5 tips to help you stay inspired and achieve your goals

I started off my return to blogging by talking about my goals and what I hope to do this year. However, talking about goals and actually achieving them are two very different things. So today, I wanted to invite Alyssa Pierce from The Sacred Space to come share some of her favourite tips to stay inspired and work on those goals. Let’s work together to achieve your goals! Over on her blog, Alyssa regularly offers tips and advice to help stay motivated. So without further ado, I’ll hand it over to Alyssa to share her five top tips today with you all.

Be true to yourself when setting your goals

Never set yourself goals on what you think you should do or what you feel pressured by other people to do. Even if you achieve goals you’ve set to make other people happy will it truly make you feel proud and happy? 

Equally do not revolve your goals around money. Yes money is a fantastic motivator however money does not guarantee long-term happiness.

For example if your goal is to get a job based on the income your days at work will drag, you will eventually dread going to work because it does not serve you or feed your passion and desires.

Never put money or other people’s opinions above your passion and true happiness.

Break the goal down into smaller goals

Write yourself an action plan that includes small monthly goals that will lead you to achieving your end of year goal. If by the end of 2019 you want an extra 1k twitter followers break it down monthly. Make your monthly goal to gain an extra 84 followers a month. Achieving this monthly goal will always have you feeling inspired and motivated knowing that you are one step closer at the end of every month to achieving your final goal.

I always write my monthly goals down in my notepad, visit them throughout the month to see where I need to put in more energy and work to ensure I have reached my goals.

To start your action plan write down your goals for 2019. Then write each month of the year and your goals for that month underneath. Do not worry about filling each month of the year straight away, focus your goals on the next 2-3 months. Always go back to this to remind yourself what you’re working so hard to achieve.

End your day with a gratitude list

Writing a gratitude list at the end of every day is a great way to turn any negative days into a positive one. It’s impossible to feel inspired and motivated in a negative frame of mind. Ending your day on a gratitude list will help you reflect on your day and leave you feeling grateful and in a positive frame of mind.

You can either write your gratitude list on your phone or laptop or (like myself) I write my gratitude list in my note book below.

Visualise your achievements

This is a wonderful exercise to try when you are feeling a little less inspired or motivated. Visualise what you want to achieve like you have already achieved it.

How proud do you feel? How excited and grateful is this making you feel? Fill yourself with those positive vibes and use them to fuel your inspiration and desire!

You can put together a vision board for yourself to help you visualise your future achievements. I have one vision board that is full of my long-term dreams and goals and I have another vision board for 2019.

To make a vision board get a piece of A3 paper and print out/draw all the things you want to achieve this year. It’s a really easy and exciting exercise to do!

Here is my vision board for 2019 to help give you some inspiration.

Celebrate your achievements!

Celebrate every one of your achievements and reward yourself! Look back at how far you’ve come, what goals you’ve already achieved and how much closer you are to achieving your ultimate goal. You have got this!

And there we have it! Five top tips on how to achieve your goals. Personally, I love any tips that have stationery in it so I’m definitely going to have fun implementing her tips. My plan is to use these great tips to help me to achieve my goals and I hope it does the same to you. Personally, I really like the fact that she incorporates celebrating the achievements. This is definitely something I forget to do and I think it’s good to be reminded to stop every so often and just appreciate how far I’ve come.

If you’re interested in staying motivated, check out Alyssa’s blog, The Sacred Space

Huge thank you to Alyssa for sharing her tips here with you all today. If they’ve helped, please do leave a comment below letting us both know! 

4 thoughts on “5 tips to help you stay inspired and achieve your goals

  1. Raheela James says:

    Hi Alyssa and Reema, I firmly believe in breaking down your goals into smaller goals. I have found that daily goals and weekly goals are really great to keep me on task. I found that if I don’t write down the goals for the day, then I usually have a hard time accomplishing everything that needs to be done. I love celebrating my accomplishments because it’s the best feeling knowing that I’ve achieved my goals. Thank you for this post Raheela

    • Reema says:

      I completely agree with you! I always find writing goals down can help me to achieve them. Celebrating the small wins definitely helps too!! Glad the post helped 🙂

    • Reema says:

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips! I know they provide a good reminder to me of what is important and help to keep me on track so I’m hopeful they will do the same for others too!

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