Handmade Holiday Cards featuring Hobbycraft

Last week, I made some simple Christmas cards using stamps from USA.  Since those stamps are currently out of stock, I wanted to show you how this technique can easily be replicated with any stamps!  Today, I’m using stamps from Hobbycraft.  Every year, Hobbycraft have a range of Christmas stamps.  They tend to start sales on their Christmas stock around this time so definitely worth having a look if you’re interested.  Like I said, these cards are really easy to replicate with whatever stamps you already own.  (Alternatively, you may be able to find free downloads online that you can print off and do something similar with!).

As it’s a simple technique, it’s easy to do quite a few cards in one go.  It does take a bit of time, however.  So I recommend doing it whilst watching TV.  It’s a great time to put on a Christmas film and get a bit crafty after all!  This is definitely one you could do at home with the kids too, if you’re a parent or need a babysitting task.

The stamped images I used this time are a bit smaller than the other stamps.  I didn’t want to make the cards smaller or add a background, however.  So instead, I’ve chosen to add a simple secondary layer in between.

Create the front card panels:

Step 1: You’ll need some card to create the panels.  As I wanted to use watercolours, I chose Daler & Rowney Aquafine watercolour card.  If you’re planning to use a different type of colouring medium then you’ll need card that works with that.  Cut down the chosen card to the appropriate size.  For these stamps, I chose to make them A8 sized.  I used my Fiskers Paper Trimmer to cut the paper down.

Step 2: Stamp all of the images onto the panels.   I got all of these images from various stamp sets at Hobbycraft.

Step 3: Colour the images in!  For this, I used various types of watercolour palettes that I have to hand.  Such as the Winsor & Newton watercolours as well as the Prima Metallic Accents.  I mostly used the W&N watercolours but in some spots, I decided to add the metallic accents to make it stand out a little.  For example, the black on the Penguins is done with the metallic accents to give it a nice shimmery look.

Create the additional layer in between:

Step 4: Create the backgrounds.  For most of these images. I used kraft coloured paper and stamped snowflakes all over it.  Then I cut those down to just shy of A7 size, making them almost double the size of the original panel.  For a couple of the images, I thought I’d do something a bit different.  So instead, I took a piece of gold metallic card, cut them down to the same size and used those.  I cut these down with my Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine, using the “Stitched Rectangles” die set from Simon Says Stamp.  However, you can use scissors or a paper trimmer, if you prefer.  The die adds a stitched edging to the paper.  In all honesty, you can’t see this edging on the kraft paper as it’s quite thin and the stamped snowflakes cover it.  However, it’s definitely noticeable on the metallic card.

Finish the cards off:

Step 5: Once you’ve got the layers and the card panels, finishing off the cards is easy and quick!  Take some white card, cut it down to A6 size.  Then fold it in half so you now have an A7 folded card.  You can use any colour card but I picked white for all of these ones.  If you’ve made your front card panels bigger than I did, you may need to change the size of the card base to compensate.  Choose the size that works best for your layers and panels!

Step 6: Stick the layers down to the card bases you’ve just made.  Then add some tape or glue behind the front card panels and stick that on top.  I used double sided tape to stick down the card panels but you could also use glue.

And voila!  You’re done!

By changing the stamp you use in the front panel, you change the look of the whole card.  If you want them to look completely different, you can also change the background stamp.  For example, snowflakes on the snowman ones, santa hats on the Santa one, mistletoes on a Christmas tree one and so forth.  I think that would be super cute too!  Definitely might have to try that out next time.

Supplies I used:

These are the supplies I used and where you can get them from.

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