Handmade Christmas Gift Guide (Under £30)

I’m a huge fan of shopping small, independent or handmade.  Christmas is no exception.  I do shop from big retailers or brands, don’t get me wrong.  But I make the conscious effort to try and shop small and support these small handmade businesses.  Rather than lining the pockets of already rich people, you actually help support small businesses to grow and help people achieve their dreams.  So I thought I would dedicate a meaningful Christmas Gift Guide to this cause.  Here’s a list of a few of my top choices for a Handmade Christmas Gift guide this year – all of which are under £30.  What better place to shop handmade than Etsy?

I’ve browsed through Etsy stores and found 10 products that stood out to me.  These were chosen because they are all meaningful to me in some way.  I love using stationery in a positive way in my life.  Writing letters to loved ones, journaling (which is a good for my mental health and self-care routine), crafting or just being inspired by beautiful artwork or motivational quotes.  I decided to choose products that range in value but all of them are under £30 each, as it’s just a little better for the budget at this time.  I will be sharing more expensive items in another post later.  So I think you should be able to find something for any stationery lover!

Whether it’s the main gift or a stocking filler, there’s things for everyone.  Be sure to also check out the individual stores, as they all have tons of other great products.  Since these are handmade products, most will be made in limited quantities or made to order so be sure to order early and check the individual shop’s policies to make sure they’ll arrive by Christmas.

Gifts for less than £10

1. Penguin Art Print by Laura Rose Makes Shop

How stunning is this art print?  I love the look of an old book page and handpainted artwork – this is a perfect combination of the two!  The store actually sells a range of different prints,  There’s also a stunning stag print and a very cute toadstool, a magpie, a snail… There’s just so many!  Since it’s a Christmas gift, I opted to just show the Penguin as they remind me of winter!  This print retails for £5 for A5 and £9 for A4, making it a super gorgeous but inexpensive gift.  Great for any art lover or bookworm – or someone who just loves penguins!

2. Harry Potter Wand Pencils by Infinite And Darling

If you’re looking for a gift for a Harry Potter fan then these would be perfect!  I literally think I want them all, they are just amazing.  The store also has some beautiful bookmarks and vegan journals, if you’re looking for a good gift for any bookworm.  These pencils retail from £6 for one to £15 for a set of three.  So you could grab a pencil as a stocking filler or gift for under £10 – or if you know 3 people, get them all one each for only £15!  I believe this product is really close to selling out though so grab them quickly.

3. Personalised Ball Point Pen by Jajo Gifts

Who doesn’t love personalised stationery?  These crystal filled ballpoint pens can be customised with someone’s name or a phrase.  There’s also a range of colours so it’s a great little gift for someone or for yourself!  Especially if people keep “borrowing” your pens and never returning them.  Stick your name on it so you can get it back!  For only £8.50, you’ve got a great secret santa present right here.

Gifts for £10 – £20

4. Personal Travel Notebook by Heidi Burton

This notebook makes a great gift for any traveler.  It’s a very unique gift as it’s been illustrated by hand onto a Moleskine journal.  There’s a few other designs too – including a knitting one – so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for an unique notebook!  This retails at £12, which I think is great given that each one is made by hand and you’re getting a well known brand notebook (Moleskine cahier pocket-size).  The store is currently closed for the holiday but I believe it reopens around the middle of December and ships first class so you can still pick up a few things in time for Christmas.  Just make sure to pay close attention to the last posting dates by Royal Mail!

5. Science Quotes Notebook Set by Newton And The Apple

Pick up a set of these A5 notebooks, with inspirational quotes from scientists and philosophers.  I think it would be great for any students you know.  The quotes are applicable to everyone though, so don’t feel restricted to just students!  If you just like one or two, you can also pick them up as single notebooks.  Less than £14 for 4 notebooks?  Yes please!

6. Sweet Treats Stationery Set by Not Only Polka Dots

There’s something adorable about little clipboards.  They look great on any desk or hung up on a wall!  This stationery set comes with a clipboard, a to-do notepad, a notebook and some pencils.  It’s super cute and colourful – like everything else in the store!  You can buy these products individually too but I think the sets would make a great gift for someone for only £15.  You can also get the notebook personalised to add the recipient’s name!

7. Personalised Leather Bookmark by By Law London

These leather magnetic bookmarks comes in several different colours and can be fully personalised to your needs!  The price varies depending on what you want, ranging from £14 to £24.  You can add up to three lines of text on both the front and the back.  Personally, I would go for the “up to 3 lines” option on one side, which makes it £18.50.  However, if you get the front and back engraved then you can flip it over when you get bored of reading the same quote, which is pretty great!

Gifts for £20 – £30

8. Rainbow Leather Wrap Journal by Jackdaw Bindery

Handbound journal with a beautiful rainbow coloured interior?  Hell yeah!  I adore the colourful pages this has – I’m currently very much into notebooks and journals like this.  What’s even better is that this product is quite customisable.  You can pick the colour of the leather as well as the inside paper.  If you go for blank paper, it actually retails at under £20!  However, I personally would pick Grid Paper or Recipe sheets, both of which are just under £24.  These journals are also available in different sizes so you can get a cheaper one, depending on your budget.

9. Personalised Envelope Locket by Silk Purse Sows Ear

This sweet little locket is the only non-stationery item to feature in today’s gift guide.  But I couldn’t resist!  It’s stationery themed and it holds a secret message on the inside, so I think it counts!  You can customise the message on the inside by messaging the seller when you purchase it.  A great gift for a loved one!  You could put something romantic or inspirational inside the envelope so they can carry it around with them at all times.  The personalised message and chain (which comes with different length options) are all included in the £22 price tag.

10. Paper Cutting Kit by Emily England Designs

Now I’ve never done paper cutting but it’s a technique I’ve appreciated for many years now.  It’s so beautiful and looks incredible.  So when I came across this, I thought it would make a perfect gift for someone who likes to get a bit crafty now and then.  The kit contains everything you need to get started.  From the equipment to instructions and patterns so the recipient can get started the minute they open the box!  Have a look at the listing to see exactly what you get inside but for £30, I think it’s a great way to introduce someone to the art.

I hope you enjoyed all of these products.  They all look fantastic to me so hopefully they’ve given you some inspiration and ideas for your loved ones.  I opted for a range of products that are affordable but look really good.  Please note, I wasn’t sponsored by any of these sellers to promote their items.  I simply came across each item and thought they would be great to feature.  If you do purchase any of these items then let me know what you think of them!  I would love to know!

In case you missed the links to the products, you can find them all here:


All photos belong to the respective sellers and have been taken from their product listings.  I don’t own any of the photos.  I am not endorsed or sponsored by any of them, nor have I tried the products myself.  These are products I found whilst looking at things for myself or for loved ones so I thought I would share some of the ones I found and really liked the look of.  Affiliate links are included, which means I get a small percentage if you choose to buy any of these products but it doesn’t cost you or the sellers anything more!

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  1. infinite&darling says:

    Hi Reema!

    Thank you so much for featuring our Magic Wand Pencils in your Gift Guide. (You are right though, they have very nearly sold out!) We love stationery at infinite&darling and plan on designing and creating a lot more.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

    Joey at infinite&darling

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