Thoughtful Studio and the Tess-a-Penpal Collection

With my 30 before 30 goals in mind, I knew that I really wanted to make time to scrapbook or create more. Scrapbooking is a skill I’ve always admired but not dedicated much time to learning. I spend a lot of time worrying about the little things and one of the biggest decisions I have made this year is to work on stopping that. Don’t stress the small stuff – just go for what you want. Taking that approach, I decided to make two decisions. One was to scrapbook more – just to stick things down and go for it. The other is that I dared to apply for a design team. A team with beautiful individuals creating together. I am so pleased to announce that I got accepted. I am super excited to be among the first Thoughtful Studio design team, bringing creations with the new Tess-a-Penpal collection to you all!  To continue with the challenge, I’ll be attempting to do some digital scrapbooking as well as physical over the coming months!Thoughtful Studio - New Adventures Scrapbook Layout

Thoughtful Studio and the Tess-a-Penpal Collection:

The past couple of months have been nothing short of an adventure. I started to live life, the way that I want to. I never actually imagined being here – sharing this blog post with you – but one fine day, I decided to brave myself to doing something that I have always wanted to do: join a scrapbook design team. When I came across Thoughtful Studio, I looked into the paper collections and I was instantly in love. Each design of the Tess-a-Penpal collection is so ‘me’ – a traveller and a snail mailer. They are great for any occasion but they are particularly apt for those two. I was definitely nervous to apply but I did it anyway – and now I’m here, able to share this with you!

This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking, so I really hope you like it!  I wanted to create something whilst I was on the go, during these travels. As I did not have many supplies with me, I turned to digital scrapbooking and found that it’s perfect for capturing some feelings and moments when you’re out and about!

Thoughtul Studio - Adventure Time Layout

Over the past few weeks, I have had so much fun playing with the collection and I wanted to share the first piece I have created with you today. It is relatively easy for you to adapt to your own needs. Despite the simple look, this layout actually means more to me than first meets the eye.

How to Replicate:

I started with the background –

Choosing the base was the first step for me. It had to be one of the travel ones, as I have spent almost every day outside of my home country. There are a few in the collection for you to pick from. I picked this one as the colour reminds me a little of India, where I spent most of my time in recently. Luckily, all of the papers work so well with the ephemera in this collection that they will go together, whatever you pick.

Then I picked the photo –

Finding the right photo was the next step. You could go with multiple photos for the occasion or just one. I decided to go for one as this one summarises a lot for me. This particular photo was taken at my last job, which I left in January this year. Leaving that place was a big change for me. I was there for many years now, it shaped me into the woman I am today and thus, it kind of feels like the end of an era for me. This picture also just makes me smile so much. A big reason for leaving that place and trying something new was related to that smile. It was for the pursuit of happiness. Adding other photos would take away from that for me, so I stuck with just one.

Write your thoughts –

I typed up the text that I wanted to add to the page.  Usually I do this last. However, I knew I wanted to write a lot this time and it would be a big part of the layout. Thus I drafted up what I wanted to write first, so that I knew how much space I would need for it. Digital scrapbooking makes adding the text super easy – as you can just type it up and change things around later. However, if you are doing it physically, you can write it up on a bit of paper or type it up and print it out. I love the typewriter font so I will occasionally be printing text out for physical layouts in the future too.

Layer up!

Adding the layers was really fun. I started by adding a black layer – which can be replicated with black cardstock. This created a border style to the picture and words. After that, I added two additional patterned papers from the collection. I went with one featuring stars – to encourage me to reach for the stars and aim high – and the other with hearts that symbolises love (for both myself and for others!).

Bring it all together with ephemera and a title:

And so, it was time for a new adventure. To travel, to try new things, to brave myself to doing whatever it is that I wanted to do. As I sit here and write, I am not worried about what will happen tomorrow. I have no idea what will happen – no one does. Storm Ciara, for example, hit the Netherlands as I was about to leave. My trip got suddenly, unexpectedly, extended by four days. It happens and the only thing I can do is embrace these things, take them as new opportunities and adventures. The ephemera had to include a couple of planes for that reason. After all, the storm meant no flights could take off.

You can easily replicate this layout by layering up patterned papers with a photo and a message. For the words, “Time for an adventure”, I used my own lettering. You could use alpha stickers instead or word stickers. Alternatively, you could print a font / your own lettering off, cut it out and stick it on the layout.

There you have it!

For the next few months, I will be working on showcasing the beautiful collection of patterned papers from Thoughtful Studio. I am so excited for this journey and hope you stick around with me! If you are interested in getting your hands on this beautiful collection, use this link for 15% off.

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