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It is December. Fourth day of Blogmas, in fact. Advent calendars are being opened everywhere! I actually have one this year, which I am pretty chuffed by. I found a few that are still available so if you have not already got yours and you wanted to grab one, do it quickly! These stationery advent calendars are selling out pretty quickly. So here’s a list that I have found so far. I am resisting buying more than one, to be honest.

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Mrs Brimbles –

The Christmas Brimbles Boxes are back this year and they come in two different sizes again. They do note that there may be a duplication of products if you order both sizes. I do like that they offer two choices for people, catering to different needs. With the holiday period usually being costly, it is always nice to have a friendly option for your wallet. 

Mrs Brimbles has also created a few boxes that are holiday or winter themed, which are separate from their advent collection. 

12 Days of Christmas is a smaller, nicer on the wallet, version. It offers you twelve items, instead of the usual twenty four. You could open these once every two days (i.e. on the odd numbers in the run up to Christmas) or you could start it twelve days before Christmas for the final countdown. It is specified that the RRP of the items you receive is more than the cost of the box.  

The Brimbles Advent Calendar offers the full twenty four products, as usual. This box is said to have a value of more than £50 RRP in the items that you receive from this cost, which costs around half that.

I have no idea what is in either of the advent calendars this year but the Brimbles collection is usually pretty good. I love her original artwork and products a lot. In fact, I have bought a lot of her original pieces myself. So I’m sure her stationery advent calendars are decent! 

The Non-Advent Calendar boxes…

The “Letters to Santa” Brimble Box (not to be confused with the ‘Advent Box’ options) is also for sale. It comes with a bunch of stickers, diecuts and journalling cards. This range is entirely her artwork and you can see what you are buying, so it is not an advent calendar. However, I wanted to give it a shout out because it is adorable and I have already ordered my one of these, as I opted to go for this instead of an advent box. 

They also have a Winter themed box, which features some adorable polar bear drawings. This is a great option for someone who wants to journal but might not want anything “Christmassy” for any reason – or if you are journalling about winter. 

Martha Brook –

Martha Brook Stationery Advent CalendarThis 24 Days of Stationery advent calendar is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing that I have seen. It comes in a personalised box, featuring twenty four little packages. Honestly, I am half tempted just for the packaging. It looks incredibly stylish and I would definitely try to reuse the packaging later, as a self-care box. 

However, it does come at quite a price – retailing at £89 each box – and it definitely the most expensive option in the range. I have seen a couple of sneak peeks from the box itself and the products I have seen (such as an enamel pin) are very nice. Is it worth the price? I don’t know. But if you like Martha Brook stationery products then you will probably fall in love with this calendar so I am putting it here, as it is still on sale if you wish to grab one.

Kikki K – 

Kikki K Eraser Advent CalendarKikki K offered a selection of advent calendars this year. The Stationery Advent Calendar is a luxury option that retails for £90. It is definitely on the pricier side of things and I honestly have no idea what it is inside it to tell you if it is worth it or not. However, a couple stores appear to still have them instore (though the price has dropped down to £60 now) so I wanted to share this as an option, if you wanted to venture down that route. 

They also offered a 12 day version. Whilst it may not be a stationery calendar, it is very cute. So I wanted to share it anyway. For £48 £18, this beautiful soft blue calendar contains twelve little porcelain ornaments. This just went on sale and at £18, that makes each ornament £1.50 – which is pretty decent. 

As a kid, I used to love collecting erasers from everywhere. Museums, school trips, whatever it was, I wanted an eraser. In particular, super cute little shaped erasers. They were mostly decorative but I could also use them if I wanted to. So when I saw this Eraser Advent Calendar, I knew I had to feature it. On sale, this retails at only £12. You get 25 fun little erasers for that price, and you also get a daily gratitude prompt. I love it for the erasers but a daily gratitude prompt is also a winner in my books. All around, this is a pretty adorable and rather unique idea in terms of advent calendars this year.

Another very cute advent calendar is this Advent style Greeting Card. Each day offers you a new prompt, giving you 25 joyful prompts.

Lastly, Kikki K offer one reusable advent calendar. You do have to fill it yourself but it allows you to create your own for the rest of the year – or for future years. It comes in a lovely bag, where it can be stored away out of season too.

Paperchase – 

Paperchase 12 days of ChristmasThis year, Paperchase offers a few different advent calendars. Their main one is a 24 day stationery advent calendar, which appears to have sold out online. You may be able to find some instores, if you’re lucky. 

They do however, also offer a twelve day version, which they encourage you to use for the twelve days of Christmas after the holidays, to avoid getting Christmas blues! It is actually on the 3 for 2 offer that they appear to be running right now so you might be able to grab it at a discounted rate if you hurry. 

You can see the contents of this one on their website though – just a word of warning. So in terms of stationery advent calendars, it might not really be a surprise!

Diamine Inkvent Calendar

Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019This is the calendar that I ended up purchasing. I wrote a whole post dedicated solely to this calendar and why I think it is fantastic. Despite the high price (third highest after the Martha Brook stationery & Kikki K), I do think this is calendar will actually be ‘worth it’. From a purely budgeting point of view, ink samples tend to cost a few quid each and once totalled up, I do think this calendar offers a range of samples for a decent cost. If you like using ink and want to increase your stash then this is definitely the way forward, in my opinion. I wanted a bit more colour and variety in my selection, and these smaller bottles offer me a chance to play with a good range.

I believe some of the inks released in the advent calendar are also exclusive, which I think is a nice bonus feature. Honestly, mine has been sitting on my desk for over a month now and it has been incredibly hard to resist opening it. I had to cover it up so I did not see it, just to avoid tearing the whole thing apart. In terms of stationery advent calendars, this one is pretty beautiful.

I got mine from the Writing Desk but I believe they have sold out now. There were quite a few stockists though so you may still be able to find it around elsewhere. If you are interested in seeing a reveal of this calendar, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I will likely be doing reveals over there throughout the month. 

Sherbet Lane –

Sherbet Lane’s stationery advent box 2019 offers 24 individually wrapped items, each containing bits of stationery! There’s no spoilers about the box so we don’t know what’s inside it. However, the website lists a range of “likely” contents that may or may not be included. It also says that there will be stationery designed on brand new illustrations for the box. Items follow both a general theme, as well as a festive theme. 

This was limited to a number of 100 boxes and they sold out before mid November. I don’t know if they will offer more again next year. However, I am going to keep it here in case you want to follow them. In terms of stationery advent calendars, this one retailed at £35 before it sold out – which puts it around the mid price range.

And there you have it!

A bunch of Stationery Advent Calendars that are available for purchase. A few are even on sale. Get them before they sell out if you have your eye on any!

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