in the UK is kikki.K.  It has opened up several stores around the UK, with a few in London.  I visited one of the London ones yesterday and was blown away by their current range.  I planned to only get one thing and ended up with a bit more than that.  However, it must have taken me over an hour to decide what I actually wanted to buy.  Because I wanted everything. 

They currently have 50% off on selected styles too.  I thought I’d take a moment today to share a few of my favourite items from this sale range.  If I had the money, I would buy all of these.  I am very tempted to go back and pick up a few more items for myself or for friends.  As a little treat to myself, however, I decided to get one of these yesterday.  (And a few other things outside of the sale section but since I love a bargain, lets focus on that stuff today). Continue reading “Christmas Sale at kikki.K”

Christmas Stationery Sales

Christmas is a season of giving.  It’s probably also the season to spend far too much money.  Since we have budgets to stick to, it’s a great time to look around for some bargains.  A few stationery companies I love are hosting giveaways or sales.  So I thought I’d compile a list of them so you can take advantage of them!

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Stationery Sales: Back to School Offers

I can’t believe it’s September already, it’s come around so fast.  This time of the year marks the new academic year.  I’m glad I’m no longer in education but there was always one thing that was good about this time: back to school sales!  Though, in reality, even if you’re not going back into education that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a bargain or two.  So without further ado, I wanted to share some back to education sales that I would recommend you look at!

WH Smith

This is perhaps one of my favourite sales at the moment.  There’s so many products on sale.  Their back to school section has categories!  Each category has a bunch of items in it, so there’s plenty of choice.  In fact, you’re probably spoilt for choice.  I know I certainly can’t pick just 1-2 products to feature because I want so many of them.  What I love is that this sale caters for everyone.  Whether you have a child returning to school or you’re studying at university, there’s something you will need here.  There’s a range of books or revision guides for various years.  There’s art supplies or calculators or USB devices.  I’m not studying and there’s tons of things that I want.

I’m currently eyeing up the art supplies, to be honest as there’s a few that might need restocking in my cupboards.  There’s also a number of fountain pens on sale that I’m so tempted to grab up!

Head on over to WH Smith’s website to see their sale!


There’s a “better than half price” offer on some stationery essentials this year.  You can pick everything from a notepad to highlighters.  Sadly, there isn’t a lot in this range but they do have sales on other products throughout the website too.  So it’s definitely worth having a look to see if there’s any essentials you need refilling on.  My personal favourite choice is the Staedtlet Triplus Colour & Fineliner pack.  You get 10 of the “Colour” pens with fibre tip nibs and 10 “Fineliner” pens.  Same colours but different nibs.  I have the full packs of both the Fibre Tip Pens and the Fineliners, which offers 20 colours in each range.  However, I love that this pack offers you the basic range of colours in both sets for a great price!  If you’re unlikely to use all 20 colours in each set, this one gives you 10 of each, which I like.  Having both sets of nibs definitely came in handy when I was making notes during my school years.  Coloured notes were much easier to read!

Without further ado, check out Ryman’s website to visit their sale section.


Paperchase opted for a slightly different tactic.  They chose to go for a 3 for 2 sale on various school essentials.  Now you have to do a little bit of maths to figure out which is the best value for money.  However, if you’re planning to restock on a few items, this could work out better for you!  There’s a lot of basic items that could be useful – from pens to plastic wallets.  I quite liked their Black Plastic Multi List Book, which has several different lists, a clipboard style holder and sticky tabs.  You can use it to help you get organised or make notes!

Check out the Paperchase website to see more!

P.S. If you’re local to the Paperchase flagship store in London, check out the sale aisles.  It’s fantastic.  I always manage to pick up some goodies there!

London Graphics Centre

If you’re into arts, crafts or anything design related – whether it’s for your degree or for fun – the London Graphics Centre has you covered.  I love this store, it’s pretty much like my dream workshop.  This store has everything from basic notepads to technical design equipment.  It’s perfect for the beginner, through to graduation.

I highly recommend you check the website out (or visit them in person!) and see if there’s anything you might need.  The sale section isn’t huge but there’s a number of items that you can easily find here, which might be a bit harder to find elsewhere.  You can also get 15% off if you’re a student so definitely take advantage of that deal, nonetheless!

Moving to university?  Living with housemates?  Have you got your House Rules?

The House Rules by Francesca LeungIf you’re moving to university for the first time, you have new housemates or you need to establish some new “house rules”, check this brilliant book out.  I absolutely love this book, which features everything about house chores to how you like your coffee.  It’s full of great content, as well as creative illustrations.  You can pick up a copy on Amazon, as well as a few stores around the country.  Have a look on amazon to “look inside” the book and get an idea about – or let me know if you want to see a proper review of it.

The best part about getting the above book is that you help get one of my friends recognised.  The author is a friend of mine and she’s absolutely brilliant.  She’s worked so hard on this and it’s a great achievement.  I love my copy so please help out a new author and pick up your copy too!

Are there any stationery sales you’ve seen that need to be featured?  Comment below  and let me know!  I know I definitely need to take advantage of these back to school sales!