My #The100DayProject, featuring Stationery Self-Care

#The100DayProject TitleI spoke about a few challenges that are occurring April recently. One of them is #The100DayProject. I wanted to talk about it in a bit more depth and share some ideas that I have had for this project with you. The 100 Day Project is an opportunity to be more creative. It challenges you to pick up any creative projects that you want to do and dedicate the next one hundred days to it.

The challenge officially started on the 2nd April this year. However, I am running a little behind and so, I am going to start it today, on the 13th April. You can definitely start it at any point though and just do a hundred days from whenever you start. I was trying to come up with ideas on what I should do. So I wanted to share what I came up with. If you have not started and want some ideas, hopefully this will inspire you.

If you’re already doing it, I would love to see your own challenge! Let me know what you’re doing. And mostly, good luck to everyone taking part!

Some #The100DayProject ideas:

  1. Write motivational, inspirational or just good quotes.
  2. Make cards for people.
  3. Draw, sketch, doodle.
  4. Practice watercolouring.
  5. Write letters.
  6. Practice papercutting.
  7. Create artsy gifts.
  8. Colouring in
  9. Journalling or Art Journalling
  10. Memory Keeping or Scrapbooking

These ideas all focus around papercrafts. They use the tools and supplies that I have at home and on hand. Of course, not all of them will be relevant to you or of interest. However, I got these ideas from the Stationery Self-Care list that I created some time ago. If something can help me to look after my mental wellbeing and also use some of the stationery supplies that I have laying around at home then they are winners in my book.

These ten simple tasks provide a huge range of activities for me to do. I was considering which one to do before realising something simple. I could do the same one every day for a hundred days but I honestly think I would just give up after getting bored. Some of these will take a lot more time than others. For example, I’m not sure if I could make one hundred different gifts for people – I don’t even know that many people to give them to! But I do think it would be a fun addition to the challenge…

My #The100DayProject Plans:

So without further ado, my 100 Day Project is simple. It will be to focus on being creative to help my self-care. Every day, I will do one of the things in this guide, even if it is just something small. The challenge can be broken down into smaller categories. I personally want to create at least 5 scrapbook layouts, as that is something I have been struggling with finishing. I also am keen to do a few more papercuts, which I think would make some really lovely gifts for people once I have gotten better at it. Right now, I am definitely in the practice stage but hopefully, if I can continue to create some cuts throughout the one hundred days then I will actually be able to improve at it.

Going through the list, I think it would be good to set some smaller goals that I can aim towards.

Here are the goals that I came up with:
  1. Have one hundred completed works by the end of the project.
  2. Create at least 5 Scrapbook Pages.
  3. Complete at least 10 Papercuts.
  4. Write at least 20 Letters or Postcards.
  5. Fill at least 5 pages of drawings.
  6. Create at least 5 gifts.
  7. Design at least 5 cards.
  8. Watercolour at least 5 pieces.
  9. Write at least 20 quotes.
  10. Colour at least 5 pages.

These goals only add up to 80 completed pieces of work by the end, if I do the bare minimum. However, that is where the creative freedom comes into play. These are smaller goals that help me aim for something. However, if I find myself particularly enjoying one activity then I will happily do it more. I’m not fixed to sticking to these. They are more like guidelines than hard and fast rules.

I purposefully left ‘journalling’ and ‘art journalling’ out of this list of goals. The reason for this is because I want to journal daily, or as close to that as possible but I don’t want it to become a chore. Forcing myself to journal for 100 days seems quite tedious to me. However, I will likely also try and dedicate a few days to doing a bit of journalling or art journalling that counts towards the project.

Is this cheating?

It may be a bit of a ‘cop out’, compared to other people doing one hundred of the same thing for their project. However, alongside work, blogging and other writing that I do, I think this will give me a nice varied mix of tasks. It will pose as a good challenge for me but also be quite realistic for me to achieve, if I can dedicate enough time and energy to it every day. And for me personally, it’s more about having fun and sparking some initiative or desire to be more creative, than the end result. I want to give myself the chance to practice and grow in these artforms. Sadly, I just love a variety of different crafts and am struggling to pick just one to dedicate my time and energy towards at this point in time. This way seemed simpler.

Essentially, I am going to use #The100DayProject as a test challenge. I will give myself a variety of options and see how I feel doing them. Once it’s over, I may be inspired to come up with a more specific challenge. For now, this will allow me to see what I enjoy and what I don’t. More importantly, it will give me the discipline to incorporate self-care into my daily routine. For me, that’s the habit I require the most right now. At the end of the day, the challenge is to help you grow – not hinder you. It’s not a competition for a physical prize. So, no, I don’t consider it cheating!

Let’s Kick Off:

Since we’re starting today, I decided to kick things off playing with some watercolours. I asked a few friends to pick some colours and then give me a quote. This is the end result of that…

#The100DayProject Day 1

Follow the Challenge:

You can follow my personal challenge by following me on Instagram. I’ll be posting the images under #Aumsome100DayProject if you want to find them all in one go. I would love it if you joined me in the challenge. You can find all of the project works by checking out #The100DayProject and following along. 

If you’re already doing it, comment below and let me know what your project is. Feel free to share your own hashtag so we can follow along too.

Find out more about the challenge itself over on the official website, #The100DayProject.

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