Ways to #TakeANote – Featuring a Busy B Notebook giveaway

Notes are so useful. I am a huge fan of making notes, for a variety of purposes. Perhaps it is because I have a million notebooks and making notes means that I get to use them. And of course, every new project or purpose needs its own notebook, right? Well for #TakeANote day, I wanted to do a small giveaway to let one of my readers win a few bits and bobs that they can keep with them to make notes. It is my way of saying thank you for your support. Every comment, like, follow that you give me on my blog or social media accounts really helps motivate me to carry on! So I will be doing three different giveaways from now, until the end of National Stationery Week, to just say thank you and support some of the brands that I have loved for many months.

Busy B Busy Life Notebook

Ways to use the notebook:

Busy B Busy Life NotebookThe great thing about these notebooks is that they are versatile. You can use them in a number of ways. However, if you need ideas on what you could do, here’s a few:

  1. Take notes in a meeting.
  2. Write down ideas that come to you.
  3. Create to do lists.
  4. Add your grocery shopping lists.
  5. Keep a track of your fitness and exercise.
  6. Track your water intake or food consumption.
  7. Use it as a journal.
  8. Practice gratitude by noting down things you are grateful for.
  9. Plan your day or week with it.
  10. Plan your goals and keep track of them.
  11. Use it for daily affirmations.
  12.  Write down your dreams, like a dream journal.
  13. Take your health, any illnesses or menstrual cycle (if you have one).
  14. Plan your spring clean.
  15. Write down lists that you want to remember.
  16. Doodle, sketch or draw in it.
  17. Bullet Journal with it.
  18. Write a story.
  19. Use it to store notes on a specific project, like learning a language.
  20. Plan an event with it.
  21. Practice your handwriting in it.
  22. Compliments log.
  23. Write letters to someone in them, like a letter book.
  24. Take notes to help with a hobby or activity, such as gardening.
  25. Jot down your favourite quotes.

Or a combination of all / any of the above. Just write whatever you need to write.  Dump your thoughts onto the page so you can free your mind for other ideas. These are just some ideas but there are plenty more. Fill your notebook with whatever you want to but keep writing – because writing matters. So get involved in the #TakeANote conversation today!

Busy B Busy Life Notebook - #TakeANote prizeToday’s Giveaway:

For this giveaway, I wanted to share a product that will help you to write more notes. This cute Busy B Busy Life Notebook is a great little notebook to use. It’s pocket sized so you can carry it around with you. It also comes with stickers, with divider tabs, so you can organise it however you want and includes pages that you can tear out if you need to.

I actually won a Busy B giveaway recently and was given a few notebooks myself. I’ve already started using some of them, as I really love their products. However, in the spirit of spreading the love, I saved one to share with you. The description they provided for this notebook literally says “Busy people, take note!” so I thought it would be perfect for today. This notebook has a lovely gold foiling that says ‘notes’ on the cover too.

To Enter the Giveaway:

For the chance to win this Busy B Busy Life Notebook in A6 Paper Leopard, all you have to do is comment on any post on this blog. This competition is open internationally. You may comment once on each blog post, each will count as an additional entry. I will randomly pick a winner from the comments I have received between now until the end of the competition.

Hint: There will also be two more giveaways between now and then and you’ll automatically be entered into all of them.

The giveaway ends on 12th May 2019. The winners for all of the giveaways will be contacted on 13th May to claim their prize.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or by signing up to receiving blog emails (in the sidebar/footer of this blog) so you don’t miss the future giveaways.

9 thoughts on “Ways to #TakeANote – Featuring a Busy B Notebook giveaway

  1. M. I. Matthews-Schlinzig says:

    I haven’t come across this brand before but from your description I gather I’d find the little notebook rather useful for a range of reasons. I recently started journaling when taking a walk/riding a bus, etc., and I need a good supply of small notebooks to carry with me in my jacket pocket. Fingers crossed!

  2. Lauren says:

    I love this design from BusyB I would love to win this gorgeous notebook with the gorgeous print! I loved your stationery posts! I hope you had a wonderful stationery week!

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