* Kaweco Perkeo Fountain pen: Bad Taste

Kaweco Perkeo Bad Taste

Kaweco is a brand that is very close to my heart, if I’m honest.  I have a few of their fountain pens and I love every single one of them.  In fact, I would love several more!  However, they recently came out with a brand new range called the Perkeo.  This range is quite a bit different to their typical style of pens.  So when Pocket Notebooks offered me the chance to review it, I naturally had to give it a test and see if it met my usual expectation from them.  Today, we’re looking at the Kaweco Perkeo “Bad Taste” fountain pen!

Functionality – how does it write?

Writing with the Perkeo

I’m honestly not sure I can say much in this category other than “would highly recommend”.  I absolutely adored writing with this pen.  It’s so smooth!  The ink comes out of the nib a little wetter and thicker than it does with some of my other branded “medium” nibs.  This does mean you have to give it a few seconds to dry before running your hand over it.  However, the colour appears to be darker and richer – it would be really nice for the beautiful shimmer inks that are available.

The pen comes with a few blue ink cartridges and can also be used with a converter, if you prefer to use bottled inks.  Kaweco accepts standard ink cartridges, making it more accessible and easy to use.  I prefer universal options like this, so you’re not limited to one brand of cartridges.  Of course, if you opt for a converter then it doesn’t matter anyway.

Price makes it an entry level option

At only £15, the Perkeo instantly places itself in the market as a contender for the best “beginner’s fountain pen” category.  Previously, this field has largely been dominated by the Lamy Safari – with a few of the Pilot fountain pens also making appearances.  The classic Kaweco Sport is a great entry level pen, around the same price point.  However, it’s size and shape offered it up as a pocket pen.  The Perkeo comes in a larger size, hitting the bracket of people who prefer larger pens that are also affordable.  With this move, there’s now two ranges available for the entry level category.

Appearances do matter though, right?
Kaweco Skyline Sport and Kaweco Perkeo
Kaweco Sport (above) and Kaweco Perkeo (below)

The unique and very distinctive style of Kaweco pens makes them easily recognisable.  I’m pleased to see they kept a lot of this style whilst designing the Perkeo.  The eight sided cap is the same shape, but simply a bit shorter in length.  The barrel has changed slightly.  Instead of the usual circular style, they’ve gone with a much longer one with double the amount of sides as the cap.

My first thought about the new barrel was the comfort.  I was worried the edges might press into your hand when writing, causing pain.  However,  I barely noticed it at all when I was actually writing with it.  Having so many sides makes it feel similar to holding a circular barrel.  The main difference is that it visually looks a bit different – and it’s definitely a style that becomes more visually appealing to me the more I look at it.   The eight sided cap has always been a great idea in my opinion because it prevents the pen from rolling off the desk.  With the sixteen sided barrel, you can now also leave the pen uncapped and it stays in place.  Honestly, taking pictures of the Kaweco pens was a lot easier than the other fountain pens that just refused to stay still for a moment.

Size matters, sometimes – as does colour!
Kaweco Sport (White) against the Perkeo (Pink & Black)
Sport (White) against the Perkeo (Pink & Black)

I’ve always loved the small Kaweco Sport pens.  It makes them easy to fit in your pocket or a small handbag.  However, I also have small hands, so they comfortable fit in my hand even without the lid.  This new Perkeo has the advantages of catering to people who prefer the typical fountain pen size.  If you have large hands, it is probably a lot more comfortable to hold too.  Even with the cap attached, the Sport is still shorter than the closed Perkeo.   Sometimes it’s all about the length…

The Kaweco Perkeo currently comes in four different colour options.  Kaweco has made some bold colour choices.  The neon pink and black that I have is known as “Bad Taste”.   There’s also a black and yellow, a light pink and grey and perhaps the most subtle of all a white and blue.  These are the Indian Summer, Cotton Candy and Old Chambray respectively.   My two favourite is the Bad Taste and the Old Chambray.  I do like the bold colour choices they’ve made.  However, sadly, I don’t see these colour options appealing to everyone.  I think they’d benefit from having a few more in the range – but perhaps that’s something that might happen down the line.  Perhaps some with a single colour option – like all white or black – could be a good addition too.

It’s all about the gap in the market…
Kaweco Perkeo alongside Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari and Kaweco Sport
Left to right: Kaweco Perkeo, Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari and Kaweco Sport

Kaweco’s new series is a truly a good move on their part.  By introducing this new range, they now have two brilliant contenders in the entry level category.  As shown above, this new length is closer to the Lamy Safari or Pilot Metropolitan,  making it a good choice if those are what you’re used to.  The price for all of the pictured pens are similar, give or take.  I find that the Pilot pens are slightly harder to find in the UK though.

Whilst I do love the Kaweco Sport range for their unique size and shape, the Perkeo has certainly grown on me.  It holds itself accountable to the same level of quality but appears to cater for those who prefer a larger pen.  The bold colours make quite a statement on your desk and certainly catch a few eyes.

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen – the Kaweco Perkeo “Bad Taste”.  The name really doesn’t do it justice but I still love it, because it’s an unusual choice!

Disclaimer: This Fountain Pen was kindly sent to me by Pocket Notebooks to review and try.  It’s not endorsed by Kaweco and my opinion is still honest and my own.  Head on over to Pocket Notebooks to purchase the pen if you’re interested in owning one.  They also have a great collection of notebooks (as suggested by their name) and other Kaweco products, such as inks or some of the Sport range too!

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  1. Louis Zmich says:

    I love these fountain pen posts! I am starting a small collection of fountain pens myself, and seeing someone as passionate about them as you, is very cool. I’ll have to add this one to my list!

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