Scrapbook Essentials – My Tips for Beginners

Creating a scrapbook is something I have always loved and appreciated. I consider myself a beginner to it as I have not quite mastered the habit of doing it regularly – or even remotely quickly. I would love to do it more but I find myself, sometimes, just unsure where to start or what I need. So, I’ve put together a list of a few tips and essentials. These help me to get into the right frame of mind and actually scrapbook. They reduce the distractions, which helps.

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National Stationery Week 2022 – 7 Days of Stationery

It is almost time for every stationery addict’s and stationery company’s favourite week – the return of the annual National Stationery Week! Starting 16th May, we’re a few weeks out from everything kicking off.

With National Stationery Week coming and the country finally opening up, moving on from the pandemic, now is a perfect time for stationery companies to consider partnering up and sponsoring the event. It also happens to be the best time for me to return to actively blogging once more. Every year, the week has “7 Days of Stationery” with each day sponsored by a different company. A few of these days have already been sponsored. However, there are still plenty of choices. For stationery companies looking to sponsor the week, now is the time to act. For stationery addicts like myself, this is a great year to find new companies or products, meet like-minded people or just go shopping. Any excuse to buy new stationery, after all, is one that I appreciate!

National Stationery Week 2022's 7 Days of StationeryNational Stationery Week

As the name suggests, the purpose of the week is to celebrate stationery and the act of using it. In particular, writing by hand – which in turn gives you the opportunity to send people more handwritten letters or cards. 

This year, National Stationery Week runs from 16th May to 22nd May 2022. As always, there are seven days of stationery – a theme for each day of the week. These tend to be similar each year but with different sponsors taking up the mantle, it’s nice to see what they do differently each time.

7 Days of Stationery

  • Monday 16th May – #makeanoteday [Sponsored by Ryman]
  • Tuesday 17th May – #penandpencil
  • Wednesday 18th May – #worldstationeryday [Sponsored by Silvine]
  • Thursday 19th May – #workhappy [Sponsored by Snopake]
  • Friday 20th May – #fountainpenfriday
  • Saturday 21st May – #stationeryshopsaturday
  • Sunday 22nd May – #sendaletterdaysunday

I am particularly looking forward to seeing what the plans are for ‘Work Happy’, as I think that’s a really important theme – especially in the past couple of years. A lot of us have spent the majority of our time indoors and isolated. Self-care and creating a happy working environment – especially if you’re working from home has become even more important to people. I’m very keen to see what Snopake have planned for this theme.

Ryman has always been one of my favourite stationery stores since I was young. It has a good range of stationery that is both high in quality and affordable. And Silvine is a perfect sponsor for this national week with its British made products. So far, the sponsors have been incredible and I cannot wait to see who the remaining sponsors end up being.

If you’re a stationery addict, there will likely be a bunch of competitions and activities throughout the week for you. There is always something to be involved in! I hope you enjoy the week too.

Check out to find out more. Throughout the week, be sure to follow #NatStatWeek over on social media. You can also check out my previous posts if you are interested to see what I got up to in years past.

Ultimate Stationery Giveaway – #ShopStationery – 12th April to 18th April 2021

The past year has been a difficult one for everyone, without a doubt. I for one have lost far too many loved ones and attended too many virtual funerals. As such, blogging kind of took a backseat as my mental health quickly suffered. However, I know I have missed it and there have been a lot of things that I wanted to share with everyone over the coming weeks. However, without further ado, I wanted to kick things off with the Ultimate Stationery Giveaway! For your chance to win over £1,500 worth of stationery goodies, continue to read this post and get involved. It is super easy to do so!

The Ultimate Stationery Giveaway:

Image saying 'Enter the Ultimate Stationery Giveaway' and 'win'.

Retailers have suffered heavy losses during these closures. Even when open, they have not necessarily made enough money to recuperate their losses. With this in mind, a new campaign has been created called #ShopStationery to encourage people to go outside, get some fresh air and replenish their stationery supplies! For a chance to win, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit your favourite local stationery store between 12th April – 18th April 2021
  2. Take a picture of yourself shopping for stationery
  3. Use #ShopStationery + tag National Stationery Week
  4. Share this photo on social media!

As if stationery lovers really needed a reason to buy more supplies, right?! But if you did, this is a perfect one! I do recommend that you continue to stay safe, however, by washing your hands regularly, wearing face masks and maintaining a social distance whilst out and about.

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You can find National Stationery week on social media at:

Facebook: @NationalStationeryWeek
Twitter: @NatStatWeek
Instagram: @natstatweek

Even if you do not enter this competition, I’d recommend checking out their social media links anyway! There is so much stationery goodness. It’s perfect for any stationery addict.

#SendALetterDay – Writing Letters is Self-Care

#SendALetterDaySadly, it’s the last day of National Stationery Week today. However, I have an amazing guest post today from a dear friend of mine. I have often spoken about writing letters and the benefits to me, or reasons to write. However,  For #SendALetterDay, Laura talks about how writing letters is a form of self-care for her. I absolutely adore this post and honestly, think it needs no introduction. All I can say is that if self-isolation is getting to you and you’re feeling particularly lonely in these trying times, read this post and hopefully be inspired to connect to people through the art of letter writing.

Find out more about the #SendALetterDay campaign by searching the hashtag on social media. However, without further ado, let’s hear from Laura and why writing letters is important to her.

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Reasons To Use Fountain Pens

For #FountainPenFriday, it seemed entirely appropriate to share the reasons why I love writing with fountain pens. In fact, I actually write most of my journal entries and letters using one. Writing a letter without using one has become a little odd now. It happens, when the paper isn’t right for the fountain pen ink but it is rare. As such, here are my top ten reasons why I use a fountain pen – and hopefully, to tell you why you should too!

Reasons to Use Fountain Pens

I used my Manuscript Curve Fountain pen for this, which I am really enjoying writing with. It has a very smooth ink flow and is very comfortable to hold. This pen is also inexpensive so works for any budget!

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