Most of the items I post up have been items that I’ve brought with my own money. In no way am I influenced by the company and all reviews are my honest opinion at the time of writing.

Any products I get for free or discounted because of my blog will be mentioned at the bottom of the post. However, this will not influence my opinion of the product. Reviews will still be honest. I will never write a positive review of a product that I don’t like.

Please note, if I receive any damaged items or find any faults with a product that I’m reviewing (whether I’ve received it for free or paid for it myself), I will always contact the company first to give them the chance to rectify it. The original fault / damage will still be mentioned in my post but it will also give me the opportunity to mention how the company has responded, in case anything similar happens to you.

I participate in affiliate programs with some companies that I regularly shop at or have products that I love (not all companies offer these programs so being an affiliate has no bearing on my love for the company or product). This means I receive a small commission when products are purchased through links here at this blog (at NO additional cost to you!). This will allow me to buy more products to test out and so, where possible, please do use the direct links through my blog.

This blog is PR friendly and I am willing to work with brands, companies or other bloggers. I will only work with companies & brands when I like the products/ services. If you are interesting in working with me then please do contact me using the form or email me at reema@aumsome.co.uk.

Thank you kindly.

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