Blogmas – My Top Tips for Succeeding at Blogmas

It’s that time of year again – the most wonderful time of year when the festive season is upon us. I am very pleased to announce that I will be taking part in Blogmas again this year, with this post marking the start of it. Blogmas, if you don’t already know, is a blogging challenge to post every day in December, in the run up to Christmas. It is a great way to kick off some festivity. If you are a blogger and want to get involved, check out this list of different Blogmas ideas that you could post about. There is something for everyone! If you are already set, however, I wanted to share some tips on how to succeed at Blogmas in this post.

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Want to take part in Blogmas? Don’t know where to start? Here’s some Blogmas tips!

Make Blogmas work for you.

If you are planning to take part in Blogmas, it’s not too late. Admittedly, most people will have started planning, at the very least, already but it’s still not too late to get involved. A few people actually write 12 posts, instead of twenty four (or twenty five, if you include Christmas). If you are starting late, writing twelve might be a better option. You could even write them on the twelve days of Christmas – which begins on Christmas day – and just theme them appropriately. 

At the end of the day, the whole idea is for your blog to be you. These challenges are great fun but they are not meant to stress you out. They are meant to help spread a bit more festivity and joy whilst also giving you a fun activity to get involved in. Make Blogmas work for you and your needs, rather than stressing about trying to get twenty five posts up in a few days. 

Planning & Ideas.

Either way, when you’re ready to start, the first thing to do is come up with a plan. I wrote a list of one hundred ideas for any bloggers a few years back. They have been split into different categories and niches, so I’m sure there is something for everyone. I think it’s still apt for this year. Feel free to take a few ideas off there or use it as inspiration to come up with some ideas yourself.

Jot down a list of ideas when you’re ready and then start writing!

Keep Graphics Simple.

If you decide to create any graphics for your blog post or social media posts, I would recommend keeping them simple. Create a basic layout or template that you can just drop a new photo into and change the title. You do not need to reinvent the wheel every time you post something. A photograph with the title of the post written somewhere works wonders as well! 

Use #Blogmas or #Blogmas2019.

The easiest way to get your posts ‘out there’ in the world is to share them on social media, of course. Use #Blogmas or #Blogmas2019 to capture the attention of other bloggers, who can enjoy your posts too. I would also search those hashtags yourself and have a look at what other people are writing about! You may find a few good posts to read or share. Perhaps even find some ideas that inspire you – though be sure to credit and let them know if you do!

Find Blogmas Buddies!

This is completely optional but I always find it helpful to do challenges with a buddy who can keep you accountable. It makes sense if your buddies are also bloggers taking part in Blogmas, of course. However, this could be someone who is not taking part in this specific challenge, and just checks in on you. I do find it easier though – and better for both people – if you both are taking part in some sort of daily challenge at the same time, even if it’s not the same challenge.

Either option works but the idea of having an accountability buddy is simple. You both get together each day and tell the other person if you managed to do what you set out to do or not. Hopefully you can motivate each other to doing your challenge!

If you need a buddy for the challenge, let me know! I am always up for meeting new bloggers and could definitely use a buddy or two myself. And there you have it – a few of my top Blogmas tips to help you succeed at the challenge this month. As I mentioned, I will be doing blogmas myself so here’s a list of my blogmas blog posts:

My Blogmas Blog Posts –

  1. Introduction to Blogmas & Helpful Tips (this post!)
  2. Cyber Monday Sales
  3. In Memory Of
  4. Stationery Advent Calendars
  5. Letter to Santa – and how to get free replies
  6. Christmas Bucket List – 25 ideas
  7. DIY Advent Calendar – Using Letters
  8. Divinity Original Sin – Board Game
  9. Three Good Things
  10. Christmas Stamps – Royal Mail 2019 Stamps
  11. Christmas Planner and Planning for Christmas
  12. A Year in Field Notes
  13. National Stationery Week 2020
  14. December Daily
  15. Harry Potter Christmas Cards
  16. Sweet Stamp Shop – Closing Down Sale
  17. 2019 Goals Review
  18. Random Acts of Kindness – through letter writing
  19. The Cleaning Diary
  20. Printable Christmas Cards
  21. My December Daily Pages
  22. Ethical Christmas
  23. Gift idea: Selfcare Box
  24. DIY Gift Card Holder
  25. Inkvent Calendar Inks – My Advent Calendar

Every day, I will update this with a list of blog posts that I am writing for blogmas and links for ease.

Are you taking part in Blogmas? 

If you are taking part in Blogmas, leave a link below and let me know! I would love to check it out. I need a few more blogs to read. If you wish to connect with me, feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram, where I will be sharing blogmas posts.

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  1. Sumedha says:

    I am taking part, and this is my second time doing blogmas. I’m struggling more this time but I’m determined to make it work. I found a few bloggers and made a “support” group too haha.

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