#StationeryShopSaturday – Spotlight Stationery Giveaway

One of the best things that I can do with this blog is to support small businesses. There’s nothing quite like supporting others to reach their dreams. It seemed only apt for #StationeryShopSaturday to spend a moment to share my love for small businesses and to do a giveaway, to help support them. This giveaway is coming out of my own pocket. It’s a thank you to my readers whilst also supporting a small business grow a little. Spotlight Stationery is one of those.

Small businesses are so great. When you support one, the money is going to help the company grow. You are helping the owner achieve their dreams. I have recently just placed an order for my own small business, which will be launching soon. I have not even started it yet and I already put in a lot of hours and work into creating the business. The support of customers, other bloggers, and other businesses would mean the world to me. And since I am a believer in treating people the way I would want to be treated, I wanted to take support a business that means a lot to me.

Spotlight Stationery logoAs you may already know, I had a really rough time last year. I’ve mentioned this before and quite openly talk about it. However, every physical situation that happened had an impact on my mental health, which made it worse. I had the support of friends and family, which got me through it. But one thing that I noticed was the support of a few amazing brands and people I have never even met. One of these people was the owner of Spotlight Stationery, who I interviewed and featured a few years back. Last year, even though I was barely blogging or on social media, she would share a link to my blog. And that meant more to me than I could ever tell her.

When you feel entirely alone and useless, there’s something incredibly powerful about seeing someone you don’t know support you and your dreams. I cannot thank Spotlight Stationery enough for their support in my darkest hours. Whilst I can’t buy everything from her store, I thought I would do a giveaway today to help support the business. So without further ado, let’s talk about the prizes – because that’s a much cheery note!

Spotlight Stationery is also twinned with another company, called Stationery & Art. So the exact prize of this giveaway will come from either one of those companies – I am going to let the winner choose it!

PRIZE 1 – Spotlight Stationery box

If you haven’t already seen it, Spotlight Stationery sell a gorgeous box subscription. I genuinely wish I could subscribe to it every month because it always full of gorgeous products. For this prize, I will giveaway any previous box that is still in stock, up to the value of £25.

Spotlight Stationery Subscription Box

These boxes vary quite a bit. Since I could not pick which one to giveaway, I thought I would just offer the winner their choice. Personally, if I had to pick one… My favourites would be:

  1. “Black & Gold” box – I really adore any box that features a ‘Castelli’ notebook – because they are just brilliant. This black and gold themed box is very classy.
  2. “Tyger, Tyger” box – Simply because tigers are one of my favourite animals.
  3. “Journal” box – I often talk about I enjoy using a journal. So this box is great for anyone that also enjoys that habit or wants to start.

These are perhaps my top three but there are some fantastic boxes. The “All That Glitters” features a lovely Paperblanks notebook and I adore one of the postcards so much. The winner will be able to choose from any in-stock boxes and I’ll have it sent directly to them.

Spotlight Stationery Subscription Box


PRIZE 2 – Gift Certificate from Stationery & Art

If you’re not a fan of stationery boxes, you already have them all or you just want something different then the second option will be a gift certificate from Stationery & Art. You will get a £25 certificate, which will qualify you for free UK delivery, if you use it all in one go. This option allows you to customise your prize and pick whichever products you want.

Stationery & Art logo

Stationery & Art sell a range of different brands and products. You could pick up a new notebook, some pens or art products. Whatever you want. This prize is fully customisable.  

To Enter the Giveaway:

For the chance to win your choice of prize one or two, all you have to do is comment on any post on this blog. This competition is open internationally. You may comment once on each blog post, each will count as an additional entry. I will randomly pick a winner from the comments I have received between now until the end of the competition.

Hint: You’ll also automatically be entered into Thursday’s giveaway and the next giveaway, out tomorrow.

The giveaway ends on 12th May 2019. The winners for all of the giveaways will be contacted on 13th May to claim their prize.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or by signing up to receiving blog emails (in the sidebar/footer of this blog) so you don’t miss the future giveaways.

Disclaimer: All photos in this post belong to Spotlight Stationery and Stationery & Art. The giveaway is sponsored fully by me as a thank you to them. I highly recommend checking out their social media accounts, which is full of pretty images and useful information or visiting their website to see what they sell!

Ways to #TakeANote – Featuring a Busy B Notebook giveaway

Notes are so useful. I am a huge fan of making notes, for a variety of purposes. Perhaps it is because I have a million notebooks and making notes means that I get to use them. And of course, every new project or purpose needs its own notebook, right? Well for #TakeANote day, I wanted to do a small giveaway to let one of my readers win a few bits and bobs that they can keep with them to make notes. It is my way of saying thank you for your support. Every comment, like, follow that you give me on my blog or social media accounts really helps motivate me to carry on! So I will be doing three different giveaways from now, until the end of National Stationery Week, to just say thank you and support some of the brands that I have loved for many months.

Busy B Busy Life Notebook

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VENT For Change this #WorldStationeryDay

Small businesses are one of my favourite things to blog about. The idea of helping a business grow and spreading their message is so important. So today, for #WorldStationeryDay, I wanted to share with you a small company that is making a huge difference around the world – through stationery. Without further ado, let me present to you: VENT for Change.

VENT For Change

VENT for Change is a UK based ethical brand that is good for the environment – and for people. Their products, as I will go into, are made from various recycled items. I had the absolute pleasure to meet the founder, Evan Lewis, yesterday and I am so humbled by his mission. He spoke about his story – and the story of VENT for Change.

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#RymanLovesPens – Writing Matters

I had the pleasure of having a lot of brilliant conversations today. One that stood out was about pens – and more specifically, about writing. As a child, I was taught using pencils and pens. I made my notes by hand. Every year, as technology advances, the number of people making notes by hand seems to go down. And since it is #RymanLovesPens, I wanted to take a moment to stop and appreciate the fact that I do write. Writing truly does matter – and having a good pen just helps make the experience even more fun.

#RymanLovesPens - Cross Star Wars Pen

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#PaperchaseLovesLists – A List A Day Journal

It’s the first day of National Stationery Week! I am really excited that this week is finally here. I have a lot to share with you. Glad that I can finally start kicking off with the celebrations now. So let’s dive right into it with today’s theme: #PaperchaseLovesLists! It is a day sponsored by Paperchase, dedicated to lists and why they are amazing.

Lists are very popular for many reasons. They are probably a growing trend among people, actually. There is a variety of different listmaking challenges and books available out there. With this theme in mind, it seemed only apt to share one of my own journals for list lovers from Paperchase themselves. So without further ado, may I present this ‘A List A Day’ book:

#PaperchaseLovesLists A List A Day Journal

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