Diamine Inkvent Calendar – the inks inside it!

It’s Christmas yall! Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it – and I hope everyone (regardless of what you celebrate) has a very great season. This post also completes my twenty five days of Blogmas. I hope you enjoyed the series. I am not done yet, though. There will be a lot more content coming in the new year. Today, I finally finished opening my Diamine Inkvent Calendar: featuring twenty five days of glorious inks. Now that I have all of them opened, I wanted to share the contents!

Blogmas - Inkvent Calendar

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DIY Advent Calendar – Using Letters

This year, I decided to get a little crafty whilst making some gifts for people. I really enjoy writing letters to people – even if they are super short. Often, it takes more time and effort than buying a gift and it’s really the thought that counts for me. So, I came up with a way to combine my love for letterwriting with Christmas. I decided to make one of my friends a DIY Advent Calendar this year. This could easily be changed up for occasion – or just as a random gift – though, in all honesty. 

DIY Advent Calendar for Blogmas

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Stationery Advent Calendars

It is December. Fourth day of Blogmas, in fact. Advent calendars are being opened everywhere! I actually have one this year, which I am pretty chuffed by. I found a few that are still available so if you have not already got yours and you wanted to grab one, do it quickly! These stationery advent calendars are selling out pretty quickly. So here’s a list that I have found so far. I am resisting buying more than one, to be honest.

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