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It’s the first day of National Stationery Week! I am really excited that this week is finally here. I have a lot to share with you. Glad that I can finally start kicking off with the celebrations now. So let’s dive right into it with today’s theme: #PaperchaseLovesLists! It is a day sponsored by Paperchase, dedicated to lists and why they are amazing.

Lists are very popular for many reasons. They are probably a growing trend among people, actually. There is a variety of different listmaking challenges and books available out there. With this theme in mind, it seemed only apt to share one of my own journals for list lovers from Paperchase themselves. So without further ado, may I present this ‘A List A Day’ book:

#PaperchaseLovesLists A List A Day Journal

Recently, I spoke about a challenge called #The100DayProject, where you do something every day for one hundred days. This book would actually fulfil that criteria, as there are 100 different lists that you can fill out! I am still working my way through this book, as I tend to dip and out of it – rather than doing it daily.  However, there has been a huge variety of different themes for the lists. Using lists like this can actually be similar to journalling. 

The Prompts:

A List A Day Journal Prompt

There are some positive ones, one of my favourites is “Times I was so glad I said yes!” as my list there serves as a reminder of great things I did. I often get anxious about things and occasionally say no to a great event, just out of anxiety. However reading lists like this makes me feel a bit more confident. They tell me not to give into my fears. The journal also has things that you may want to change, such as “Bad Habits”. I added ‘biting my nails’ onto that list a little while back and well… you can see how I’m starting to kick that habit in the picture below!

A List A Day Journal Prompt

Some of the prompts that this journal offers you are easy. They ask you what you like eating or watching, for example. Others sometimes require a bit more thought. They force you to reflect on your life and I love that. Sometimes, it helps to spark memories that you had not thought about in a while or almost forgotten. They make you more grateful. This particular journal also has a few blank pages at the end of the book, giving you space to add your own lists and prompts.

Fill out the journal as and when you can…

A List A Day Journal writing for #PaperchaseLovesLists

Every so often, I randomly open the book onto a page and decide if the list inspires me or not. I pick a list that I feel like writing, sometimes going back to a list that I already answered. Today’s list was ‘My Favourite TV Programmes’, which was pretty apt as I had just finishing watching the new Game of Thrones. It definitely made it onto my list.

Some people go through the book, doing the lists in order. You can do that if you prefer. Personally, I like dipping in and out. I have added a few TV Programmes to my favourite list now but I’m sure if I look back at this list in a year’s time, I will have more to add then. I really like going back to old lists and seeing how things have changed. Like I said, I have had this journal for a while now – to the point where Paperchase have stopped selling it!

But if it’s sold out, what do I do?

This specific journal is an old one so you might not be able to get the exact same one now. However, Paperchase have recently released a new version. It has full page spreads with lots of space to write. The idea of the new journal is similar to the one I already have but comes with different prompts and designs. If you’re a list maker, check out these fantastic journals from Paperchase. 

The New A List A Day Journal

Visit Paperchase’s website to get the new journal – or to look at their variety of books. They have a brilliant range of list pads and journals, to be honest.

What are your favourite prompts or lists to make? Comment below and let me know if you have any journals that you use or challenges you take part in. Be sure to follow #PaperchaseLovesLists over on social media to keep on top of the conversation.

Disclaimer: This product was previously gifted to me from Paperchase themselves. It was not given for this week or purpose but it seemed apt to mention it as I do love their old journal and I’m excited to see the release of the new one. What better way to celebrate #PaperchaseLovesLists than to share this fantastic list making journal?

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