My National Stationery Week Bundle

It is World Stationery Day! And what better way to celebrate this wonderful day than my sharing a variety of stationery to meet a variety of needs. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely bundle of items from some of the National Stationery Week sponsors in the past few weeks and I wanted to share what was in the bundle today. Many of these items will also be appearing in their own posts or within other posts so I will share a link with you so that you can see them in action.

National Stationery Week Bundle

All of these items were sent by specific sponsors of the National Stationery Week. Whilst I got it for free, all of the opinions are still my own.

What’s in the Bundle?

Cross: Tech3+ Brushed Black PVD Multifunction Pen

I am so pleasantly surprised by this pen that I fall in love over and over. It’s quite thin, so I never expected it to house three different nibs in one. There’s a red ballpoint red, a black one and a pencil. It is definitely the most stylish multi-function pen I own and would be great for anyone. I love mine but I will likely gift it to my dad after I’ve reviewed it, because I think he will love it even more. It’s very professional! In fact, he was the one who bought me my first ever cross pen at fifteen and I’ve been a fan of the company since. I am very excited to show you this in more depth in the coming days.

Manuscript: Clarity Fountain Pen and Curve Fountain Pen

I have actually used the clarity fountain pen before, and I really enjoy the way it writes. The curve one is new to my collection so I am keen to see how it compares as I have seen quite good things about it. Both of these fountain pens are very affordable for anyone, especially if you’re looking to get your first fountain pen and you want to try it out before investing in a more expensive one.

Maped Helix: Ballpoint Pen, Orange Highlighter, 10 x Colour Gel Pens.

All of these products have been fun playing with. The Ballpoint Pen is a beautiful rose gold pen that has quite a heavy weight to it. If you want something a little more sturdy, heavy and refillable then this one will make a fine option. Whilst the orange highlight leaves a decorative but not distracting design to the highlighting, which I think is super fun to play with! My favourite of these three, however, is the colour gel pens. They come in a range of beautiful colours, I am enjoying writing with them. I used these on #MakeANoteMonday’s post!

Moleskine: Bullet Notebook 

Oh gosh, I fell in love the moment I opened it. At first, I thought it was just another notebook but I was instantly hit by the details. Moleskine have done a great job with this product. looking at the different details and I think that really shows. This one will definitely become a travel journal for me in the coming year and I am very keen to start creating with it. Review coming tomorrow for this one!

Staples: A4 lined notebook,  HB pencils with erasers, Blue Gel Stick Pens, Sticky Notes and Eraser

These items for staples are great for anyone looking to purchase items on a budget. They are all quite inexpensive. My copy of the A4 lined notebook was damaged a little in shipping so it is looking a little bent in some areas. However, it is great for people who want something cheaper – for example, cheap stationery for writing revision notes. I love how beautifully bright all of the sticky note colours are. Staples is an essential for work or student stationery, in particular, as it is often cheaper than other places. I used a few of these on #MakeANoteMonday’s post!

Coming Up

Over the rest of National Stationery Week, I’ll be sharing more of these items in use through blog posts – or on social media. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see exclusive content that does not always appear here. Tomorrow’s blog post, for example, is all about the amazing Moleskine Bullet Journal and a look into it! If there’s anything in particular you would like more information about or to see in more depth, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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