Launch Giveaway #4 – Fountain Pen Friday

Launch Giveaway #4 status: Closed.

For the final giveaway for National Stationery Week, I thought it would be perfect to tie it in with Fountain Pen Friday.  I absolutely love fountain pens.  There’s something satisfying about writing with a fountain pen and ink.  I’m pretty sure it makes my handwriting a lot nicer than other pens too.  However, not everyone is a fountain pen user.  So for Fountain Pen Friday, I wanted to do a giveaway that was open to everyone but also tied in with the pens I love.  As a result, I’ve chosen to add the “J Herbin Rollerball pen” to the bundle.  This pen has a rollerball nib but uses fountain pen ink.  It’s a great combination, allowing you to experience the variety of colours and fun of writing in ink whilst using a nib that most people are familiar with.  Be sure to check out the other two giveaways running over here.

Launch Giveaway #4 Prize - Stationery Bundle

What’s the prize?

Today’s bundle is perhaps my favourite one for the week.  As with the other two, you’ll receive a Rhodia Notebook, a pen and a few additional accessories.  Not only is the paper quality amazing in these Rhodia notebooks but I love this gorgeous blue colour.  I’m also a huge fan of fountain pens and the beautiful variety of inks available, so I love this Herbin rollerball pen.  Alongside those, you’ll get some gorgeous foil washi tape, bookmarks and a paperclip.  The rollerball doesn’t come with ink but I’ll, of course, add one in so you can try it out straight away!

How to Enter:

Please use the form below to enter the giveaway for your chance to win.  The giveaway will be open until 13th May 12AM [BST].

Fountain Pen Friday giveaway

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Pocket Notebooks, who kindly donated the Rhodia notebook for this giveaway.   They have a variety of brilliant products so if you are ever in need of a notebook, remember them!  I highly recommend them.  The washi tape was also kindly gifted to me by a fantastic lady, who’s chosen to remain anonymous.  Huge thank you to both of them!

Everything else was purchased by me simply because I wanted to get them.  You can find the other #NatStatWeek posts and giveaways over here.

To find out more about National Stationery Week, please visit their own website.

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