Field Notes National Parks series

My collection of brand new, unused notebooks was growing a lot faster than I was using them and storage quickly became an issue. So when my Field Notes subscription came to an end, I did not renew it. At least, that was until I saw the summer limited edition notebooks: The Field Notes National Parks series. 

Field Notes National Park Series

As you may already know, Field Notes release a set of limited edition notebooks every quarter – available to purchase on its own or through an annual subscription. They are dropping their 44th quarterly release (the fall release) on Tuesday, 1st October, which I’m really excited to find out about. But this post is about their 43rd release because I absolutely adore it. I have from the moment it dropped and now that it’s finally in my hands, I had to shout out about it. 

There is a soft spot in my heart for Field Notes. They put so much effort, thought and love into their products. It’s the finer details that make the notebook what it is for me. Everything from the outside of the book to the inside pages, from the cover to the details on the back. Each and every product is crafted with so much love. Even if I dislike the cover of that quarterly, there is always something to appreciate in them. But this time, I cannot fault it at all. 

National Parks Series – 

The Field Notes National Parks series absolutely gorgeous. It is full of incredible artwork from nine different parks across the country. These notebooks have been made in collaboration with 59 Parks, who provided the artwork. I honestly cannot stop looking at them – or pick a favourite. 59 Parks stocks a beautiful range of posters and items, which I urge you to check out. I don’t really have wall space in my house to actually justify buying more posters or wall art but if I did, this place would be one of the first stores. Their products are gorgeous. I am so pleased that this collaboration has allowed nine of these beautiful pieces of art to be turned into covers for notebooks – which I can actually use!

Field Notes National Park Series

There are nine different notebooks, split into three three-packs. Subscribers (including new subscribers – hint hint) get one of each! As the Fall subscription lands in a few days, you’ll have to act quickly if you wish to get these packs in your subscription. However, if you do miss the deadline and want them, there are still a few places selling the packs on their own. With Field Notes, you always have to act quick when you like something. Their quarterly releases are limited and when they sell out, they are usually gone for good. 

Each book has a description of the park on the inside of the back cover, as well as more information on the illustration. It is really nice to see the different styles that the illustrators have done. Staring at the covers makes me improve my painting or drawing skills! They are just full of inspiration.

How to use them:

Inside cover of a Field Notes National Park notebookMy biggest issue now is trying to find something worthy to use them for. Of course, the simplest option is to use them to log your experiences of a trip to that particular park. The notebooks even have a space in the cover for this purpose, so you can have it officially date stamped with a National Park Passport Stamp!

I would absolutely love to visit all of these parks – and more, to be honest – but realistically, I probably won’t be able to. I’m going to save a couple of notebooks for the parks that have been on my “to see” list for years – which I really want to go to. For the rest, I wanted to use them for a worthy purpose – rather than just filling them with work notes or a list of chores I need to do or grocery shopping.

Suggestions on other ‘good’ ways to use them:

– Gratitude list
– Three things you’ve accomplished that day
– Moments or things that have made you happy
– A compliment book for yourself or for a loved one
– Guest book for your house
– A Collection of letters and messages for a loved one
– Travel journal or an adventure log for other trips
– Selfcare diary
– Goals tracker
– Sketches, doodles or intricate drawings of things you see outside.

Personally, I am going to save a couple for trips. I would love to visit Yosemite and am planning to also see the Grand Canyon in the same roadtrip. For the ones I likely won’t visit, I am going to just fill them with good things that make me happy. Personally, I think I will mix up the usage and do a few different ideas from the above.

A few of the notebooks from Field Notes National Parks Series

The Next Quarterly Edition

As I briefly mentioned, the next quarterly (the Fall edition / 44th edition) drops on Tuesday 1st October. No one knows what it is and we won’t know until then. That means that this subscription will be changing very soon. I have no idea when they will make the switch. It could be on the first itself or it could be sooner. So if you are interested in starting a subscription with the Field Notes National Parks series – do it now and do it quickly.

If you miss it, however, here are some links of places that you can buy the three packs on their own:

Act quick. Most of the places seem to be out of stock now or quickly selling out.

For other ways to use a notebook, check out this previous post for ‘Take A Note‘ day. Otherwise, just have a look at these beauties and let your imagination go wild.

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