The 100 Day Project 2022 Starts Now

#The100DayProject Starts NowWow, so it’s been way too long since I have posted here. However, planning a wedding, studying and all of the other ridiculous things that happened during the pandemic did not help. But I figured I would come back to share an art project that I wanted to get involved in. The 100 Day Project – also known as #The100DayProject – is an online international art project. This year, it is back for the 9th time. Starting today – on 13th February 2022 – artists all around the world are joining to participate in this project.

The project is very simple. Create something every day for 100 days. That’s pretty much it! Of course, a lot easier said than done! If you see this late or want to join, it’s is never “too late”. Just start whenever you want, using that date as the first date. Hell, if you want, join in for the remainder of the challenge and just do what is left. Alternatively, you can even start now but take longer than one hundred days to complete it.

The challenge is to encourage people to work on their creativity regularly. Whether that is to complete one hundred pieces of art or to simple work on something for one hundred days straight is up to you. The whole point of the challenge is simply to get creative.

What can you do for the 100 Day Project (or the #The100DayProject)?

The project can be anything you want. If you need ideas, check out what other artists are doing for inspiration. However, to get you started:

  1. Drawing, doodling or sketching
  2. Painting, colouring, charcoal, pastel or crayons
  3. Writing – short stories, poetry, songwriting etc
  4. Clay or sculptures
  5. Woodworking or metalworking
  6. Papercutting
  7. Calligraphy or lettering
  8. Singing, dancing or playing musical instruments
  9. Photography, graphics, editing
  10. Crochet or knitting

The project can be as broad and vague or as specific as you like. Some people go with 100 days of creative experimenting / play, for example. This is a good way to build the habit of being creative daily whilst also allowing yourself to experiment and try to break out of your comfort zone. This could include using different mediums, as long as they are being creative. Others prefer something more specific, such as 100 days of watercolour.

My Challenge: 100 Days of Procreate Play

Procreate, an art application on the iPad, has quickly grown to become my favourite digital art app. I currently do not have access to my traditional art supplies, being stuck in a different continent at present. However, I really want to practice digital art over the next one hundred days. I have been using the application mostly to create lettering pieces but I would like to draw an practice drawing or painting on it more over the coming months. This challenge will force me to play around with the app and try creating different art. You can follow my attempt – though I do not know if I will succeed – over at #100DaysofAumsomeProcreatePlay. This will be my second attempt at the challenge, the last time being back in 2016 (where I definitely failed). So let’s see how it will go!

Find Out More:

For inspiration or to see what the other artists are up to, be sure to check out #The100DayProject over on Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram yourself, you can post your artwork anywhere you want. However, they do encourage posting it online and showing it off. That’s part of the challenge!¬†Find out more about the challenge over on the official website, where you will also be able to find tips or articles.

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