Christmas Gifts for the Busy B

The other day, I did a blog post featuring a few of my favourite products from Busy B to help you organise your Christmas.  As a result, I spent a lot of time on the website.  And I ended up finding tons of products I think would make great gifts.  So today’s post will look at good Christmas gifts for the Busy B in your life.  I’ve categorised them into small areas, most of which are areas that I love or need in my life.  You don’t have to stick to those categories, they are just the ones that I am personally drawn to.  Essentially most of these gifts are things I personally would love to get (or already own and adore!) so you know…  It’s a selection of things I would like?

For the Travelers:

Outside of stationery, I’m a traveler.  I love traveling – even more so when I can combine it with my stationery and planning obsession.  Anything that makes my life easier when traveling is definitely a great item in my book.

1. Large Pouch: This large pouch is super cute.  Whilst it’s not aimed at travelers, I think it’s a great gift for one.  They say it’s great for business meetings – and that’s definitely the case too.  However, when you’re at the airport and you have tons of documents, your purse, a tablet on you and your phone… well things can get a bit difficult to carry.  Especially since you have to drag your hand luggage around too.  I like having my iPad easily accessible when going through security.  It’s one of the items you have to take out and put separately in the tray.  So having it in this pouch makes it easy to take it out without rooting around your bag.  You can also store your travel wallet and important documents into the pouch so you don’t have tons of things to hold.

2. Travel Wallet: How super cute is the cover of this travel wallet?  It’s so stylish – and also very functional.  There’s several pockets inside, giving you space for your passport, boarding cards and other travel documents.  You can keep everything together and easy to reach.  There’s even a see-through pocket, which would be great for your health card or driving licence, if you don’t need your passport with you.

3. Travel Wallet – Contemporary: Honestly, I can’t pick between the two travel wallets.  (Is it okay to have both?!).  I love the number of pockets this one has.. There’s space for up to six passports in this one!!  This is probably a better option for parents so they can keep their kids passports with their own.  However, even as a single person, I totally love this.  The large number of pockets means you can separate out your visa, boarding pass, travel insurance and so forth into various sections.

4. Travel Journal refill: In all honesty, I have no idea what the inside of this insert is like.  It’s however been one I keep eyeing up and am so tempted to buy.  Mostly for the cover.  How perfect is that cover for pretty much any European trip?  I cannot count the number of times I’ve sat on a table, with some wine, gazing upon beautiful sights whilst travelling around Europe.  For the cover alone, I really want to try this product and see if it’s one that I could do some travel memory keeping in.  Though I think Busy B have stopped selling the travel journal, which is a shame! I don’t see why you couldn’t use these refills on their own though?

For the Happy Mailers:

If you know someone who likes to write and send happy mail then check out these gifts.  I’m sure other people would like them too but I think they would be particular useful for this purpose.

1. Birthday Card Book: I did a review of this book a while back and I absolutely love it.  It’s so useful to have.  If you know someone who likes to send cards to people then this book is a great way to help them organise that.  I’m using mine to help me plan when to make cards so that – hopefully – in 2018, I’ll be super organised and everyone will get a handmade card on time for their birthday.  (It’s the thought that counts?!)

2. Address Book: Most people who write letters regularly will have an address book.  However, if they don’t then this is definitely an essential.  I particularly like this one as it comes with stickers to put over contacts who move or change their phone number / email.  I hate how messy my old address book got.  There’s literally scribbles all over – especially when people move to university and change their address annually!  This just helps make everything a little bit neater and easier to read, which I like.  You can read a review I did to see why I love it.

3. Cork Board and Push Pins: This is just so cute.  Imagine this mounted up on the wall near your desk?  It would look great!  However, functionally, I think it would also be really useful for a happy mailer.  They could pin up letters they’ve received that they really like, pin up things that they want to send people in the next letter (like a picture to include) or just add up lists of people to reply to!  There’s a lot of other unrelated uses for this too but I think it would be a great place to pin up some happy notes that you can read whenever you get stressed.

4. Labels: There’s two different types of labels that I’ve pictured.  I already spoke about the Christmas labels as a way to add an extra touch to your Christmas presents and cards this year.  However, stickers and labels are great gifts too.   Happy mailers can add them to their mail as a special touch.  Busy B have a set of non-Christmas labels that they can use all year around too.  I have a whole collection of stickers just for this purpose!

5. Organiser: Whilst I do think this would be useful to a lot of people, it can be particular handy if you have a lot of post to send or have recently received.  An organiser rack helps divide up post you need to send, reply to or just store away.  The amount of times I’ve written a letter, lost it and then found it weeks later is ridiculous.  For someone who likes planning so much, you would think I was a bit more organised but… yeah, I lose things.  A lot.  An organiser rack would be super helpful to stop that from happening!  (Well, at least help reduce the number of times it does happen).

For the shopaholics (who need to budget):

Whether they love budgeting and would really like these gifts OR they are terrible at budgeting and need these gifts, anyone who complains about their budget could benefit from this.  I personally enjoy having organised finances and think these products would really help that.  However, I also know a lot of people who complain about having “no money” but then spend it without a care in the world and have no recollection of where their money went.  These products are definitely capable of helping people – at the very least – track their expenses.

1. Filing Box: I’m pretty certain this probably looks like a terrible gift.  But I’m one of those people who needs to get more organised and likes having products to help with that.  This filing box is perfect for that sort of person.  It’s super cute but also very functional.  With two compartments, it helps clear away a messy desk to a slightly more organised mess.  I currently have a box with just one giant compartment and it makes it a little hard to find the very important files from everything else.  Having that divider would definitely help.

2. Receipt Storage Book: Avoid all of that stress and frustration when you want to return an item but can’t find the receipt with this one item.  If you keep all of your receipts here, you can easily find them.  What is even better is that you can sort them by month or by categories.  This makes budgeting, accounting and checking your bank statements so much easier.  I actually think this is a great item for small businesses too – definitely would help that year end tax reports!

3. Budget Book:  This is very similar to the receipt book but focuses more on the accounting side of things.  With monthly sections, special sections for things like Christmas or Holidays and handy pockets, you’ll have plenty of space to record the ins and outs of your bank balance.  Each section has space to record the income, any bills due, what you spend and so forth.  You could even store the receipts in the pockets for each section.  It makes it a bit more detailed – perfect for budgeting and accounts.

For the bride-to-be or parent-to-be:

I haven’t picked any products out of these two categories simply because I don’t know what brides or parents need.  The ranges they have both look great and I know there’s several awards that have been given to products in these ranges.  In fact, there’s several products that I think I would love to try when I do get engaged or get pregnant.  However, I can’t actually recommend any because I’ve never needed either of these things!

For the busy bee:

Don’t forget that Busy B have a fantastic range of organisers and diaries.  They pride themselves on creating products that are clever – but also pretty.  I recently got the pictured Busy Life Diary and I love it.  There’s two schedules side by side so you can organise two “lives” in one space.  Of course, you could use one side for yourself and the other for your partner or children.  But it’s so flexible that you could also use the whole diary for yourself – like I am doing.  I’m using one side for my personal things, such as events and appointments whilst the other side will be for my blog to dos.  You can read my review to find out more.

I highly recommend checking out their organiser and diary section though.  There’s so much choice from books to wall planners to desk planners.  I can’t pick the one that would work for you or your loved ones as it does depend on the situation and personal preference.  However, have a look if you think you want something to organise yourself or as a gift.  I think their whole range is fantastic!

Don’t forget the 25% discount!

If you do pick up anything from Busy B, you can get 25% off using my exclusive discount code.  It’s only valid until the end of December so make sure you use it in time.  Don’t forget to read the terms of it.

Website: Busy B
Discount: 25% off everything at
Conditions: Minimum spend £15, Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including gift sets of two products or more
Valid until: 31st December 2017
Discount cannot be applied after order has been placed.

Go to their website and search for the products in the search bar.  Once the code expires, I can’t guarantee another discount so please head on over to their website and pick up anything you’re eyeing up whilst you can take advantage of this!

Disclaimer:  I was kindly sent this code to share with you as a brand ambassador for Busy B.  I don’t get paid for this role but occasionally get products to review.  Product reviews where I’ve been gifted the item will have the appropriate disclaimer.

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