Diamine Inkvent Calendar – the inks inside it!

It’s Christmas yall! Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it – and I hope everyone (regardless of what you celebrate) has a very great season. This post also completes my twenty five days of Blogmas. I hope you enjoyed the series. I am not done yet, though. There will be a lot more content coming in the new year. Today, I finally finished opening my Diamine Inkvent Calendar: featuring twenty five days of glorious inks. Now that I have all of them opened, I wanted to share the contents!

Blogmas - Inkvent Calendar

Diamine Inkvent Calendar

I have spoken about the Diamine Inkvent Calendar a few times already. It’s essentially Diamine’s advent calendar, which contains twenty four 7ml bottles of ink, and one 30ml ink for the 25th day. I got it this year and I’m so pleased that I did!

The Colours:

There are twenty five different colours. A few are not my taste but others have been absolute hits with me. As it’s a bit of a surprise, it does depend on your personal tastes. However, what I can say is that there’s quite a lot of ink for the price. I personally think it’s worth it. The ink bottles have different colours and qualities. There are some standard inks, others with sheen or shimmer. A few even have both sheen and shimmer.

All of the inks in Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019

The Standards:

The majority of the ink bottles are, understandably, standard inks. I am a little disappointed that the majority of these colours have similar hues – such as reds and browns. Four of them (Candy Cane, Ho Ho Ho, Poinsettia and Fire Embers) are shades of red. I think it would have been nice if one of them were shimmery, instead. Triple Chocolate, Nutcracker, Gingerbread and Roasted Chestnut are all different shades of browns. “Mulled Wine” actually is a brownish red. I do quite like that particular one, but with 9 similar shades, I think it would have been better if at least one of the reds and one of the browns had some shimmer to it. Though, Nutcracker does appear to have a greenish tinge to it.

  • 2. Candy Cane
  • 5. Triple Chocolate
  • 6. Ho Ho Ho
  • 7. Mistletoe
  • 9. Nutcracker
  • 11. Elf
  • 13. Mulled Wine
  • 17. Poinsettia
  • 19. Gingerbread
  • 21. Fire Embers
  • 23. Roasted Chestnut
  • 24. Purple Bow

Of these, I particularly like “Ho Ho Ho”, “Mulled Wine”, “Elf”, “Roasted Chestnut” and “Purple Bow”. Making one of the reds a shimmery definitely would have been my preference.

The Sheens:

The Sheens in the Calendar

I absolutely adore the subtly of the sheen inks. They are less noticeable than shimmer on the first glance but they very pleasantly shock you as you look closer. I really like the majority of these ones. Actually, all of them. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that “Seasons Greetings” and “Holly” are very similar in shades. Holly is a green ink with a pinkish sheen. Seasons Greetings has a slightly blueish shade of green with the same sheen. They are beautiful inks but just too similar in my opinion.

  • 4. Polar Glow
  • 12. Noel
  • 15. Festive Cheer
  • 16. Seasons Greetings
  • 18. Holly
  • 20. Midnight Hour

“Festive Cheer” is a particular favourite of mine. The colour stands out, quite different to the rest. I also love “Polar Glow”, “Midnight Hour” and the “Seasons Greetings”. They are all very nice shades however, and I’ll definitely be using them all.

The Shimmers:

Shimmery and beautiful Diamine Inks

Diamine shimmer inks have always been close to my heart, so I am a little biased in these. I instantly fell in love with each of the colours. All four of them feature different colours – a very bright blue, a purplish-gray, a gold and a green. All of them are beautiful colours. The gold ink is very similar to one I already have: Golden Sands.

  • 1. Blue Peppermint
  • 3. Snow Storn
  • 8. Gold Star
  • 22. Solstice

I honestly am struggling to pick a favourite amongst these. They are all incredibly beautiful. I really do like “Solstice”, which I’m surprised by. Green isn’t normally a preference but this one is gorgeous – and perfect the festive occasion. “Blue Peppermint” and “Gold Star” are very different shade to the rest of the calendar. They stand out with their colours alone, let alone the fact that they then have a beautiful shimmer to them.

The Shimmers and Sheens:

These inks have completely blown my mind. They are utterly stunning. Combining both the sheen and shimmery qualities produces very gorgeous inks. All three of them have a blue shade within the ink but they all look very different, due to the combination of both. The Winter Miracle has a purple tinge according to other tests that people have done – mine turned out more blue and green though!

Shimmer and Sheen Diamine Inks

  • 10. Winter Miracle
  • 14. Jack Frost
  • 25. Happy Holidays

I love all three way too much to pick a favourite. The unexpected result of the inks are definitely a plus with me. I am definitely pleased that the larger bottle for Day 25 was a mix of the two. I cannot wait to use it everywhere. I’m sure that I won’t think the bottles are big enough soon.


Overall, I’ve been converted to the Diamine Inkvent Calendar. It’s definitely worth the price tag, giving a nice variety of different inks. I would have enjoyed a little more variety in some of the colours and a shimmery red or brown to add a bit of difference. An orange might have been nice – could be named after receiving an orange in your stocking! I am really excited to use the majority of these inks, however. They’ll definitely feature in my letters in the new year!

Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019

The Diamine Inkvent Calendar is definitely one that I am pleased to have gotten this year. I am already looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next year. Hopefully they will continue it – it did sell out in most places, well in advance of December from what I could see. Christmas is definitely something to look forward to when you have such beautiful exclusive inks coming out annually!

Sadly, that makes it the end of Blogmas for me. I am honestly surprised that I have managed it but it’s been great fun. Hope you all have enjoyed the series. See you soon!

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