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We’re halfway through October, which can only mean one thing – it’s almost time for Halloween.  Dressing up as a child was a lot of fun.  We would go “trick or treat”-ing and ended up with buckets of sweets…  All of the kids on the street dressed up in “scary” outfits.  My go to Halloween costumes as a child was always a ghost or a witch.  Let’s be fair, both of them were very easy to do.  The ghost requires a white bed sheet and come cut out holes.  Whilst the witch could be done with a witch’s hat, a bin liner (with some holes) and a broomstick.  I definitely didn’t spend too much time or effort on dressing up but it was still a lot of fun.

Sadly, children don’t seem to celebrate the day anymore in my area.  But even adults need a little bit of the Halloween spirit in their lives.  So I thought I would share a few bits and bobs of Halloween stationery that I’m loving this year!  Personally, I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses – especially handmade and crafty ones.  So I scoured Etsy for a few things that stood out to me.

Now stickers are probably my favourite thing to stock up on.  I have far too many but still always want some more!  They are great to use in journals, memory keeping, planners, cardmaking or scrapbooking to list a few.  So I thought they would be the perfect place to start.  Here’s a few Halloween themed stickers that jumped out at me (pun intended)!

Please note: If you buy any of these products, double check how long the store will take to make and send you the items!  They may not arrive before Halloween, depending on your location and how long it takes for them to make it.  Please check individual stores before ordering if you want it to arrive on time!

Countdown and Character Stickers

I love stickers that have little characters or doodles in them, which you can use for anything.  They work in a planner, a calendar, in a scrapbook or journal, in cards and tags and pretty much anywhere else…

Stickers from Planning with C (click for left) and Molly Creations (click for right)

There isn’t much time left to count down to Halloween but if you haven’t got your stickers yet then grab one of these cute countdown stickers!  The left one is from Planning with C and the right one is from Molly Creations.  You could also use them to count down to a themed fancy dress party if you don’t use them for Halloween!

Stickers from Chocho and Mimi ( click for left  |  click for right )

Above are two sticker sheets available from Chocho and Mimi, which is one of my go to Etsy stores for planner stickers.  They have some beautiful products – I love the sticker quality of these and how cute the designs are.  I mean, look at that little ghost panda or the Harry Potter panda!  How cute are those?!

Stickers from La Petite Paula Shop (click here)

How adorable are these Halloween Chibis from La Petite Paula Shop?  What’s even better about them is that you can change the skin tone and hair colour! I opt for the girl called “Maira”, which has brown skin and dark brown hair but there’s plenty of choice.

Stickers from Ellen Bee Makes ( click for left  |  click for right )

Who would have thought that there could be something adorable about zombies?  The concept of zombies is definitely scary but these stickers from Ellen Bee Makes are incredibly cute.  I love that the ghosts have blushed cheeks and fun little outfits or expressions.

Large Character Stickers

I think larger stickers are a little hard to find.  I always struggle to find ones that will fill a larger section of blank space so it felt like this needed a separate category – because they are awesome.

Stickers from Tsu Store (click here)

I really love the people stickers that Tsu Store offers!  These are great for art journals or decorating your planner, for example.  You can purchase large or small versions of these stickers – making it so versatile!  I can already picture using the large ones to make some gift tags to go around bags of sweets.  So cute!

Planner Kits

I love decorating my planner with stickers.  There’s some really great layouts you can do with a few stickers so here’s a few different types of sticker kits that I like the look of.  They’ll work for various types of planners from Happy Planners / Erin Condren style planners to Personal sized planners. You’ll have to double check the individual store information to see which ones will work for your planner.

Stickers from Happy Cutie Studio (click here)

If you’re after a large set of stickers that are super cute this Halloween then Happy Cutie Studio has got you covered.  I adore how cute the little ghosts and the bats are!  You’ll get six sticker sheets with this one, perfect to fully cover your planner in stickers.

Stickers from Molly Creations (click here)

Look at the colours on these sticker sheets from Molly Creations Co!!  They aren’t dark and spooky like Halloween typical is.  They are very bright and very fun but I absolutely love them.  Such a unique brightness to the colours adds a little something special, I think.  They are certainly unique and I love the little ice cream and cupcake icons too!  Different, in a great way!

Stickers from Plannerface (click here)

This sticker kit from Plannerface will fill your page with lots of glittery stickers in perfect Halloween colours!  I really love the ombre stickers and how beautiful all of the colours go in this kit.  They’d go very well accompanied with some of the fun characters that a few of the other stores offer, I think.

Stickers from Anything Elsie (click here)

All three sticker sheets come together in this little kit from Anything Elsie.  They come in traditional Halloween colours and sport a little darker mood, which you may prefer.  I wanted to highlight the third sheet (pictured right) because that is my favourite sheet.  I love how there’s so many normal activities – such as doing laundry or cleaning – themed so well for this Halloween kit.  So your normal activity stickers will go well with the others too!  However, I really love that “lazy day”, “movie night” and “series binge” stickers.  They remind me of a friend, who wants to have a lazy day and watch lots of TV – and a horror film – with me.  So perfect!


All of the photos are owned and credited to the respective store owners.  This post also includes affiliate links.  This means I’ll get a small amount of money if you chose to purchase any of the these products using my links.  It will not cost you anything and helps to keep the site running and fund giveaways!  If you do purchase anything listed on the page using my link, thank you so much for helping to keep the blog alive!  I’ve picked a few products that look good but I haven’t tried them all out in person.  These are just a few of the ones that stood out to me, that I wanted to buy!

Please make sure they will arrive on time, if you want them before Halloween!!  You can find this information in the individual shops or by contacting the owner.  Thank you.

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