The Sprout Plant Your Pencils

With the #PencilDay theme, it was only fitting that I spoke about some incredible pencils that I adore: the Sprout pencils. These “Plant Your Pencil” pencils can be planted and grown into a variety of different herbs, flowers or vegetables. A few of the sets actually also come with beautifully engraved quotes too. They also can be engraved by a logo or name, if your company is looking for sustainable pencils!

Sprout Pencils

These Sprout pencils are eco-friendly and a great way to promote wellness. I believe there’s 10 different plants, from sunflowers to coriander and a whole bunch in between. There are also different editions, with quotes or different types of pencils.

I was gifted the “Mindful Thoughts edition” from my work secret santa last year and I am utterly in love with them. They have wise words engraved into them, quotes from various people. This collection features five pencils with the following plants: daisy, sage, basil, thyme and chia. The “Spread the Love” edition is similar but with slightly different plants and more heartwarming quotes about love.

Sprout Plant Your Pencil Mindful Thoughts

The pencils themselves are all standard graphite pencils otherwise. However, Sprout also has a few special editions with colour pencils too.

Want to incorporate selfcare with stationery?

These pencils do just that. Plants are a great way to improve wellness and tending to them is a form of self-care. Honestly, there’s very few things I need to say about these pencils – they pretty much do all of the talking for me!

But I absolutely love these pencils as they allow you to grow something once you’re done with them. The capsule at the end of the pencil is where the seeds are housed. Sprout recommends that you plant the pencils into a pot, with the seed capsule part only in the soil. They provide a planting guide so it should be something that anyone can do!

Aimed at Anyone

Sprout also have an edition aimed at children with a colouring book, as well as a teacher set where you can purchase a bulk of them for your classroom. Corporates or schools can also get promotional pencils with their logos and names on it to promote themselves in an eco-friendly way.

Where to Get Them

Sprout’s website directs you to their amazon store. You can purchase your favourite set here:

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