Sweet Stamp Shop – Closing Down Sale

Sad news came into my email inbox today at around 7pm. One of my favourite stamp companies is closing down. I was ready to spend an evening writing a very festive blog post. However, this now takes priority. Yesterday, I spoke about Sweet Stamp Shop briefly. It’s an amazing business that has been around for some years now. I have loved it since 2015, when I placed my very first order.

Sweet Stamp Shop

Goodbye Sweet Stamp Shop

Many orders later – and a lot of money spent – I am now thrilled that I own a ton of their products. Sweet Stamp Shop makes the cutest little clear acrylic stamps. As I wrote the Harry Potter blog post, I was sad to see that they had discontinued those particular stamps. Now, I guess I know why.

Sweet Stamp Shop is a nine year old company founded by an amazing female entrepreneur, Nicole. She has one of the people who has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Her love for the company was evident in everything she did. And it was one of the things that has made me want to start my own company. I mean, I also dreamed of moving to the USA one day and working for her. Though, that one might be a tad bit unrealistic. I actually bought tickets for a meet with her when she was in London, with the hopes of actually being able to say hi to her. Sadly, it had to be cancelled so that dream appears to be left as just that. 

Closing Down Sale –

Either way, the shop is now having it’s closing down sale. A final chance to purchase all of the goodies you want. As a result, I have already put a bunch of products into my cart. Turns out, I have a lot of them already – whoops! – almost all of the ones I like, actually. The shop officially closes on 20th December. Since there’s only four days till then, if you are interested in grabbing anything, now is your last chance. 

I really have loved seeing how Sweet Stamp Shop has grown over the years. It has been beautiful watching it go from a small one-woman business to being able to hire staff. I wish Nicole and the Sweet Stamp Shop team all the very best in their new adventures. My stash of Sweet Stamp Shop products will be forever treasured and loved by me. If you get handmade cards from me, you’ll probably end up seeing some of them. Their products are adorably cute and I am pretty gutted that I won’t be able to eye all of the gorgeous stationery candy they have. 

This definitely is not very festive but I can’t believe it. I honestly think I want the whole store. (I maybe already own way too many).

So while the chance is still there, make sure you head on over to the Sweet Stamp Shop website. Now is a great time to grab those final products you have been eyeing. Due to the popularity of their products, these may not be in stock for much longer.

Please note:

Since they are closing down, they are doing updates to the website to reflect this. It may be oddly slow or down during this process.

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