Christmas Sale at kikki.K

One of my favourite planner companies in the UK is kikki.K.  It has opened up several stores around the UK, with a few in London.  I visited one of the London ones yesterday and was blown away by their current range.  I planned to only get one thing and ended up with a bit more than that.  However, it must have taken me over an hour to decide what I actually wanted to buy.  Because I wanted everything. 

They currently have 50% off on selected styles too.  I thought I’d take a moment today to share a few of my favourite items from this sale range.  If I had the money, I would buy all of these.  I am very tempted to go back and pick up a few more items for myself or for friends.  As a little treat to myself, however, I decided to get one of these yesterday.  (And a few other things outside of the sale section but since I love a bargain, lets focus on that stuff today).

Inspiration Gift Pack: Joy

This is the item I picked up.  It’s a dream book that comes with a pen and some inspiration rocks.  Personally I got it solely for the book.  The book itself has an RRP of £24 so getting the gift set at £15 was a bargain.  2018 is going to be about achieving my dreams, whatever they are.  So I thought it would be a really good present to myself to prepare for that.  The extra little bits are just a bonus that comes with it!  I’m not sure I would pay £24 for just the book – if I’m honest.  It’s probably worth it but they also have a lot of other lovely books (I think it’s called their “inspirational journal” range) that retail for a little less that I think I’d probably get instead.  For £15 (and the extra bits), I think it’s definitely worth grabbing though.

Leather Personal Planner Medium Gift Pack: Joy

I mean, how cute is this planner?  I don’t need another planner.  But I want it.  I opted against it only because I already have a lot of planners.  But I still really want it.  You can also get it monogrammed – how cute would that be?!  Just imagine having your initials on the planner and the leather tag, which you can also get personalised.  Sigh, I really want it.  Someone give me a justification for getting this… Please!

Leather Monogram Gift Pack: Joy

Honestly?  I very nearly brought this one.  It’s a notebook cover that would look great for work.  You can even monogram the cover and the key ring too.  It looks black but it’s actually a deep navy in real life.  If it was black, I would have grabbed it without a doubt.  I do want their black notebook too, which isn’t on sale.  Since this one is very similar but quite a bit cheaper, I’m certainly tempted to grab this one instead.

Embrace Gratitude Gift Set: Joy

This little gift set is super cute.  It has a notebook that encourages you to write down three things you’re grateful for everyday.  I have a few friends that I’m currently contemplating getting this gift set for as I think may enjoy it.  It also comes with a pen and some really cute “kindness cards”, which are adorable.  You could also buy the book on its own but the gift set is only a little bit more and comes with extra products – and in a lovely box.

Cute Lover’s Gift Set: Joy

This is the other present I was contemplating for my friend.  I don’t want to get both for one person so need to figure out which they would prefer.  This one is very cute!  I love the little book that it comes with, which encourages happiness.  It also comes with some pens and magnetic page markers so you can use it straight away and keep track of where you are.  You could definitely get both gift sets for the same person but I already spent most of the budget on other gifts for that person so may stick to just one for now.

Paper Lovers Book: Joy

I am addicted to their Paper Lovers Books.  They have them in various ranges.  I got one which focused on letter writing – and I loved it so much that I got two of the same one.  This one has definitely caught my eye too.  It’s so shiny and Christmassy.  I love it.  If you’re addicted to paper then this is a fun one for you!  If you need some cards or tags last minute, this will definitely have you covered.  Otherwise, you could always save it and keep it for next year – which is what I’m tempted to do!

DIY Sticker Book: Joy

I’m a sucker for stickers.  Especially shiny or cute stickers.  This sticker book has BOTH shiny and cute stickers in it.  It’s full of sticker goodness, with several pages of different ones.  They also have gift tags in it so it’s a great addition to use to decorate your card envelopes or your gifts once you’ve wrapped them.

Wake up to the Joy of You book: Love Life

I haven’t read this book but it definitely caught my eye.  It’s about a year of self-discovery.  Since we’re almost in 2018, it’s a perfect time to go by the calendar year and give this is a go.  I have no idea if it works but it certainly sounds intriguing.  One I would recommend at least looking at, if you’re looking for something like this.

A5 Feature Journal W Pen: Love Life

This journal comes with a pen, making it a total bargain for money.  I love that the journal has a variety of designs on each page.  With over 200 pages, it has a mixture of blank and lined pages.  There’s also inspirational quotes in it and it’s so colourful on the inside.  I love how you pick up this grey journal, open it and just get hit by lots of pinks and yellows.  I’m pretty sure their pens retail for the same price or more on their own so this is another bargain set.

Cloth Gift Bag

Okay, this one is on this list just because it’s adorable.  They have a range of cloth gift bags that are realy useful.  If you have some money left in the budget, definitely grab one.  You can actually store your planners in the bags afterwards, keeping them nice and clean.  It’s very handy if you want to take your planner with you somewhere – like whilst traveling – but don’t want to toss it into the same bag as everything else as it may get wrecked.

Mini Christmas Tree Decorations 3PK: Joy

And finally this last product that I adore is the mini Christmas Trees.  I have a gold one from years ago in my room, which I still own.  These are definitely better quality than mine and I love how cute they are.  It’s just adorable.  So even though it’s not a stationery product, I had to throw it in because it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!

And there you have it!

A few of my favourite products from kikki.K at the moment.  I honestly have no idea how long their sale is on for – or if it’s across all stores worldwide.  You’d have to check your local stores or website for that.  Sadly, a number of the items aren’t available online but you could visit the store.  Alternatively, if you call up a store, you can place a phone order and they’ll send out the products from the store itself if they have them.  I’ve done that before as my local store (and the online website) sold out of some products I really wanted.  So another UK store, which had it in stock, took a phone order and sent it to me.  It’s really easy to do.   The best part is that their staff are really friendly!

I highly recommend giving them a call or popping in store, if there’s one local to you.  In the meantime, visit the kikki.K website and see if there’s anything else that you like.  They have a lot of items on sale.  These just happen to the be the ones I purchased or really wanted to right now.

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