Goals for 2018

Hello and welcome to the long over due post – my goals for 2018.  I know it’s already past mid-Feb and therefore we’re already over a month behind but this is actually my first post this year.  I decided to take some time out of blogging and focus on my health.  The hiatus was a little longer than I anticipated but it’s definitely been required.  However, without further ado, I wanted to jump in and start blogging again.  There’s so many exciting things that I’ve wanted to share with you.  I really missed blogging, so hopefully I can start sharing these great things with you again.

Write more letters or cards, making more of them handmade.

This might be my favourite goal for 2018.  I have made some plans to do a large series, that focuses on writing more letters and cards.  In particular, I want to spend some time making more handmade cards so this is a very exciting one.  It is also, perhaps, one of the most time consuming ones.  However, it’s definitely one that I think will spread a lot of love and joy to everyone around me – and it’s great for my own self-care too!

Blog regularly – try to stick to a particular day once a week.

Whilst I’ve already failed this off the bat, I wanted to start it now.  I wanted to try to post more regularly and actively.  I know there will be weeks where I post more than once but then later, there will be weeks where I don’t post at all.  I’d like to try and be a bit more consistent with it, posting on a particular day.  However, mostly, I will be happy if I can do at least 50 blog posts in 2018.  This is definitely a stretch, given that I’ve already missed seven weeks of posts but I think it’s possible if I do more than one post a week, when I can.

I do have a lot of blog post ideas and some great blog series planned coming up so, if I can manage my time better this year, I should be able to achieve this.

Monetise the blog and earn at least £100

I decided to set a goal of earning £100 solely through my blog.  It’s not a lot to earn for the year but it’s something.  This income could be through advertising, affiliates or sponsored posts.  It’s undecided, at the moment, which I’ll focus on.  However, I want to start monetising the blog once I’ve got back into regular blogging and earning some money through it.

Numbers aren’t everything but they mean something

I’m a firm believer that numbers aren’t everything.  It’s all about engagement, in my opinion.  However, I’d like to see my social media channels grow a little by the end of the year.  Just to know that I’m not losing followers!  So, as a result, there’s a few numbers that I do want to reach by the end of 2018.

  1. Get 10,000 views in 2018 – which I think is going to be a little challenge but will be possible if I work hard.  I reached 5000 from March-Dec last year.  So 10,000 total views is definitely realistic.
  2. Hit 3,000 Twitter Followers – I’m currently on over 1,900 so aiming to just over 1,000 more followers is realistic I think.
  3. Hit 1,500 Instagram Followers – Whilst Instagram seems to hate me, I haven’t given up.  With over 850 followers, I think aiming for 1,500 is a good start.  It’s definitely going to be harder to achieve this one, as I seem to lose more followers than gain them but I am hoping it encourages to post more on IG.
  4. Hit 150 Pinterest Followers – Admittedly, I don’t use Pinterest.  This aim will hopefully encourage me to use it more.  I’m currently on 40 followers, so this will be a push but it’s manageable if I use it!
  5. Start a YouTube Channel – This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages.  However, I’m just too shy and nervous about it.  I think I’d like to do it this year, if I can.  So my aim is to start by just creating 1 video.  Yes, just one.

Give back to the Community

This last one isn’t a goal per se.  It’s more something I would like to do more of – which is something for the community.  I’ve loved being a part of the Stationery Community for a while now and it’s given me so much support and love.  I’m really grateful to everyone who’s supported me.  So in return, I thought I’d try and do some things to give back to the community wherever I can.  This will consist of a few things.  One idea is something that will happen soon – I’ll keep things hushed up until they happen.  Another is doing some more giveaways this year.   If you have any other suggestions, please do let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Goals Sheet – get your own version here too:

To help keep me on top of these goals, I created a small graphic that I can print off and look at.  It consists of the top three goals that I have for this year – and a quick list of the statistics I want to aim for.  You can download a blank copy here, if you want to fill out your own goals for the year.   You can save it and add text to it on the computer or you can print it off and write down your goals by hand (I recommend doing the latter of course!). Let me know what your goals are for 2018 – we can help keep each other accountable! If you missed here, this was my filled out version:

Remember you can click here to download a blank goals sheet for yourself!

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