DIY Gift Card Holder

It’s Christmas Eve! I cannot believe we’re almost at the end of Blogmas 2019 – or that I have made it this far! But we still have a couple of posts left and some more before the New Year so let’s just jump right in. If you have not already managed to get a gift for someone, then a gift card is probably the easiest thing to get now! A lot of stores offer instant codes that are emailed to you or the recipient. Today, we’ll be looking at how to make a quick and easy DIY gift card holder for the occasion – or any occasion, really.

DIY Gift Card Holders

Why make a gift card holder?

Getting a code emailed to you is not really quite the same. When purchasing a card in store, you might already be able to get one there. Sometimes, you might want something more. This holder would work for both a physical card or an emailed code.

How to Make:

Gift Card Holder Instructions

Essentially, making this will be similar to making an A7 sized card. Instead of just getting an A6 size and folding it in half, however, you need to have 3 A7 panels in a row. Depending on the size of the gift card that it needs to fit, this could be a bit smaller or bigger. Cut the page down to size and then fold the page into three equal rectangles. Your gift card should easily fit into the size of justĀ oneĀ of these rectangles. On the trifold, take the right side and cut a triangle off it. This page will become the pocket.

Fold it over, to the inside, and stick it down. I personally use double sided tape but anything works. The triangle you cut can be as big as you’d like. It should, however, show some of the giftcard but also be able to hold it in place – so don’t cut it too small. You glue the pocket down with a strip of tape or glue on the bottom and just before the fold of the card.

Once you’ve done that, the main card is pretty much done. Fold the card shut and you have a card panel. You can make it as pretty as you want now.

If you have the physical card –

All you have to do is place it into the pocket, close it shut and write on the front / inside if you wish. You can pop the whole thing into an C7 envelope too.

If the code was emailed to you –

You’ll need to do one more step before it’s completed. You’ll need to cut a panel that’s slightly smaller than the closed card (in this case, C7). Write the shop, amount and code they will need to claim the money onto it. You may also need to add an expiry date or any other terms and conditions on there. That will serve as the card for people to claim with.

DIY Gift Card Holder

Make it Pretty!

You can make the gift card holder pretty by creating a card front to it. For example, follow the steps in this DIY Harry Potter card post and you can make it themed to Harry Potter. This is where you can personalise the holder to make it even more special. When time is short, however, stick to something simple. It’s the thought that counts, after all. These steps can be replicated for any occasion, to be honest. It’s pretty fun to make them – it’s kind of like making cards. In fact, if you need to give someone a card too – why not just combine the two? With this, you can! Just write your message on the left hand side inside or on top of the pocket. Alternatively, if you create the pocket using the opposite panel, you’ll be able to store the gift card on the left side and write a message on the right – like you usually would!

All you need is a little bit of creativity and the possibilities are endless with this very simple technique!

DIY Gift Card Holder

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