Would you rather…? The Christmas Edition

On the fourth day of Blogmas, your true love Reema gave to you… A totally different kind of post!  Today’s post isn’t stationery related (shocker, I know).  I actually read a post on Seventeen Wishes and loved the idea so much that I asked her if I could do it too!  Huge thank you to Chips for letting me use her game and give it a go.  She came up with the idea of a “Would you rather…” game featuring various Christmas themed questions.  So, without further ado, let’s play a game of “Would you rather…? The Christmas Edition”!

Would you rather… Sit on Santa’s lap for an hour OR chug a gallon of eggnog at once?

I’ve never had eggnog and to be honest, it sounds like something I probably wouldn’t enjoy.  Whilst I do want to try some at some point, I’m not sure I’d want my first experience to be chugging a whole gallon of it at once!  So urm… I guess, I’d rather sit in Santa’s lap for an hour?!

Would you rather… Christmas trees feel pain when you cut them down and watch them cry OR have Christmas cookies feel pain when you bite into them and have to listen to them scream?

Oh no!!  Neither?!?  If I had to pick… I’d go with the Christmas trees feeling in pain when you cut them down.  I’ve never had a real tree and always prefer fake ones when given the choice.  I’m a little bit like Phoebe from Friends.  It just makes me sad to think of all of the trees being disposed after Christmas or unsold ones just being tossed into the chipper.  My logic for this choice is that if people knew they felt pain then it would stop a lot of people from buying them, which would reduce the number cut down every year.  Plus I love cookies and I don’t want to stop creating them!  Whereas I’m totally okay with never having a real tree!

Would you rather… Permanent Santa beard OR permanent reindeer antlers?

Permanent reindeer antlers for sure.  I mean, let’s be fair, they are kind of cute – or at least super quirky.  Whilst a beard would just get frustrating and itchy…  and they are way too common!  Reindeer antlers are far cuter – and no one would want to get headbutted by them so I feel like people would be nicer.

Would you rather… Have to loudly sing the chorus of “Jingle Bells” every time you walk into a room for a week OR have to wear a Santa suit for a week?

hate singing in public.  Or rather, in front of anyone.  It’s just not something I do unless I’m a bit drunk or don’t realise you’re in the room.  So I’d much rather wear a Santa suit for a week than have to sing every time I entered a room!  I think it would be amusing and there would be a lot of jokes or banter about it.  However, it wouldn’t get too annoying because it’s only a week so I could manage that one!

Would you rather… Reach into your stocking and find a dead mouse OR reach into your stocking and find a live mouse?

Ew ew ew.  Some questions are better not being asked!  I think I would much rather a dead mouse than a live one.  At least I could remove it without worrying it was going to climb up my arm or stay in my house!  I don’t mind live mice but it’s the germs and the fact they’d breed a whole family in my house that I dislike.  This is actually a genuine worry in my workplace though.  Mice are a weekly concern in that building – even more so in the colder months!  So hopefully we won’t have to deal with any but let’s see…

Would you rather… Have tinsel for hair OR have Christmas ornaments for fingers?

Tinsel for hair without a doubt.  I need my fingers to be able to type fast for work and for my blog.  And I really don’t think I could craft or even hold a pen with ornament fingers!  Plus… who doesn’t want shiny colourful tinsel in their hair?  I have dyed the ends of my hair a purple but with tinsel, I could get really creative with my hair colour!

Would you rather… Only be allowed to eat candy canes for two days OR only be allowed to eat fruitcake for two days?

I think I would get really sick of either of these after a day…  However, let’s go with fruitcake!  It’s a little more substantial and leaves less of that “this is too sweet for my teeth” feeling!

Would you rather… Have a nose like Rudolph’s OR ears like an elf?

Urm both?!  Why is both not an option?!  The tip of my nose actually goes red in winter.  So during secondary school, my friends ended up singing “Reema the red nose reindeer” whenever they spotted it.  So I kind of want the nose just to embrace it and have it all the time.  But I also want elf ears because that looks super fun too… (I mean, have you seen Lord of the Rings?!).  Perhaps I’ll just pick the ears and then stand outside until my nose goes red so I can have both!

Would you rather… Star in Home Alone OR the Polar Express?

I’ve never seen the Polar Express!!  It’s definitely going on my movie list for December now though.  I do love Home Alone but I’m definitely not as brave to be in those films.  I think I’d just cry and hide if robbers came into my house and I couldn’t get out!!  So let’s go for the Polar Express.  I have no idea what happens in that but hey, that’s life right?  No one knows what’s going to happen next!

Phew!  I’m still shuddering a little thinking about the mice…  But I enjoyed answering those!  What do you think?  Do you agree with my choices or disagree?  I would love to know.

If you haven’t read the original post, head on over to Seventeen Wishes to give it a read!  Like I said, I don’t own this game at all.  I saw it on her blog and loved it.  If you want to do it on your blog, be sure to check out her post and get permission from her.

Thank you for popping by for Day 4 of Blogmas!  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you’re stuck for ideas or want some more inspiration for Blogmas, check out my 100 Blogmas Post Ideas.  See you tomorrow for Day 5!

2 thoughts on “Would you rather…? The Christmas Edition

  1. Chips says:

    Ahhhhhhh still screaming❤️❤️This was amazing and really,just the fact that you wanted to do this brightened my day(jk,it’s night herebut you know what I mean❤️❤️)
    Also you’re hilarious❤️
    xxxChips ✨

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