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#MakeANoteMondayIt’s National Stationery Week! Day one’s theme is #MakeANoteMonday so let’s jump right into that! It’s actually interesting to see how everyone is going to interpret this theme. There are plenty of different ways to interpret this. As most of us are restricted to our homes, I thought of some ways for you to get involved from the comfort of your own home! Whilst this theme might just for Monday, I think these ideas are definitely something you can carry on throughout the weeks. They are particularly effective during this period where you might need something to do or a way to cheer up your friends or family.

These ideas are a great way to promote self-care too, using stationery. You can get as creative as you want. Fancy adding more colours or drawing? Sure! Go ahead! You can also just keep them simple if you prefer, it’s completely up to you. Some of these ideas will also work to help bring joy to other people, which is always a bonus!

Leave Sticky Notes Everywhere

I am obsessed with sticky notes. They are great for work or being productive but also, just to have fun with. These notes can be written and left around your house. Why not put them everywhere? You could even make a little treasure hunt for your children or partner, with notes and clues written around everywhere. There does not need to be a prize, the sweet little love notes can definitely be the reward there.

Sticky Notes

You can also add notes into someone’s notebook randomly. They will flip it open one day and come to the page. I highly recommend sticky notes so they can be removed if they wish to do so.

I created these with my pack of sticky notes and gel pens from Staples. It’s inexpensive and their variety of products will give you pretty much all you need in one order. You might already have some of this at home!

Send Love Notes, Make Cards

I am a big fan of anything related to letter writing. You could easily just write a ‘note’ which is basically a short love letter or a motivational quote and send it to people. This can be done on any regular paper. You can totally just write down a note as exampled in the sticky notes section but you can also use colours or decorate it with embellishments.

Playing around with my sticky notes, I actually made a very quick card that I think is kind of cute. You can easily add a more layers to it. Personally, I would stack them so the below one is slightly visible under the one above, like in the photo. However, you can line them up perfectly if you prefer. Mine only has two notes but you can definitely add a whole bunch. You may need to tape or glue down the top of each one a little bit, to prevent them from flying off when lifted.

Create Lettering “Art”

By writing down some words, I ended up creating a small piece that could be actually be considered “art”. It is literally me jotting down various things but I really do like the end result, it was rather fun to create.

Make Lists

Writing lists is a pretty fun thing to do sometimes. There are quite a few ‘list lovers’ out there that just really enjoy a good list. You can definitely write down some lists, perhaps doing one a day. For example, a list of current favourite TV shows or a list of your happiest moments. Whatever it is, write the list and date it. One day, you can go back to see if things have changed. Perhaps there will be new things to add or things that you no longer do but might want to start up again.

Paperchase A List A Day Journal

You can actually also get a few books, which areĀ made for list lovers. These contain a variety of prompts for you. I currently use the A List A Day book from Paperchase, which has 100 prompts for 100 days of list making! And if you want to make things pretty without actually having to do any effort – use the Helix Colour Gel Pens, pictured. They are so colourful that they are just great fun to play with.

Write Quotes

You can write down inspirational or motivational quotes, decorating them in fancy colours or lettering if you wish. These can then be stuck up around your room or house. They could also be placed into photo frames or in photo holders, allowing you to prop them on your shelf, desk or bedside table.

Take Note

5 Year Memory Book from Leuchtturm 1917

Recently I wrote a journal entry taking note of my surroundings and how it made me feel. It was kind of refreshing to look at old space in a new way, focusing on what you can hear or see, things that might make you happy around, things that could use a change. That is definitely something you can do. Look at your room or house in a new way as though you were entering it for the first time. Perhaps the walls were something you intended on painting a few years ago and never got around to – now would be a good time to rectify that.

I also write a few lines daily to journal. Personally, I use my 5 year memory book from Leuchtturm1917 but you can start in whatever you have around. If you already have a journal or a bullet journal, use that. If not, grab any notebook or some paper and start writing! Just get your feelings and thoughts down. Writing really does matter, after all.

And have fun!

Whatever you choose to do, just have fun. These tasks are all meant to be quite relaxing and easy to do. If you have come up with any other ideas, I would love to hear them. Feel free to share them in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this list. You can also check out my other National Stationery Week posts here or visit the National Stationery Week website to find out more about the initiative.

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