Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Personalised Gift Guide

Personalised gifts are one of my favourite things so I thought it was only apt to create a Personalised Gift Guide today. I’ve found that it’s really hard to dislike something which is personalised to you. It shows so much thought and effort has gone into the present. And since Mother’s Day is quickly coming up, I found a few great personalised gifts that I absolutely adore, which might help give you some ideas for your own presents! This Personalised Gift Guide features various products from Etsy, which has a huge range of handmade items.

Since there’s quite a few different things, I broke them up into categories to make it a little easier to read.

Personalised Gift Guide – General Gifts to Give:

  1. Personalised Gift Box
Personalised Gift Guide - Gift Box
Product sold by PinkPositiveShop

This may not look like a gift but could easily be turned into one. You could easily fill it with a few things the recipient likes. It doesn’t need to be expensive, at all. For example, some of their favourite sweets or chocolates or you could write down some letters and get photos printed and fill it with lovely letters and photos for them to go through. It makes for a lovely keepsake. You could also fill it with a variety of items that might be good for them, like a ‘self-care package’.

Alternatively, you could just use it as a gift box. I really like how beautifully simple and elegant this is. It makes for a really nice keepsake, where the receiver can keep all of their favourite things. If you have enough money left in the budget after getting their gift, perhaps consider getting a lovely box that they can use to store all of the wonderful things you’ve given them.

Whilst this pictures a box that says ‘Mummy’, you could definitely get it personalised to anyone. Your partner, friend, father, sibling – whoever you want.

  1. Handwriting Necklace
Personalised Gift Guide - Handwriting Necklace
Product sold by SilverBySwan

I absolutely love this. I really like the idea of having your loved one’s handwriting with you. It’s like receiving a personal message from them, that you carry around with you always. A letter that you wear, essentially. This necklace would make a really lovely gift for someone. It’s not only personalised in the wording but since it’s unique to your handwriting too, it’s a very unique gift for someone. I think it would be really cute for children to have their handwriting printed and to see their mum wearing a necklace that they wrote! This piece is actually made with sterling silver too, which allows the recipient in question to wear it more regularly and it won’t get ruined easily!

  1. Personalised Recipe Box or Book
Personalised Gift Guide - Recipe Box and Book
Products sold by CloudsAndCurrents (left, middle) and firastudio (right)

If your loved one enjoys cooking, then they are bound to have a bunch of recipes. And if they anything like my mum, they have them in an disorganised mess somewhere. Having a personalised recipe box seems so much more special than a regular recipe box! If you have family recipes that you want to treasure and to pass down the family line then a recipe box is a great way to do it. You can even engrave the back with a personalised message, which I love. It would be brilliant for anyone who enjoys cooking. They also sell gorgeous recipe cards that you can purchase alongside this box, if you wanted. Alternatively, you could use record cards. You can also get a recipe book, if you prefer.

Personally, I like being able to take a recipe out and rearrange it as I see fit so I prefer a box with recipe cards. However, there’s some really nice engraved recipes books out there if you prefer them. The featured recipe book is actually blank on the inside. So it would work for other purposes too, if you wanted to get it personalised with something else!

  1. Personalised ‘Mum’ Themed notebooks
Personalised Gift Guide - Notebooks
Products by BeauAndBellaUK (left) and normadorothy (middle, right)

Everyone needs notebooks in their lives. Well, I’m a stationery addict so I’d say that but I do think notebooks can be very useful for anyone. It can be a good place to write down your To Dos, write notes, make plans, to do some journalling and let your feelings out or just write down your best memories.

These ‘mum boss’ notebooks are so pretty. Being a mum is hard work, I’m sure. There’s just so much that you need to remember and do. It’s no longer just for yourself but also for another human being that depends on you (at least for the first part of their lives). This isn’t exclusive to mums, of course. However, since it’s almost mother’s day, I wanted to share this mum boss notebook that I think feel inspiring and powerful.

There are also options where you can customise the notebook with any message that you want. They are printed in beautiful foil. There’s a huge variety of predefined styles that can be personalised or you can write your own message entirely. Notebooks vary in their binding too! So there’s likely something for anyone.

  1. Cute Pencils
Personalised Gift Guide - Foiled Pencils
Products by TheSweetNothingsCo

If you got budget leftover once you’ve brought some notebooks or notepads, why not grab a set of mum themed pencils? These come in a beautiful pastel colour, printed with a lovely foil on them. I really adore the colours of the pencils, in all honesty. That’s the biggest selling point for me. However, they also come with great quotes on it, like “Doing it all” (which is definitely true for my mum) or “You’ve got this mama” (as a good motivational quote).

You can definitely get foiled pencils for other recipients too, in a huge variety of messages.

Personalised Gift Guide – Wall Art & Framed Prints:

I honestly wish I had more wall space in my house. There just isn’t enough space for all of the amazing prints that I want to have on there. I absolutely adore framed pieces – and they make for great photos if you’re a blogger, instagrammer or anything else that requires photos of your walls. (I mean, they are also nice to look at in person too for your guests… You get the point…)

  1. A Paper Cut Piece:
Personalised Gift Guide - Best mum papercut
Product by maisieandmae

I am very into papercuts right now so I just had to feature this gorgeous cut, which would work for any mum. Papercuts are incredibly beautiful, detailed, works of art. They can be machined cut but I have recently been practicing cutting them by hand and it’s just so therapeutic to create. They are very difficult, however and I have a huge appreciation for good papercuts now. 

This piece is a very simple and yet beautiful framed piece. Maisie & Mae sell a huge range of framed paper cut pieces. If you’re interested in getting one for another occasion or for another recipient, I’m sure you’ll find one at their shop.

  1. Photographic Flowers Print:
Personalised Gift Guide - Flower Print
Product by LoveLilaArt

Apparently this is a photographic print of flowers, rather than actual flowers. However, it looks so real that I love it. I mean, look at those shadows around the flowers. They actually just look 3D and I feel like the artist has managed to capture them so well that they look like they are in the frame themselves.

It’s so beautiful, I was drawn to this print. Love Lila Art sells a variety of different prints, some similar to this. There are prints for everyone, from your family to your teacher.

I am not sure if you can get this print personalised to a different quote, or if you can simply change the name. But if you wanted something different written, I’m sure you could just drop the owner a message and see if they can accommodate you!

  1. Personalised Baby Shower Fingerprints:
Personalised Gift Guide - Canvas and Framed Family Trees
Products by PictureKeepsakeGifts

There’s something so nice about a visual family tree. I love that Picture Keepsake Gifts offers a variety of different tree themed prints for this occasion. They are printed either on canvas or card and come in a variety of styles. You can have the whole family tree printed onto the print directly or you could get the family members to add their fingerprint onto it, using ink or face paint. They also offer a range specifically for baby showers, and I love that idea of having one at an important event like that.

  1. Quotes or Lyrics Print:
Personalised Gift Guide - Framed Quote or Lyrics
Product by BookoftheDad

Is there a particular quote or song lyrics that reminds you of the recipient? Are they an avid reader or music fan? Do they have a book or song that means a lot to them? If you said yes to any of those, why not consider a framed personalised quote or lyrics?

These are beautifully created, typed on a typewriter before they are added to a vintage looking frame. I think it works particularly well using a quote from a book or speech but it could definitely be done with lyrics too – or pretty much any text.

The frame really enhances the whole thing for me.

  1. Custom Illustration
Custom Illustration
Products by SaoirseLouScribbles

There’s nothing more personalised than a drawing of your family or loved ones. There are a lot of fantastic artists out there. I came across these beautiful portraits by Saoirse Lou Scribbles and I fell in love. I absolutely adore the style of this illustrator, who can create a framed portrait for you. Each piece is created using watercolours, ink and pencil. She offers these custom illustrations of an individual, couple or a group so they would be a great gift for anyone, on any occasion.

Time to Get Shopping!

There you have it! A very quick overview of my Personalised Gift Guide, featuring some products available right now to purchase. There’s definitely a lot of other great items available at Etsy but these ones stood out to me right now. It’s very easy to get lost in the marketplace of Etsy. It’s a wonderful place to just scroll for many hours – and I know that my basket has actually maxed out before because of that! These few personalised products stood out to me whilst I was searching. I love the connection to stationery that they have and they fact that they are personalised.

As Mother’s Day is coming up quickly, I would recommend checking the individual products and stores for more information on delivery. Some may not be able to deliver it to you in time, as personalised items add to the wait and postage can sometimes take a little while (depending on your location!).

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pictured products, visit the links below to find out more.

Links to Products:

Alternatively, if you need other ideas, be sure to check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day Guide. They have featured a huge selection of fantastic products that may be more suitable for your own mother.

Disclaimer: This Personalised Gift Guide does include affiliate links. This means that I get a tiny bit of money if you click through the links and buy any of the products. It does not cost you anything extra. It just helps me pay for my blog expenses a little so please do use the links if you plan to shop through Etsy. I am not affiliated to any of the individual stores or products and simply picked them because I liked the look of them.

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