Christmas at Busy B (+ 25% Discount)

I was kindly sent over an exclusive discount of 25% by Busy B to share with my readers.  As it’s a brand I adore, I pretty much want everything they sell.  I mean, I even checked out their wedding and baby ranges and I’m not getting married or having a baby any time soon!  Everything they sell is super cute and really functional – which I love.  I’ll definitely be raving about their products in more posts to come, if I’m honest.  However, today, I wanted to feature their Christmas range and show you some of the products you might want to get your hands on.  These are products that will help make Christmas a bit easier, more organised and a bit more special I think!  (If you’re here just for the discount code, scroll to the bottom!).  So let’s check out Christmas at Busy B.

The Essentials:

The Christmas collection at Busy B is super cute.  Yesterday, I spoke about a few products that could help you get organised at Christmas.  This range is definitely one to also consider.  The Christmas Planner is a hardback planner with four key sections.  You have everything from cards to food covered in the planner.  My favourite part is the number of pockets!  Busy B have filled it with several pockets that you can store things in.  Great for gift ideas, coupons, some cards you need to send etc.  Sadly, it’s currently out of stock so won’t work for this Christmas.  However, it’s definitely one for the list if you ended up making something temporary this year.  Their planner is apparently designed to last for five years, so you’ll be sorted for the next five!

However, they do have a few other fantastic products – which are in stock.  And I wanted to show you some of those!  One I’ve been eyeing up is the Gift Wrap Bag.  If you’re like me, you’ll have ton of wrapping paper in rolls or sheets scattered around.  When you start wrapping, you’ll remember you need tape.  Then you’ll struggle to remember where you left the scissors!  It can get a bit annoying.  That’s why I love their Gift Wrap Bag.  With several pockets, you’ll be able to keep everything together.  Store a roll of tape, some scissors, ribbon, gift tags, sticker labels and washi tape with your wrapping paper.  If everything is together, it’s easy to grab it, wrap some presents and then put it all away.  This item works all year around – not just Christmas.  It’s pretty much an essential if you gift wrap anything!

Pretty useful to have:

Although it’s not an essential, I think it would be pretty useful to have this Christmas Shopping Organiser.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot of shopping to do.  I’m honestly losing track of it all.  I placed an order from somewhere and then remembered that I forgot to get something so have to pay for postage, again.  Being organised in the shopping really helps avoid this.  I’ve now got lists for each shop.  This way, I can place the online order or go into the store only once.  Saving time and money!

What I love about this organiser, however, is the storage pockets.  There’s plenty of space for receipts.  You can store any gift receipts here or receipts for items you may have to return.  It’s also a handy way to keep a track on your budget!  There’s also actually three pads so you can have three different lists going but get to them easily!  Whilst it’s not an essential, it definitely would be of use I think.

Useful if you don’t already have one:

Whilst this isn’t from the Christmas range, I really like the Busy B Shopper Bag.  They come in a few different colours.  I have the stripes bag personally but the pictured one is the floral design – because I love the floral design!  I kind of want this one too now, though I probably have way too many shopping bags already!  The bags fold into a small pouch but you can also use the pouch to store other bits in.  Mine currently houses a bit of make up instead.  I adore the floral pattern on this and the quality of the one I have is fantastic.

I’ve had a lot of compliments on it.  I didn’t even know people complimented shopping bags but apparently they do!  This item has made the list because it’s definitely pretty useful to own for the festive season.  Especially now that you get charged 5p per bag you use.  Having your own saves you money in the long run, looks better, lasts longer and is just better for the environment.  It’s basically just a win:win:win:win situation here.

Honestly, I assume you already have scissors.  However, if you don’t then definitely grab yourself a good pair before the holidays.  It’s a little hard to wrap presents nicely without one!  I really like the Busy B Scissors for one main reason – they are so pretty.  Look at that gold!  I mean, yes, they are literally just meant to cut paper.

However, who doesn’t want something cute on their desk?  These are pretty great if you’re a blogger and plan to use them in your photos as a prop.  Definitely eye-catching.

Extra decoration:

Busy B also sell super cute Christmas labels.  I really like the metallic ones but their other sets are very cute too.  If you haven’t got any, I highly recommend you pick up some of these stickers so you can add them to your gift wrapping.  These could also work on the envelopes of your Christmas cards or on gift tags.  There’s a lot of different sizes and shapes.  One of the packs is already out of stock but the pictured two are still available to purchase.  If you’re looking for some, definitely grab them now as they will run out soon.

If you opt to use gift bags or want to add something extra special on your wrapping, why not add some tags and twine?  Busy B’s Christmas Tags & Twine is a perfect way to go for this.  You can combine these with the labels or use them on their own.  I love that the twine comes in a red and white stripped pattern, like a candy cane.  It’s certainly far more festive than my twine – which is just normal brown twine.  There’s also a small selection of gift tags so you can pick different ones to go with different gift bags or wrapping paper.  It’s a small inexpensive way of putting a bit more love into the gift.

Don’t forget the 25% discount!

If you do pick up anything from Busy B, you can get 25% off using my exclusive discount code.  It’s only valid until the end of December so make sure you use it in time.  Don’t forget to read the terms of it.

Website: Busy B
Discount: 25% off everything at
Conditions: Minimum spend £15, Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including gift sets of two products or more
Valid until: 31st December 2017
Discount cannot be applied after order has been placed.

You can pick up anything in their Christmas range by clicking here.  Alternatively, go to their website and search for the products in the search bar.  Once the code expires, I can’t guarantee another discount so please head on over to their website and pick up anything you’re eyeing up whilst you can take advantage of this!

Disclaimer:  I was kindly sent this code to share with you as a brand ambassador for Busy B.  I don’t get paid for this role but occasionally get products to review.  Any products that have been given to me will have a disclaimer in the post.  None of the above products have been sponsored by them.  I just wanted to share them with you as I think they are great to have in this festive season!  And if you can get 25% off now, then why not?!

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