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The Christmas Tag is making its way around and it looked like a lot of fun so I wanted to do it today.  As luck would have it, the lovely Natalie nominated me!  Check out her lovely post here.  It’s definitely perfect timing so I had to jump at the chance to do it for today’s post.  I feel like it’s a good way to get into the festive spirit – and I definitely need some of that right now!  Because, for some reason, it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet!

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Ooh this is definitely a tricky one.  I think I’ve loved every Christmas movie I’ve watched – though I really haven’t seen enough.  Home Alone was always classic whilst growing up.  If I had to pick just one film, I think I’d say Love Actually.  It’s not the best Christmas movie out there but it’s one I see every December really.  It sort of has become a tradition.  Perhaps that’s why it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet – because I haven’t seen it yet!  Definitely going to go watch it so it can start to feel a bit more like Christmas.

Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?

Honestly, I’m not sure with this one.  We’ve had snow around Christmas for sure.  I can’t remember the last time it snowed on Christmas itself though.  It’s probably happened once, yes but I can’t recall exactly when.

Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?

Christmas is usually at home, in England, with the family.  In the past few years, I’ve gone on holiday around Christmas by coincidence.  This year, I’m actually spending Christmas in USA – which I’m super excited about.  Last time, I went to Bali just after Christmas day.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?

I honestly don’t think I can pick one…  This is so hard!  I like Jingle Bell Rock, because it reminds me of Mean Girls.  That film has a few good memories from school years associated with it.  But like All I want for Christmas is You is really cute.  Then there’s great songs like Santa Claus is coming to town or Jingle Bells.  Since it started snowing this morning, I’ve had Do you want to build a Snowman? stuck in my bed!  So… nope, I just can’t pick – sorry!

Do You Open Any Presents On Christmas Eve?

Nope!  I wait until Christmas Day and open them all together.  If we do family Secret Santa, which we’ve done a few times, we wait till afternoon to open them all together.  As I’m not here this year, I’ll probably open presents the day I leave for USA.  Just because I don’t think I can wait till January and there’s no point taking them all with me!  (I need space to bring back all of the shopping, after all).

Can You Name All Of Santa’s Reindeer?

Oh geez, probably not!  Trying to recall the song here…  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid and Rudolph… Is that all of them?  Whoops, no, I missed Donner!

What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward To This Year?

The Work Christmas do!  I think this is the only thing that’s going to be the same this year, as it happens before I fly out.  There’s Secret Santa, which is always fun.  I love seeing what everyone else has got and trying to figure out who had who.  That being said, I’m pretty sure I know who almost everyone has…  Just need to figure out the last two people.  And then there’s lots of eating and drinking and generally just being very merry!  Can’t go wrong with that.

Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?

Fake.  I’ve always had a fake one at home.  It’s better for the budget and for the environment.  Plus it means I don’t feel bad putting it away.  I think I’d just get really sad getting rid of a real one as I’d feel like I killed a tree.  We have two fake ones.  The one we’ve used this year is really old and definitely looks fake.  However, you can get some amazing ones that look real nowadays.  The other fake one we have has glitter and lights on it – so definitely also fake looking but pretty fun.

What Is Your Favourite Holiday Treat/Food/Sweet?

This is quite hard as I don’t tend to have a lot of “Christmassy” food.  I do love the festive Hot Chocolates that appear in this season in places like Star Bucks or Costa.  And Mulled Wine is definitely also one!

Do You Like Giving Or Receiving Gifts Better?

In general, I love giving gifts to people.  If I see something that I think a loved one would like then I buy it – regardless of the occasion.  The only time I dislike buying gifts is when I need to buy one for someone and have no idea what to get them.  That can get a bit stressful.  It’s more worry as I want to make sure I get something they like.

What Is The Best Christmas Present You Ever Received?

There’s been a few presents that I’ve loved.  Rather than the item, it’s the memory associated with it that I love.  The best presents are the ones that have meaning or thought.  Like I once got some teddy bears, which I adored because they were picked with a lot of love and thought.

What Is Your Dream Place To Visit For The Holiday Season?

New York city I think.  I really like German Christmas Markets so Germany was definitely a contender for this.  However, NYC seems to be one that I probably won’t get to do any time soon but it would be amazing to see I think.

Are You A Pro Present Wrapper Or Do You Fail Miserably?

I’m the dedicated gift wrapper elf in my house (and work place!).  So I’ll take that as a Pro Present Wrapper, I think.  I do love stationery and wrapping paper so it does make sense.

Most Memorable Christmas Memory?

I think this has to be when I was a child.  I remember waking up after my brother, going downstairs.  He got upset that there were no presents under the tree.  I went over to the tree and saw a giant present sticking out from behind it.  Pulled it out and we opened it.  It was the Playstation.  Then we found two smaller presents – one for each of us.  They had a game in each one so we could play together.  Let’s be fair, he was five years older than me so he ended up taking the Playstation into his room.  It became “his Playstation” and I had to ask to play it.  I always played it with him, which I really like.  I just remember that day being really excited and thinking it was so sweet.  We normally didn’t get big presents so I wasn’t expecting anything.  It was an unexpected surprise – and I guess that’s what I like about it.

When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

Normally around early December.  For some reason, it hasn’t felt very festive this year.  Doing this post is really helping though.  I put up my tree today (a little late as we weren’t planning to have one!).  And I have a Michael Bublé playlist on in the background whilst I write it.  So it’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now.  Next step: finish this up and watch Love Actually!

Use one noise to describe how excited you are for Christmas?


What Makes The Holidays Special For You?

Spending time with loved ones makes the holidays really special to me.  I love meeting up with friends in the run up to Christmas and spending time with family.  Watching movies, visiting Winter Wonderland or some Christmas Markets, for example.  Just walking around in the middle of London and looking at the lights is pretty good too.

Do you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I haven’t made any massive New Year’s resolutions.  They tend to be more like goals or things to aspire to.  For example, “I am going to try exercising a little this year”.  That sort of thing.  I usually stick to them for a while and then give up.  Let’s aim for a year of change though, shall we?  Forever the optimist, I think perhaps this time will be better.

Phew, answering those questions has definitely started to put me into a festive mood!  Getting very excited for this year’s Christmas now.  Need to get some hot chocolate now and put on my Love Actually DVD so I can fully get in the Christmassy spirit.  I should probably also finish buying the presents I need…  Whoops, let’s go place some orders before it’s too late.  Can’t believe there’s only fifteen days left until Christmas Day!!

I nominate:

And anyone else who wants to do it!  Please let me know if you do give this a go as I’d love to read your answers.  Enjoy!

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