Letter to Santa – last chance to get free replies from Santa!

As a child, I never really got to write a letter to Santa. It just was not something that I did – or believed in. Over the years, however, I have seen so much excitement of believing in Santa. It is very sweet how excited children can get. They are even more excited when they receive a letter from Santa in reply.

Blogmas - Letter to Santa

Now I don’t think Christmas is about receiving gifts – not at all. In fact, we started doing Secret Santa at work, I usually didn’t get anything. Christmas for me is about giving. That could be giving a gift, helping others or just giving your time to your loved ones. But I really do love seeing how excited children get for Christmas and I love the fact that writing a letter to Santa actually encourages children to write more letters.

Letterwriting is a great habit to get into and if writing letters to Santa is the way to get people into it then I am all for that. 

In the UK? Write a Letter to Santa – and get a free reply!

I don’t know about every country but if you are in the UK, you can have your child/children write a letter to ‘Santa’ and actually get a free reply. There are a few conditions. You must send this letter by 6th December. I wanted to share this post today, so you had a chance to get some letters written last minute. They receive quite a few letters so they can’t guarantee a reply. It is best to send it as early as possible and no later than the 6th.

Be sure to include your name and address in the letter or card, if you would like a reply. Once you have done that, make sure you address the envelope to the correct address and put a stamp on it. The address to use this year is:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

These letters can also be written in Welsh. If you wish for your reply to be in Welsh, you will have to address the envelope to:

Sion Corn,
Ogof Sion Corn,
Gwlad Y Ceirw,

Find out more about this Royal Mail service here.

Another way to get a Letter from Santa! 

If you have missed the deadline for the replies from Royal Mail or want something different, there are other ways to get a letter. There are a bunch of companies that will sell you letters but personally, I would recommend looking into charities that do the same thing, as the profits from this will then go to helping others.

For a suggested donation of £5 per letter, the NSPCC will send you a personalised letter for your little one(s). There are eight different letters to pick from and each can be personalised with the name, age, hobbies and much more. I had a quick look and you can even add their best friend or a family member’s name to it to give it more of a ‘real’ feel. 

Your donation can help a child in need.

These letters are available internationally and the money goes to helping children in need. If you are ordering from the UK, you will need to place an order by 16th December at the latest, to receive yours in time. I believe you will also be able to print the letter at home if you were in a rush or need it earlier.

NSPCC offer a lovely range of letters for you to select from. Their suggested donation of just £5 is very reasonable for such a personalised service. I honestly would have suggested £10 per letter, to give more money to charity. However, the festive season does end up quite costly and I know money can be tight with everything going on, so give whatever you can.

At first, I thought I would probably try and do this if I had children that were old enough to write to Santa and use this as a reply. However, I noticed that they have a specific letter template for the first Christmas and that is so adorable! So if I have children in the future, I will probably get them one for their first year and show it to them when they are old enough, alongside photos and such from that time.

A box of memories would make a beautiful gift for someone.

My Letter to Santa

As I mentioned, I have never written a letter to Santa. So as part of my Christmas Bucketlist this year, I wanted to rectify that. I have opted to write a short letter to ‘Santa’ (namely the postal workers) that are working hard to ensure my letters and packages are sent on time. Hopefully it will make whoever reads it smile a little. It’s the least I can do given how many smiles they must be making through their replies. Besides, any excuse to keep the love of letterwriting alive, right?

My Letter to Santa

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