#SendALetter – Writing Letters for Good

Today, we come to the end of National Stationery Week and what better way to end it than with my favourite theme: #SendALetter day. Writing letters is a way to spread joy, love and kindness. I have always said that we should write more letters. However, today, I want to focus on using letters in a way that benefits the society that we live in. Let’s write letters. Even if you don’t know who to write to, continue reading. There are so many people out there that could benefit from receiving a letter from you. Strangers, friends, family.  Donate a letter to help someone today.

You can write to anyone: a friend, a family member, a colleague… Anyone you know that could benefit from receiving a bit of love. Perhaps you have someone to thank. Do it through a handwritten letter. Maybe you just want someone to know that they are not alone. Write it down and remind them. If you’re not sure who to write to, here are my top three choices of organisations or sites that you can refer to. These all encourage you to write to someone who could really use a smile…

Let’s start with my top choice, From Me to You, which I have spoken about before. I absolutely love their mission and just had to share it with you today:

From Me to You - Donate A Letter

From Me to You – 

From Me to You is a fantastic charity that encourages people to write a letter to someone that has cancer. You can write to strangers, where the letters are donated through hospitals and cancer wards. However, if you do know someone currently going through treatment, they give you a lot of advice on how to write to them too.  These letters are powerful messages that they are not alone. They show you’re standing by them in their darkest hours.

I absolutely love their mission and think everyone should get involved with them. Even if it’s just one letter, write it. Find out more on their website directly, where they share really helpful information. I included some tips that I found most helpful here but have a read on the From Me to You site for more.

Post Pals – 

Post Pals is an organisation that strives to make children happy. They ask you to send a card, letter or perhaps a gift to a sick child and help brighten up their day. Each child has a biography, which shares more information about them, such as their interests. You can then tailor each letter specifically to the child – or their siblings. In some cases, their siblings are also listed and I love that. As a child, you may not necessarily understand why your sibling is receiving so many letters or cards. So I really like that you can include all of the siblings, so no one feels left out.

Find out more about the organisation and the children you can write to on the Post Pals site. Be sure to read their ‘Guide to Writing Post’ for tips and tricks on how or what to write.

More Love Letters – 

The world always needs More Love Letters and so, their mission is simple. Encourage people to write to people who need a bit of love in their life. Anyone can request letters for their friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc that could benefit from a bundle of love and joy. The accepted requests are emailed out monthly to the database. They share their stories and encourage people to write to them. These requests come from all over the world. I have seen a number of them are in USA or UK but they could be from anywhere.

As they say on their site, people need you. So go write today and send More Love Letters around the world.

For #SendALetter day, write a letter to do good.

There are a ton of other organisations or websites that will help you to send more letters. These are my top three choices as they help people in need. I love the mission and idea behind each of these places. I am going to pen my letter for #SendALetter now and hope that you’ll do the same! You can write to any one of these organisations or anyone you know who needs a smile. If we all write just one letter today, we’ll fill this world with a lot more love. So join me, together, let’s #SendALetter. 

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