Blogmas Update – Halfway Point!

How is it the 12th of December already?!  We are halfway into Blogmas and I still don’t feel very festive!  I am in a lot of pain today but I’m super pleased with myself for getting halfway through the challenge.  Whilst this post isn’t very stationery related, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts today.

How’s Blogmas going so far?

If I had to give it marks, I’d say seven out of a ten at the moment.  I genuinely can’t believe I’ve managed to blog for twelve days straight.  It seems a bit unreal.  My entire life has pretty much revolved around working, sleeping, eating and blogging.  Like there’s no time for anything else.  My social life is pretty much online right now, because of it.  However, it’s been amazing.  I’ve managed something that I didn’t think I could do and I’ve met some amazing people on Twitter that I hadn’t met before.  Blogmas has been hard but it’s also been rewarding.

I knew Blogmas would be hard.  A daily post for 24 days is a pretty big ask – especially when you didn’t schedule a lot of them in.  Every day is a race against time and I fully understand why people chose not to do it.  Personally, I’ve really enjoyed it so far despite there being some last minute panics.  It’s a challenge yes but it’s worthwhile.  Ideally the next time I try something like this, I would have a bit more preparation at the start I think.

In all honesty, I would probably have given it a ten out of ten simply because I managed to post daily and get through the 12 days of Blogmas, at the very least.  This is something I didn’t think was possible so that’s definitely a win.  However, it loses a few marks because of the time I’ve spent stressing about it or wondering if it’s perfect.  There’s a few posts that I really want to do – regardless of the challenge – but I want them to be written stress-free.  It has taught me something vital though: it’s a reminder that “I can do it… no matter what, I can do it.” – and perhaps that alone deserves some extra bonus points?

How ready are you for Christmas and the New Year?  

For some reason, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas.  I haven’t figured out exactly why yet.  We put up the Christmas tree late but it’s now up, so that certainly helps matters.  However… it still feels like the start of the year I guess.  Can’t believe 2017 is almost over…  I had some really different plans for this year.  And a lot of unexpected things happened.  Things that caused me to question all of the original plans.  However, I was left with one big goal for 2018.  It was one that I’ve wanted for a long time but has always been on the backseat.  I’ve always put other things before that goal.  But now, all of those other things have been achieved or are simply pointless… so that one goal actually has a chance.  Perhaps for the first time in a long time, I’ll put it above everything else.

But what about Christmas?

Currently I’m cooped up in bed, typing this post.  I’m in a lot of pain and feel pretty terrible.  However, I’ve taken tomorrow off.  Mostly because I wanted to spend the day working on some blog posts.  However, with all of this pain, I’m not sure that’s going to be something I can concentrate on.  What I can do, however, is work on making myself feel better.  And what better way to make myself feel better at this time than Christmas?!

I’m thinking…  My bed and Netflix.  Christmas movies.  Hot Chocolate.  Wrapped up in blankets…  Yup, that will do nicely.  If I can manage it, I’ll also try making some Christmas cards or writing some letters.  Let’s see!  If I’m not in a festive mood by the time I’ve watched several movies then I don’t know what will help!  I mean, the tree is up, cards are being received, gifts are being wrapped and it’s even snowing.  What more do I want?!

Any final plans for the year?

I do have a few plans and goals for this Christmas that need to be achieved.  This December, I want to:

  • Heal up and stop being in pain to start with!
  • Send out all of my handmade Christmas cards to everyone on the list
  • Watch some Christmas movies
  • Finish up my Christmas shopping & send out all of the packages
  • Drink some mulled wine
  • Get everything sorted out for my Christmas holiday
  • Tie up some loose ends on my to dos
  • I’ve done 12 Blogmas posts, which I’m super impressed by.  I don’t know if I’ll reach the full 24 but there’s definitely a few more that I want to get done before the end.  So do some more Blogmas posts!

Perhaps I should also add tidying up onto that list so I don’t have to come back to a room that’s super messy…  I’ve kind of ended up with piles of boxes and such everywhere now…  I mean, start the year as you mean to go on right?  I’d quite like a semi-decent room but eh, let’s see!  There’s too much other stuff on the list and not enough time to do it all, as I’m leaving to go abroad before Christmas!

And with that update, we’re done with Day 12 of Blogmas.  I definitely didn’t think I would manage to do 12 posts in the whole month – let alone the first twelve days though… Pretty sure my brain hasn’t even processed that information properly yet.  Are you feeling festive and Christmassy yet?  Are you attempting Blogmas?  I would love to know how it’s going for you!

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