2019 Goals Review

Wow, okay, so it’s somehow been almost a year since I wrote my 2019 goals. A lot has happened since I wrote this post on the 11th January and whilst my blog has not always been a priority, there are definite moments when it has been a success. I wanted to take a few moments to step back from the hectic lifestyle of everything and just reevaluate where I am and how far I have come.

2019 Goal Review

The original post stated three goals that I wanted to achieve in a year’s time. Now I still have a few weeks left, however I felt like it was time to reflect. Perhaps give me some inspiration on where to forward my efforts.

The first goal of the year was to write 52 letters or cards. I’ll be honest, I sort of lost count. Writing letters and sending them is one thing, actually noting down that I have done that is another. From what I can remember, I have done at least forty-five, once I send out the final few holiday cards for the year. This could definitely go up and if I have time, it will. But for now, it looks like I might fall a few short.

The second aim was to write 52 blog posts this year. So far, including this one, I have written forty five I believe. I am currently on track to completing this goal by the end of this year. Hopefully before Christmas, in fact! To be quite honest, I didn’t really expect this one would happen, so I am really chuffed with myself right now. 

The third and final goal I set was one that I can’t really quantify. It was to be better and cross some things I have been procrastinating off my list. I have done a few things but I’ll be honest, I never think it’s enough. So I’m not sure if I met this one yet. This is, however, a very good lesson and reminder that goals should be quantifiable. S.M.A.R.T. goals are definitely the way to go forward! 

What I do know, however, is that through the aumsome blog, I have had the pleasure of meeting or reconnecting with some wonderful people. It’s been absolutely amazing meeting likeminded individuals or companies, that are just as passionate about stationery as I am. 

However, it looks like 2019 goals went actually better than I expected, which I am pretty chuffed with. I still have some time to catch up on those letters and cards, so perhaps that will be my Christmas break task!

Thank you for sticking with me throughout the years – or for however long you’ve been here. Every comment, share, retweet or message I get is always amazing. So thank you, for everything.

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