Reasons To Use Fountain Pens

For #FountainPenFriday, it seemed entirely appropriate to share the reasons why I love writing with fountain pens. In fact, I actually write most of my journal entries and letters using one. Writing a letter without using one has become a little odd now. It happens, when the paper isn’t right for the fountain pen ink but it is rare. As such, here are my top ten reasons why I use a fountain pen – and hopefully, to tell you why you should too!

Reasons to Use Fountain Pens

I used my Manuscript Curve Fountain pen for this, which I am really enjoying writing with. It has a very smooth ink flow and is very comfortable to hold. This pen is also inexpensive so works for any budget!

Reasons To Use Fountain Pens

1. It’s fun to use!

There is something just incredibly fun about writing with a fountain pen. It is such an enjoyable experience that I look for reasons to actively use my fountain pens more. I have a Cross Star Wars BB-8 Fountain Pen that is just so beautiful that it makes me happy every time I use it. It does not matter what I am writing, I just look at it and smile. Even if the topic I am writing is sad.

2. It makes my handwriting better

This is likely true for a lot of people. For me, however, it improves my regular handwriting. I think it is because it slows me down a little, I can write without applying a lot of pressure and the strokes itself just look so lovely. Obviously the specific nib that you choose might affect this one but I personally really enjoy medium to the bold nibs for my handwriting.

3. it is eco-friendly and encourages you to refill

Now let’s be honest, I do have more than one fountain pen – of course I do. However, I have significantly less fountain pens than any other types of pens. It saves on waste that comes from disposable options – like plastic pens. Even a plastic fountain pen will last you for many years to come. In the long run, it saves on waste and encourages you to refill rather than throw away and rebuy. I encourage ink bottles using a converter, rather than plastic ink cartridges to really help.

4. It is better for your budget overall

This is more of a long-term thing but overall, you will likely spend less with a good fountain pen and ink bottles compared to buying lots of disposable pens. It is possible to get a budget friendly fountain pen – I used the Manuscript ‘Curve’ Fountain Pen for this image and it comes in a very affordable range. Ink bottles can also be inexpensive, depending on the company, and will last you for plenty of writing.

5. Changing colours is easy and less waste

If you want multiple colours, you do not need to buy a ton of different gel pens or biros. You can simply get ink bottles – even the small tester ones will last you a little while – and change the colours very easily with less waste. In particular, you can save on a lot of plastic as you can use a converter that can be refilled in most fountain pens.

6. It is a conversation starter / icebreaker

The amount of times that someone has asked me about my fountain pens or started a conversation about it is quite high. Use one in the office or at school, someone will likely comment on it! It is a great way to start the conversation or meet likeminded people who might also enjoy a good bit of stationery.

7. It looks stylish and sophisticated

Have you seen fountain pens? Anyone using one looks so stylish and sophisticated when they are using it. It has a brilliant ‘professional’ look to it and says something interesting about you when you are the only one not using a random biro pen that you found. I would highly recommend getting one for work. Signing things in a fountain pen is really rather fun – as is jotting down messages on a compliments slip!

8. Makes you feel a little old school

Fountain pens were very common come years ago. Using one now kind of reminds me of those days. It is a bit like using a typewriter in this modern age. It is different and goes back to the first point – it is fun. It feels unique, as though you are part of history. Besides, what you are writing could become history, a legacy. So it is worth writing in a pen that you enjoy.

9. It can last a lifetime

A lot of fountain pens will last you a good while. Some companies will even offer you a lifetime guarantee on them, especially on the more expensive range that is built to last you a lifetime. Pass down your pens to your loved ones. Leave a legacy with your words and your stationery.

10. It provides a premium and smooth writing experience. A luxury, really.

I can only describe the whole experience of using a fountain pen as a luxury. It feels like you are writing premium quality as the pens write so smoothly. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure, it just glides across the page much more smoothly than other pens in my opinion.

Don’t know where to start?

Manuscript Curve Fountain Pen

Check out the Manuscript Curve Fountain Pen! It’s inexpensive and writes so well, I am loving it. It also comes in options with more nibs.

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