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Earlier in Blogmas, I spoke about ways to get organised.  One idea was to make your own planner this Christmas, which is what I decided to do.  I added some pages to my planner, inspired from the Mrs Brimble’s Jingle and Mingle craft afternoon.  I thought I would share a few of those pages with you now, as I haven’t before!  It’s definitely still a work-in-progress.  There’s a few things I want to add, which I’ll add as I go along.  However, let’s show you what’s in there right now.  I haven’t included photos of every page, as I want to keep some things hidden (for example gift ideas!).  But it gives you the general gist of what it currently looks like!

Christmas Planner – or Journal?

I wanted to get cracking into this Christmas planning straight away.  I started working on this the first weekend of December.  Thanks to Jingle and Mingle, I was in a crafting mood and so I ended up working on my own little planner.  It’s not a masterpiece by any means but at least it will be personal to me.

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas in the same way as a lot of people I know do, my planner is very customised to me and my needs.  For example, I don’t need a special menu or food pages.  We don’t tend to eat anything festive or out of the ordinary.  I am also on holiday on Christmas day this year, which was only decided recently so I have no idea what the Christmas eve/day plans are… However, what I do know is that I need to get a few things sorted out and they need to happen by certain dates.  This includes:

  • Christmas Cards
    • Card tracker
    • Handmade card ideas
  • Christmas Gifts
    • Gift recipients
    • Gift ideas
  • Christmas holiday plans
    • Things to see, events or markets in London & abroad
    • Movies to watch
    • Packing list

I’ve decided to make my Christmas Planner a bit more like a journal.  Whilst there’s space for planning, I’ve also kept some space for journaling.  Since I wanted to add some memories into it,  I had to have a space for Blogmas – which is definitely something to remember!

Blogmas –

The biggest “Christmas” related thing I’m already doing this year is this Blogmas challenge.  Having daily posts is really difficult to keep up with.  So I wanted to dedicate a couple of pages to that.  I got this brilliant Christmas Tree & decoration sticker from Seaside Stickers.  I added the tree on its own to start with.  Every day that I successfully publish a blog post, I add another bauble to the tree.  It’s definitely filling up but there’s also some present boxes and a tree topper, so I’ll add those in if it looks too full with just baubles!

On the other side, I’ve written a list of all of the Blogmas posts I’ve published.  Rather than planning, it’s more of a memory keeping page that one.  That page is actually from a notepad from Mrs Brimbles.  Using washi tape, I’ve made it into a pocket.  Inside the pocket, I took one of the Mrs Brimbles’ journaling cards and wrote down goals for December on it.  That gets stored inside that pocket.

Christmas Cards & Gifts –

I try to make my cards my hand, so a lot of time will go into that.  I mostly need to keep a track of who I’m sending them to, so that I know exactly how many I need and also when I need to send them.  A few will be given in person but some are going to be posted beforehand.  So I’ve made a card tracker so I know who I’ve sent a card to and who is left, a note of the posting dates so I can get them done in time and some ideas of what sort of cards to make.  Personally, I don’t need to add the addresses into this as I have an address book already.  However, you could totally add addresses directly into your Christmas Planner if that’s easier for you!

On the left side, there’s a few pages (stuck on top of each other) with lists of people to send cards to.  Each one has a “done” circle next to it, so I can tick it when it’s been sent.  Whilst on the right side, I’ve drawn a few ideas that I used – or plan to use – this year.  Then I added a blue pocket, which was stuck in with washi tape.  This flips out to show the last posting dates.  As it’s a pocket, I can store stamps directly in it.

The pocket also folds to the other side, which I haven’t shown here.  That’s a double spread for gift ideas.  Quite a few of the gifts I’m giving this year are for people I haven’t shopped for before – i.e. in a Secret Santa or people I normally don’t see at Christmas.  So I thought I’d add these pages for ideas so I can jot down anything that inspires me and hopefully get everyone something they’d love.  Since I needed to post some of these gifts, it makes sense to have the pocket fold to both sides – so I can easily see the last posting dates no matter what I’m sending out.

Other Pages –

Countdown to Christmas: Without a doubt, the above “countdown to Christmas” (or “advent calendar”) page is my favourite.  I’ve used stamps from various products and different stores to create this lovely little space.  There’s 24 icons and then the girl for Christmas day.  So I can watercolour an icon in everyday as my way of counting down to Christmas!  I love how it started off in black and white but is slowly getting filled with more and more colour.  I also adore the shiny gold paint.  Stamps were from various companies, including (but not limited to – as I can’t remember them all): Love Cynthia, Lawn Fawn, Sweet Stamp Shop and Docrafts.

Movies to Watch: I’ve added a list of movies that I have to try and watch this year.  It includes classics that I always like to watch – such as Love Actually (which I saw today!).  However, it also includes films I’ve never seen but definitely should, such as Elf.  I’ve left some space there too, so I can add more films onto the list.  There’s even space for thoughts about the films or quotes I liked, for example.  I’m keeping it really flexible.

Holiday Plans: I haven’t even began this section yet.  This is something I need to do on the weekend.  I mean, I only just got my Visa sorted!  Very last minute.  I should definitely add a few pages here for essential things to do for the trip (such as get travel money, insurance and so forth), a packing list and then some festive pages with ideas of what I might want to see or do out there.  My sister-in-law has already told me to make a snowman whilst out there and send her a picture, as it’s definitely snowing there (and it’s not snowing enough here!).

What’s next though?

In all honesty, there’s a lot of pages left in the insert.  I’ve managed to fit the whole card list into one page, by adding sheets on top of each other.  There’s a few pockets too, which has saved some space.  So I have plenty of space to fill.  I’m going to add things as and when I need them.  For example, the holiday plans will go up this weekend and I’ll start adding more to the list as I need them.  Once all of the planning is done and out of the way, I can focus on using the rest of the pages as a journal!  Memory keeping my Christmas abroad directly onto the page.

Have you made your own Christmas Planner or Journal?  Will you be memory keeping this season?  I would love to see what you do and what yours looks like!

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