Blogmas and what is it?

It’s the 30th November and the midnight is drawing closer…  Everywhere across the country, if you listen – real carefully – you may be able to hear the sound of people typing.  Frantically.  Coffee being drunk, keyboards being bashed, notes being written…  Or maybe you don’t.  I can hear the sound of my keyboard being bashed but that’s about it.  But either way, as midnight draws closer, two things are happening.

First, it will be the end of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), for those of you who did take part.  Writers attempt to take on a mammoth task of writing 50,000 words in the month of November.  And secondly, it will be the start of Blogmas (and Vlogmas).  This is a challenge that bloggers (and vloggers) take up in December.  When you’re me, you stupidly attempt (and probably fail) both of these.  Now I have no idea what my word count is for NaNoWriMo – I’m very worried about even checking.  I’ll do that later.  For now, however, I wanted to talk a little about Blogmas.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a challenge that essentially is about posting blog posts in December.  I’ve seen so many variations of this challenge that I don’t even know what the majority of people are doing.  It seems to be so different for each person, which I really like.  In general, I’ve seen people do a daily post starting from 1st December until Christmas.  Either 24 posts, ending on Christmas Eve or a 25th on Christmas Day itself.  However, I’ve also seen versions going up to 31st December.  Since all of those options are a lot of content, some people choose a shorter version – 12 days of Christmas Blogmas.

Whilst most of the posts are Christmas, winter or holiday themed, that’s also not a necessity.  Some people opt to include non-Christmas posts into their Blogmas challenge too!

Of course, there’s a YouTube version called vlogmas that involves daily videos instead!

My Blogmas Challenge

Having these flexible rules makes it a lot more accessible, I think.  Everyone is able to create their own goals for the challenge and most importantly, enjoy it.  I hate the idea of stressing out about not having today’s post ready.  Especially if there’s going to be a lot of them.  Quality suffers when you’re stressed.  Despite all of my hesitations, I’ve decided to challenge myself and take part this year.  I haven’t got the exact details of the challenge but I am aiming to do at least 12 posts.  If I manage to do that, then I’ll think about extending it on to more.  Ideally, I want to do 24 posts with half focusing on the holidays.

This is my first time attempting the challenge and I know this month will be really busy with work stress, personal life drama and probably fighting lots of illnesses.  I’m already starting to feel awful in this cold.  So I thought I would start small and try to work my way up.

My first post will go live tomorrow.  I’m super excited about this challenge but also incredibly nervous.  I can see myself stressing out about it and worrying.  So, I really hope that this doesn’t happen and will be attempting to do a few posts over the weekend if I can so it’s a little bit easier.  Let’s see how this goes, shall we?  Wish me luck!!

Are you taking part in Blogmas?  Comment and let me know what you’re planning to do.  I would love to know!

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