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If you’ve been around the Aumsome blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of writing.  I encourage it in so many situations.  From handwriting your notes to writing letters.  Thanks to Manuscript, who organised the first ever World Calligraphy Day earlier this year, I’ve been bitten by the calligraphy and lettering bug too.  Calligraphy is a skill that requires a lot of practice.  It requires a lot of patience too.  While patience isn’t a virtue I have, I actually do love calligraphy.  I also want to improve my general handwriting.  So just handwriting everything I can helps!  Whether it’s in my planner or the letters I occasionally write.

Today I wanted to share a few products that I’ve been testing out (detailed reviews for all of them coming in the new year).  These are products that I think would make luxury writing gifts, as they make the whole writing experience more of a luxury.  They would make really great gifts for anyone who likes to write letters or practice their calligraphy.

Since I’m quite new to the whole calligraphy thing myself, I think a lot of these would be great for someone just starting out too.  So if you – or anyone you know – wants to look into a new skill, definitely check these out and see if you fancy giving it a go.

In all honesty, these would make fantastic gifts for people for any occasion.  So if you need a birthday gift for a writer, calligrapher, happy mailer or someone who just wants to try it out – check this out.

Gold Feather Quill & 5 Nib Set

I think this has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of stationery I own.  It looks like it’s worth a lot more than it actually costs.  In fact, I own fountain pens that are far more expensive than this that don’t get as much notice.  There’s a few things I love about this set.  First is the noticeable gold feather.  It’s strikingly beautiful.  My entire family have come into my study – where I blog and create things – and all picked up this quill at some point.  My family don’t particularly care about stationery – nor do they understand my love for it.  But both my brother and sister-in-law picked it up and asked to try it.  I don’t think they’ve ever tried any of my other pens before?!

Even when my desk was full of piles of paperwork, stationery supplies I was using to make cards, things to review etc, my mum came and instantly spotted the gold feather quill and commented on it.  The ink bottle that comes in the set also has a pen holder attached to it, giving it a perfect place to sit.  If you want to add a touch of class to your desk, it’s a great way to go.  The second reason I adore this set is that pen holder.  It’s so frustrating putting your dip pen down and then remembering it still has ink and you’ve now just made a mess everywhere.  Having a pen holder makes everything so much easier.  I definitely need a few more of those, for sure.

Who would it be best for?

Personally, I would suggest this is for someone who has a little bit of experience with calligraphy.  It can be a little difficult to use the quill.  It takes a bit of practice to get used to it.  So I think it might be a little off putting for a total beginner.  However, if you have someone who enjoys this sort of thing, I think it would make a beautiful gift for their desk.

Want to get this one?

This Gold Feather Quill & 5 Nib Set comes from Executive Pens Direct.  They also have a “Small Gold Feather Quill & Ink Set” that comes with just the feather quill and an ink pot.  If gold isn’t your thing, there’s even a Silver Feather Quill version, which looks pretty beautiful too.

10% Discount: If you want 10% off any products from Executive Pens Direct then use the code “AUMSOME10″.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit

This calligraphy fountain pen set is so easy to use!  I really love this particular set because you get 3 full fountain pens.  Often, with calligraphy kits, you get 1 cap and barrel but with a choice of several different nibs.  It gives you the chance to experiment with different sizes – but you can only use one at a time.  With this set, you can use all three different nibs at once, if you want to.  You also get plenty of choices with ink colours, so you shouldn’t run out of choice any time soon.  If you do manage to get through the 20 ink cartridges that come with the kit – or you want a particular colour, you can get some refills in a range of colour choices!

I think this is a great gift for a beginner or someone who likes to write with fountain pens.  As a beginner, you can experiment with a range of nib sizes to see what you like best – and there’s enough ink to do a lot of practicing!  It also comes with an instruction book, which is great for beginners.  Likewise, if you’re a fountain pen user then it makes it easier to try out this (over a dip pen) because you’re used to it.  You’re already familiar with how it works and how to hold it.  It just requires a little practice to get the best results with the nibs.

Who would it be best for?

It also makes a great gift for someone who writes whilst traveling.  They can easily take these pens anywhere.  I love dip pens but I do worry that a glass bottle of ink might smash in transit.  These are easy to take with you – and the cartridges are well under the 100ml liquid allowance for flights.

Want to get this one?

This Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit comes from Executive Pens Direct.  They do also sell a mini kit version, if you prefer the look of that one.

10% Discount: If you want 10% off any products from Executive Pens Direct then use the code “AUMSOME10″.

J. Herbin Glass Dip Pen

Glass dip pens are not only super stylish, they provide a different writing experience.  J. Herbin make some really lovely pens with this fantastic spiral nib.  With just one dip, you can hold a huge amount of ink.  Enough to write a paragraph or two without the need to reink it.  The pictured one is the one I own: a marbleized red-orange glass pen.  It’s also available in blue-green or green-flame.  However, you can get several other colours and styles too – such as the “spiral glass pens” or “smooth frosted glass pens”.  Find the whole range over on J. Herbin’s website here.  Although these pens come on their own, if you still have a bit of your budget left then I would suggest grabbing a bottle of ink and a paper pad!

Who would it be best for?

The answer to this question sort of depends on whether you wish to gift the glass pen on its own or in a little set.  If you’re giving some ink with it, then I think it would be a lovey gift for everyone – beginners included.  The spiral nib holds more ink than a regular dip pen, so they’ll be able to write without having to constantly reink it.  Whilst you don’t need this exact paper pad, it’s a nice gift to get the whole set together.  They’ll have everything they need to start practicing straight away that way.

If you decide to give the glass pen on its own, the recipient will need to find some ink to use with it.  So perhaps best to give it to someone who already owns some or was planning to buy some anyway!

Want to get this one?

I got mine directly from J. Herbin and Brause, but they don’t sell the stock themselves.  You can visit the J.Herbin website to find stockists directly from their website.  Most stockists seem to be USA based so I’ve included a few UK suppliers where I know you can get the products.

Tombow Markers

Tombow ABT brush pens are super versatile.  You can get them in sets of 6, 12, 18 or as single pens.  This makes it perfect for any budget, as there’s a range of prices and costs.  Each set has various colours in them.  This picture shows the 18 pack in the colour set “Secordary”, which features slightly more pastel colours than the “Primary” set.  These marker pens are dual tipped with a flexible brush on one side and a fine tip on the other.  My favourite part about them is that they are water-based.  This means, you can blend them!  Blend them with themselves or with water – making the combinations and colours you can create far more versatile.

Who would it be best for?

If your friend allows enjoys colouring or crafting, then these are perfect.  You can use them to watercolour cards or prints, colour in images or to write with.  As it’s water-based, there’s choice in how you use them.  One set of colours is enough to get a beginner started – so they don’t even need the whole range.  I only have this one set and have been able to made a few cards using just these colours.  (Though, I mean, if anyone wants to get me that “Primary” or “Pastel” pack of 18, I would very much be okay with that – and I’d love them to bits because those two products are most definitely on my wishlist).

They are also really easy to use.  Perhaps easier than dip pens as you don’t have to worry about reinking!  With two nibs, they also have the choice of what they want to use whilst lettering.

Want to get this one?

The pictured one is the Secondary 18 Pack from The Pen Company.  You can get the 18 pack in 4 colourways.  It is more expensive than the smaller sets, so be sure to check those out if your budget is lower.  They come as individual pens, in a set of 6 or a set of 12.

Manuscript Cool Melt Wax Gun

Whilst this isn’t a writing tool, per se, I think it’s a must for anyone who enjoys sending letters.  What better way to seal the letter than with a wax seal?  It’s “old school” that it’s amazing.  It’s one way to make your letter stand out, for sure.  I mean, how often do you receive a letter with a wax seal on it?  I am a huge fan of wax seals – and have a collection that may be a bit too large.  That definitely doesn’t stop me from collecting more but whatever.  That’s not the point.

Now there’s plenty of ways to make a wax seal.  You can use wax sticks with wick in them or melt down wax to pour onto the envelope.  All of them work.  This Wax Gun makes the whole process a lot easier though.  It’s a “must have” in my book because of how easy it is.

You don’t have to worry about lighting a candle or finding a matchstick or lighter.  There’s no open flames with this.  The gun heats up the wax and then you can squeeze it onto the page.

Who would it be best for?

This works great for anyone who either currently uses wax seals or would like to start.  I normally use candles & wicked wax to create my wax seals but since having this, the whole process seems easier and a lot safer.  I ended up doing several in one go, just because it was so easy to use.  If it’s for someone who is new to the whole process and you have some money left in the budget then you could pick up a wax seal or two for the user too!  Don’t forget to get the sealing gun wax, which you’ll need to use the product.

Want to get this one?

I got this Wax Gun and the gold wax stick from Manuscript.  This is all of the pictured products:

  • Cool Melt Wax Gun – UK Plug*
  • Sealing Gun Wax [Pictured is the “Gold” from the “Pearl/Gold/Silver” set]
  • Large Wax Seal Handle [works with Manuscript’s large 25mm coins]
  • “Seasons” Wax Sealing Kit [pictured wooden handle with 18mm coin is from this set]

* Honestly, I have no idea why I can’t find the white glue gun that I have on the website.  Perhaps they changed the colour?  This orange one does the exact same thing – just looks different.

As the wax seals are interchangeable, I recommend getting a handle and a seal that you think they’d like.  You can either get a set or buy individual designs through the Manuscript website.  This means you’ll be able to find something to suit your specific budget, with no problem!

Jeeves & Co Social Stationery

No writing post would be complete without featuring paper that you can write on.  The Jeeves & Co stationery range is perfect for anyone who writes letters or cards.  I sigh longingly every single time I see their new product releases, as I genuinely want everything they make.  Not only do they sell cute designs on good quality paper but they also personalise it – all in a very affordable rate.  For a luxury writing gift, this paper would be brilliant to write on!

Who would it be best for?

Anyone and everyone who enjoys writing letters or sending correspondence.  Who doesn’t want personalised stationery?!  It’s so pretty and looks really elegant.  If I could afford it, I think I would send everything on personalised paper all of the time.

Want to get this one?

I’ve featured three different sets all from Jeeves & Co.  Each style is available as A5 writing paper or as a correspondence set.  You can also get a mix of the two, in the same style!  If you’re after the exact products, you can use these links to get your hands on them:

  • Moroccan Tiles – Correspondence Set
  • Water Birds – Writing Set
  • Cosmic Forest – Writing Set

Personally, I really like them all.  My favourite is probably the “Water Birds” set as I love the bright colours of the images and the “felt” texture of the paper.  However, Jeeves & Co have a fantastic Christmas range that you just have to check out because it’s so cute.  They also have tons of other designs that are brilliant – I’m sure you’d find something for anyone.

If you’re after a surprise gift – or a gift that “keeps giving”.  I would highly recommend you look at the Jeeves & Co Snail Mail Club.  They offer a monthly subscription box – which you can get as an one-off box or for 3, 6 or 12 months.  You can also specify the box is a “gift” so they don’t include the receipt!

And there you have it!!

These are a few of my current favourites.  I enjoy using them all at different times.  Sometimes you just feel like using a dip pen, for example, whilst other times you want something quicker and easier.  They all provide a different writing experience so I like to change it up every time.

Please note that I cannot guarantee these products will arrive by Christmas – please check the respective websites before you order.  I do think these would make great gifts for any occasion though so could be one for birthdays, for example, if you prefer!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for review purposes by the respective companies or manufacturers.  This doesn’t colour my opinion of any of them.  I was given them to review.  However, whilst testing them out, I fell in love with these particular items and I chose to make this gift guide.  It features some of my favourites amongst the ones I was given.  The reviews for each product will be published in the new year.

Don’t forget the discount!

If you do place an order from Executive Pens Direct, where the Gold Feather Quill Set & the Sheaffer Calligraphy Set are from, remember you can use this code and save some money!  I was kindly given this code to share with my readers so feel free to take advantage of it.

10% Discount: If you want 10% off any products from Executive Pens Direct then use the code “AUMSOME10″.

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