Design Cuts Live 2020 – The best event for designers!

For the past two weeks now, I have been taking part in an incredible event that I just had to shout out about. In honour of their 7th birthday, Design Cuts have opted to host an online event called Design Cuts Live 2020. Whilst it is not a stationery event, it does involve a lot of art and design – and I strongly believe that these things can help improve mental health. At least, for me, it’s been a lot of self-care and really helped me to relax in the stressful times. Best news: Most of this is completely free!

Design Cuts Live 2020

What is Design Cuts Live 2020?

Design Cuts Live 2020 is the name of their 7th Birthday Event. It took place online, with a huge range of live sessions with top designers. Everything from art to branding. The best part of it is that these sessions are completely free. They provide you with incredible tips, hosted by some of the big names in their respective industries. Honestly, I have had the best few weeks – busy but so much fun. My brain is kind of exploding with all of the amazing tips and tricks that I really want to try out now.

These sessions are available on replay and I highly recommend you check out any that seem to be of interest to you. Even the sessions that use a different software or might not be ‘relevant’ have proven really helpful to me. It has been inspiring to see how different designers work and pick up some tips that I can then relate to my own industries or tools. For example, you could take the Lettering Compositions session – which is aimed at lettering in Procreate – and reapply it to handlettering or any other software of your choice. You can even use fonts instead of lettering. It is so versatile!

As part of the live event, there are also some exclusive products for sale and fantastic bundles. I wanted to shout out about these today as the sale ends on 19th October. So this is your heads up! They even have a completely free bundle that you can download from their website!

Exclusive Products

I am mindblown by the exclusive products that they have launched this fortnight. They are genuinely just incredible. There are several different collections – from a font to brush packs to textures. I have already purchased four of them but am definitely eyeing up some others. Each collection has a lot of content but more than that, they are also available on sale right now.

Design Cuts Live 2020 - Exclusive Products

I have purchased the Ultimate Brush Toolbox, the Slayout Lettering Masterclass, the Ultimate Flower & Leaf Branding Pack and the Amazing Comic Book World Builder. Am I ever going to produce a comic book? Probably not. But the pack came with awesome templates for perspectives and backgrounds, as well as a collection of superhero poses. I thought it would be fun to try and create my own characters!

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox is one that I have only just begun to use. There’s no way I could review it so quickly because there’s over 300 brushes. It is absolutely incredible how much work has gone into this toolbox. They are available to use on multiple software, as well! I use mine on procreate and wow, just wow. I have only played around with some of them but I’m already in love.

Likewise, all of the collections I have gotten… they just don’t disappoint. What’s more is that Design Cuts offers a further discount of up to 50% depending on how many items you get. So I actually got this amazing toolbox with 300 brushes+, which is sold for $39 (and is a bargain at this price) for only $9.50. I cannot even begin to express how incredible that is. Honestly, if you like any sort of design or art work, just check out their exclusive products here.

Incredible Bundles!

Design Cuts regularly has different “bundles”, full of a huge variety of things from fonts to Procreate brushes to mockups. If you use any sort of design elements – either as a hobby or for work – it’s a great place to go. For this event, they have re-launched the top 28 bundles of all time. You get over 99% off the value of these. Bundles are literally only $29 but the sheer amount of content you get in them is staggering.

Design Cuts Live 2020 Bundle Example

This image does not even cover the full range but it’s a good example of what you can get from the bundles, just to give you an idea! There are things like:

  1. Fonts
  2. Lettering Grid builder to help with compositions
  3. A toolkit to help make comics
  4. Textures
  5. Brushes for Photoshop, Procreate, or other softwares
  6. Templates for Mock ups
  7. Illustrations
  8. Resources

And so much more. Bundles come with full extended licenses too, so you can use them in commercial work if needed. Find out more about the bundles here.

Free Birthday Bundle

Design Cuts have generously offered a birthday bundle that you can get through their website by simply sharing a post on any social media. This FREE bundle comes with 9 different packs, which range from a variety of illustrations or textures to a few fonts to brush sets! There’s so many things – all for free. It honestly just speaks of their generosity.

And if that isn’t enough:

If that is not enough, there are a whole bunch of other products that are also on sale. This page has them broken down by category (Procreate, Affinity, Graphics, Textures & Patterns etc), which might be more helpful to you. I would highly recommend having a look at the categories you may be interested in, there’s an amazing sale going on. You can even check out the main website for more products and sales. I am about to place yet another order now, because I am so in love with some of the new releases and need them in my life.

Be sure to check out their remaining live sessions or catch the replays – all for free – if you are interested in learning from some of the best out there.

Click here to visit Design Cuts now.

Disclaimer: This page is not sponsored by Design Cuts in any way. I genuinely just love the products and wanted to share them with you. It contains affiliate links, which means that I get a small bit of money if you use my links to purchase anything – at no extra cost to yourself. It just helps keep the site running! Thank you!

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