Newly released Royal Mail MARVEL Stamps

I’ve spoken quite a bit about sending letters and post. I have not, however, covered the stamp part of a post. Stamps are something that I adore looking at. It’s so interesting to see the different stamps that different countries have. I love receiving international post just to see what their stamps are like. However, the Royal Mail group have some incredible designs themselves. I honestly am contemplating collecting stamps more often. That was something I have not really done before but with the vast collections that I see these days that I adore, I kind of want to. I have a few sheets that I have saved but not really a huge collection of them.

Royal Mail Leonardo da Vinci Special Stamp Issue
Leonardo da Vinci stamps

As you may know, Royal Mail regularly release themed stamps. February’s theme was Leonardo da Vinci. It captured some really great moments and drawings of his. I love the writings and texts on the stamps, making them look a bit more vintage. However, March’s theme completely floored me. It vastly differs from February but it’s so great. If you haven’t already seen them… You can now order Marvel stamps! Yes, that’s right, Marvel. They were released yesterday and are now in stock to buy.

Royal Mail MARVEL Special Stamp Issue
MARVEL Character Stamps

The Marvel Collection

These Marvel themed stamps go back to the comic book roots. They are full of colour and life. They feature various superheroes from the Marvel series, including Iron Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel, which are some of my favourite stamps in the collection. However, the best set is definitely their ‘Marvel Miniature Sheet’, which actually illustrates a comic strip. It’s so creative! I genuinely just want to use the whole thing on someone’s package – and definitely keep one set of them in my slowly growing collection!

Royal Mail MARVEL Special Stamp Issue
MARVEL Miniature Stamp Sheet

I really love all of the additional stationery that came with this collection. There are some great envelopes that you can use featuring Hulk and Thor, all the way to beautifully framed prints. In their pre-order, they already sold out of the Limited Edition signed stamp! So if there are things that you’re interested in, I would recommend getting your order in now!

I managed to grab a couple of sets of the stamps, a few envelopes and even treated myself to a gorgeous Marvel Collector Sheet, which I am going to stick on my cupboard to inspire me to draw more. It features all of the ten character stamps, alongside a bonus sticker for each one. However, honestly, I am tempted to also get the Stamp Artwork Collector Set and the Presentation Pack. I am so massively in love with the whole collection.

Royal Mail MARVEL Special Stamp Issue
MARVEL Collector Sheet

Other Stamps on Sale

The variety of fandoms now appearing on the stamps is so brilliant. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Star Wars then you should definitely check out those stamp issues too. Royal Mail have a bunch of different themed stamps and they make me even more excited to send or receive post! Be sure to check out their website to see all of the current stamps on sale or find out more about their marvel collection.


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