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Busy B Diary 2018, Page Markers and PensIt’s never too early to plan ahead and pick out what stationery you could use in advance.  As it’s November, it’s a great time to start looking around for your 2018 diary.  I’m super excited to say that I think I’ve found the perfect one for me to carry on the go!  The Busy B Diary 2018 range has been released!  More than that, however, they are functional and oh so clever!

I am even more excited today because this is actually the first product I have received as a new Brand Ambassador for Busy B!  I am thrilled with this role as this is a company I adore.  I’ve previously featured some of their products on the blog, such as their fantastic Birthday Card Book or Address Book.  Honestly, I think I’m in love with all of their products so this is a perfect role for me.

Today we are looking at the Busy B Busy Life Diary from the “Contemporary” collection.  They also have a Busy Life diary from the “Pretty” collection, which features a lovely floral pattern.  Both of them are the same on the inside but have a different appearance.

Appearance and outside features
Busy B Busy Life Diary 2018 - Contemporary

Without a doubt, Busy B products are all incredibly cute.  They have a lot of lovely ranges so I’m sure you would find a design that suits you.  There’s a gorgeous floral range that I adore by Busy B, which I already have a few products from.  However, the one I’m featuring today has a simple striped pattern.  I think the stripes works both in my personal life and in a professional capacity.  I really love the stripes of gold foiling on it.  It adds just a little bit extra to the appearance, making it more fun and prettier in my opinion.

The front is clean, with only “2018” written in  a small font on the cover.  The spine is a gorgeous dark blue colour often found in their products and sports the Busy B logo with the words “Diary 2018”.  This allows you to easily find it, if you store it on a shelf or among other books.

The diary is kept closed with an elastic closure, which is a dark blue colour.  It also comes with a dark blue ribbon, which helps you keep your place in the book.  The size of the diary is a between B6 and A5, I think.  This means it’s big enough to write in but also small enough to carry around.  I really like the sturdy hardback cover of the diary – it makes it easier to write on, even when standing up!  The same elastic is used for the pen loop, giving you a place to keep a pen close by at all times.

Inside Pages – Oh so Clever!
Weekly Spread – the main bulk of the diary…

The best thing about Busy B is the little details they add to their products.  These are the oh so clever features that make the products unique and incredibly functional.  The biggest feature of this diary is that you get two schedules side by side.  It gives you two pages for the same week.  This allows you to manage two of your busy lives side by side.  For me, this is my personal life (events, appointments, things to remember) alongside my blog life.

Busy B Diary Weekly Pages
Weekly Spread and Reminders

For you, it could be your own schedule on one side with your partner’s on the other – or your child’s.  Perhaps your personal life against your work schedule.  It could even be important events or appointments on one side with the daily to dos on the other side.  There’s plenty of different choices, making the diary more customisable to your specific needs.  If you rather use it as just one schedule, you could always look at is as an extended box that just spans across both pages and write freely on either side.  Personally, I am really excited about this feature as I think it will help keep things separate and easier to see at a glance.

Along the side of the schedules, you get a “reminders” tab, where you can jot down things to remember.  Personally, I plan to use this space for my weekly to dos.  But you could use it for anything!  For example, as a section to add notes, keep track of your finance or plan your meals.  Perhaps write the week’s shopping list down one side?

Other Oh So Clever features…

Busy B Busy Life Monthly page spreads

At the start of the diary, you get a few really useful pages.  There’s a “Personal details” page and “Useful information” section.  This double spread has tons of important information.  If you take your diary out and about, like I plan to, then I recommend being careful with what you add here.  Don’t add your card details or passwords, for example!  However, there’s space on these pages to add things like your blood group, allergies or an emergency contact.  Super useful in case of an accident or emergency.

After that, you get a year at a glance for both 2018 and 2019.  I rarely use these pages, in all honesty.  At most, I circle dates where something important is happening so I can quickly see if I am busy or not without having to flip through a number of pages.  After the year on a page spread, you get your monthly pages.  These spreads are actually flipped so you can see two months in one go.  I really like that they are on the side as it makes it easier to write in the calendar.

The diary also comes with plenty of pockets!  Every three months, there’s a pocket for storing bits and jotting down notes for that quarter.  I love this space as you can store vouchers you may want to use in that month there.  You could even store receipts there, in case you need them to return something.

Busy B Diary Reminders & Pockets
Quarterly “Reminders” pages, with a pocket.
Accessorise it with cute but useful tools

Busy B Page Markers slotted into the diary

Did you know, you could add the Busy B Page Markers into your diary?  There’s a slot on the inside of the back cover, where you can store the sticky notes (pictured left).  This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting them at home.  You can literally carry them with you, without having to take an additional pencil case or anything.  They slot nicely into the back cover, adding pretty much no extra weight or bulk.

If you don’t have these sticky notes, you could also add a thin notepad here.  I recommend adding a very thin one as you would struggle to close the book if you added a large one.  The page markers are approximately an extra 2mm in size, which fits nicely.  I wouldn’t go too much over that as you would stretch the elastic closure a lot.  However, the slot lets you add notepads up to the size of A6, which is great.

As it comes with a pen loop, add your favourite Busy B pen to the diary so you always have it to hand!  I love the way these pens write, so smooth.  I have the rollerball pens, also in Contemporary, which means that they perfectly match my diary and the page markers!

Busy B Busy Life diary, page markers and pens

Now I can’t wait for 2018…

I’m so excited to use this planner.  The weekly pages start from 18th December 2017 so I’ll definitely be using it to jot down any Christmas plans that I have.  Anyone want to make any plans with me for 2018?  I really just want to start writing in it but sadly don’t have enough dates!  I mean, I’ve already written down some birthdays and known events…

If you are interested in getting your own Busy B diary, head on over to their website.  Don’t forget, if this is your first order then you can use the code BB15 to get 15% off!  Their products are so affordable already that this bonus just makes it even better.

Products featured in this post are:
  • Busy Life Diary 2018 – Contemporary
  • Page Markers – Contemporary
  • Rollerball Pens – Contemporary

As I mentioned, the Busy Life Diary also comes in a beautiful floral design from the “Pretty” collection.  If you want to have a look at that diary and inside it, check out this Busy B Haul video by my friend Yvonne, also known as The Planning Diary.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free to try out and review as a brand ambassador for Busy B.  However, my opinion is completely my own and is honest.  I choose to be a brand ambassador for them because I love their products and am thrilled to be able represent them in this way.

8 thoughts on “Busy B Diary 2018

  1. Veronica says:

    Cute 2018 diary! I understand the struggle of finding the perfect planner, each one of us have different needs and a generic planner just won’t cut it. This one seems like it understands what it’s like to be a woman in these times.

    Joy to the World

    • Reema says:

      You’re so right. Really generic planners rarely work for me either. I like ones with certain layouts or features. This is the first I’ve seen like this so really excited to give it a go. Definitely good for those of us that feel like we have two lives on the go!

  2. Jenny in Neverland says:

    I love the look of this diary! I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’m certainly going to pop onto their website and see what they have. And congrats for being a brand ambassador! That’s really cool (: I love the design of this – it’s so smart but really aesthetically pleasing (: xxx

    • Reema says:

      Right?! They have so many clever functions hidden into pretty products. Great for everyone with busy lives essentially! I’m a huge fan of their products so I’m super happy about the ambassadorship. Thank you so much!! 🙂

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