Send lots of love, smiles and joy in honour of Thinking of You Week 2020

Thinking of You Week is not a new concept or national holiday. However, this year, it feels much more important than perhaps it did before. Given the current times, there are so many people stuck at home, without loved ones. With another lockdown ahead of us, it’s become even more of an issue. The week itself starts now – on 21st September to 27th September. It focuses on reaching out to loved ones through my favourite medium: physical post. Send a card to someone this week! If you need a card, keep reading for a free PDF of one you can print out!

Thinking of You Week

Thinking of You Week

This week has been introduced by the Greeting Card Association in UK. However, I know there’s an USA version too – which makes it an international week with backing from a variety of associations. There are a lot of great initiatives about sending more cards, supporting small businesses, crafting yourself – which I think is great for self-care – and this one helps to do all of those things.

It focuses on promoting sending cards and I could not agree more. Cards are a really easy way to send something meaningful. Sometimes, writing a long letter can be daunting. The idea of filling a blank A4 page might be a bit much – especially if you are new to letter-writing. Cards help to fill that void, making it a lot easier. There is already a message on the front and sometimes on the inside. With the limited space, there is less to fill so you can just write a little, if you wanted to. If you wanted to write more, you can – of course – add additional paper or notes into the envelope by all means.

The design on the card does a lot of the work for you so you do not have to worry too much!

Why is this Thinking of You even more important now?

I think I have left my house no more than ten times in the past six months, which includes food shopping. It is certainly not easy but I am currently attempting to make the most of it by keeping myself busy in other ways. Other people might have left even less than that and been more isolated than me. Some people might have been forced to go to work – and spend all day in a mask, distancing away from others and taking extra precautions. It’s stressful and hard. But I know that personally, one of the things that has kept me going through the months has been the random message from a loved one.

Of course, regular contact is probably better. However, these out of the blue messages mean a lot to me as I am one of those people that struggles to initiate conversations on the regular. Doesn’t mean I care any less, it just is one of those things I am not very good at. I might be a millennial but I prefer a good letter than a text message.

This week helps to connect loved ones in a very special way. Yes, a lot of us are now using video conferencing calls to interact with our family and friends – which I think is great. However, a physical card is something that they can keep forever. It is something people can look back on and save. At least for me, it has far more meaning to it than social media does. Side note: Admittedly, I work in social media and love the power of it but… Let’s be honest, I have never ‘saved’ my nice tweets or messages. I do save my letters and cards, however and often go back to read them.

Where to get cards from?

You can make them or buy them! Whatever you fancy. Since it might be a little hard to get a card from your favourite shop at this time, making one might be a fun option for you. It combines the self-care aspect of crafting with doing something nice for someone else! They do not even need to be overly complicated. It is the thought that counts! I actually made some cards out of post-it notes once. They were very simple but you could certainly embellish them with drawings or any crafting supplies you might have on hand.

If you are looking to purchase some, try Etsy or Paperchase. I know Paperchase is still taking orders in this time and a lot of Etsy shops are open for business. Supporting small businesses is really important – particularly in these times – so if that’s an option then please do so! You might have some local shops or favourite online businesses that are still open – be sure to check them out and see if you can grab something to support them. Thinking of You Week is a perfect time to help out the small businesses that might be affected by COVID-19.

Free Printable:

I decided to make a free printable for anyone who might benefit from it. If you are unable to purchase something or don’t feel confident making your own, feel free to download and print this out! This card design inspired by the week and the colours of their banner. You can download it in A4 but I would recommend printing four to a page and mounting them onto A6 cards instead.

You will need a colour printer – or do what I do and go to the local printers – for this. If you would prefer a black and white version, let me know – I can probably do something!

For the full size, click the image below and save it – alternatively, click here to download it. There is a printable with and without credit.

Printable with Credit:

Thinking of You Freebie Card with credit

Printable without Credit:

Thinking of You Freebie Card


Remember that Thinking of You Week might only last till 27th September but there’s never an end to sending loved ones a fun little envelope to open up in the post! Hope you have a great time writing all of the cards and letters this week! If you do download the image or use it anywhere, I would love to know. Leave me a comment or get in touch via social media.

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