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Busy B Address Book coverThe other day, I reviewed the Busy B Birthday Card book.  I mentioned that it worked very well with the Busy B Address Book.  Since I’ve got my hands on one, I thought we’d have a look at that address book today!

You can use both of these products on their own.  To use the card book, you certainly don’t need to have the address book and to use this, you don’t need the birthday book.  This particular product is one that you should own, even if you don’t send people physical cards or letters.  I can’t tell you the amount of times that I am unable to access the contacts on my phone.  Whether it’s because the battery has died or your phone dies and you lose all of the data, sometimes you just can’t access the contacts.

The address book and birthday book seem to work very well together.  Not only do they fit well together, they also share similar appearances.  They both share a similar colour combination.  This address book, however, has a very light lilac coloured background – rather than a grey one.  It shares the same floral pattern and positioning of the text in the centre of the book, which has also been foiled.  The spine also has a dark blue colour running down it.  I love the clean and simple look that this cover has.

Inside the book

Busy B Address Book inside pages

The inside of the address book has a similar design to the birthday book.  It’s got a brownish grey combined with a pink.  The pink even has the same dotted pattern.  There are twelve tabs, most featuring two letters each whilst the last two have three letters each.  Under these tabs, there’s several pages – each one with space for four people’s details.  The colours inverse under every tab.  So whilst A-B feature in pages with pink borders, the C-D pages have that warm grey coloured borders.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary address book.  However, there are a few key details that stand out and make it special, in my opinion.  The book is a slightly unusual size.  It’s shorter than the length of an A5 book but wider than one.  This makes it a little more square than A5 sized books, which I kind of like.  Because of this, it fits perfectly into the back pocket of the birthday card book.  You could fit a A5 book into the birthday card folder but it would stick out.  This one doesn’t stick out at all and fits neatly inside.

I love the gold foiling on the front of the cover.  The phrase “all my favourite people” is so fitting for me.  I’m using this address book to write down addresses for my loved ones.  The sort of people I want to send birthday cards to or invite to my wedding.  I know where these people live, roughly but I can never remember everyone’s full address or post code.  This way, it’s far easier to keep track of where they currently live.

But it’s the little details that make this book more special…

Busy B Address Book back pocket & sticker sheetsSome of my friends also seem to change countries very often.  Two of my friends, for example, are currently working in Asia for 6-9 months.  In life, people often change their addresses.  It seems to happen more at my age – in the mid 20s – where friends are moving out of their parents houses after university, getting new jobs, getting married or travelling.  With uncertainty in life, one thing I hate is having to cross out people’s addresses and having an address book that looks messier than my notes.  I like my address book to be easy to read.  I remember seeing my mum’s as a child, looking for someone’s address and there was three different addresses for the same person because she hadn’t crossed out the old ones.  It was so confusing.  Well Busy B have provided a solution for this, which I love.

You could easily stick to writing in pencil or a removable pen.  However, because of this fantastic solution they’ve provided, you’re not restricted.  At the back of each address book is a pocket.  In this pocket, you receive some sticker sheets.  Each sticker sheet has 4 “name & address” labels, 2 labels for phone numbers & email addresses and 12 dotted line labels.  These are perfectly sized for this book, allowing you to easily change someone’s address, phone number or email address.  If they move, you can use a large label sticker to edit all of their information.  Whilst if they simply change their email address, you can easily edit that one line alone.

I love this little detail, which shows how much they’ve thought about this product.  This is the first address book I’ve seen that makes it so easy to change addresses, without scribbling everywhere.

And if it gets dirty?

Busy B Address Book inside page

The address book I received had a small smudge on one of the pages.  I’ve spoken to Busy B about this, as it was there when I received the product, but it looks like it is a one off issue.  The colour of the smudge matches the warm grey pages so it probably appeared in printing. somehow.

It’s an odd smudge, in the middle of the page.  Normally, I would hate having something ruin the pretty pages.  I can get pretty hung up on things like this as I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  In particular, I like my new products to stay pretty – which honestly is a pain as it can be hard to get myself to use the products.

However, I wasn’t fussed about this issue this time.  The main reason for this is those sticker sheets.  I know that if the ink stain bothers me too much, I can easily stick a label over it and cover it forever.  I don’t have to do anything fancy or fret about it, I just stick away!

As I mentioned, this is a random occurrence and shouldn’t be an issue in your address book.  However, I wanted to let you know that if there are any small issues like this – whether it comes that way or years down the line, you accidentally spill something over it – they are easy to fix with these spare address labels.  So it’s not something to worry about.


I’m convinced that this address book will help me to get more organised in my cardmaking and letter writing.  I enjoy doing both of those things but never seem to have time to do it.  When I do manage to make cards or write a letter, I can never find the address I need to send them.  So I decide to give it to the person when I next see them – and then I end up forgetting or losing it.  In fact, I’ve been doing a little bit of a clean recently and found a birthday card I made someone years ago.  Due to the lack of an address, I haven’t been able to send it – and I sadly haven’t seen her in these past few years either.

The address book will work perfectly with my Busy B Birthday Card Book.  On their own, each product is great and useful.  Together, however, they work fantastically.  I actually feel like I should fill my address book with the contact details of tons of penpals, just so I can start writing to them straight away.

Busy B get bonus points for not only making two incredibly functional products but also beautiful ones!  It just inspires me to use them more because they are so pretty and I want to fill them with things that make me – and hopefully the people I write to – happy!

Busy B Address Book with the Birthday Card Book

Disclaimer: Busy B kindly sent me this product for free for review purposes.  All opinions, however, are my own.  I chose to review this product because I loved that they provided the spare stickers and of how well it worked with the birthday card book.

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