National Stationery Week 2017

The week we’ve all been waiting for is now upon us (or at least, the week all of us stationery addicts have been waiting for!).  Stationery addicts and users across the country are coming together.  All to celebrate one thing: their love of stationery.

Due to personal reasons, I sadly won’t be able to get involved with the activities this week as much as I would have liked.  Last year, I shared a post daily.  You can find these posts by clicking here.  I planned to do the same until unexpected personal reasons cropped up.  However, I still want to do something.  My first launch giveaway is currently underway, where the winner will get a planner bundle.  This week, I will be holding three additional giveaways and will be updating this post as I go along.  So check back here daily for the update!  Where possible, I will also be around on Twitter – so please drop me a tweet to chat!  For now, let’s jump right in.

#NatStatWeek Seven Days of Stationery

National Stationery Week runs from 24th – 30th April.  Each year, there are 7 days of stationery and each day has it’s own theme.  The above picture shows the themes for 2017.  Where possible, my daily posts or updates will follow the theme of the day.  So without further ago, let’s just jump right into the first day.

Monday – Pen and Pencil Day

In honour of Pen and Pencil day, I thought I would do a giveaway that includes a pen and pencil that I always carry around with me: the Field Notes pen and pencil.  These two products are amazing – I’ve particularly grown attached to my Field Notes pens.  I have so many packs of these two products but still seem to run out constantly!  Nonetheless, I thought I would share 1 of each of these with you today.  These will come in a stationery bundle, alongside a Rhodia notebook and some lovely accessories (pictured to the right).  To enter the giveaway or find out more, click here.

Tuesday – Get Crafty

Phew, today was a very busy day – but it was amazing.  Today was not only Get Crafty but also one of the days of the London Stationery Show, so it was hectic!  But more on that later.  For now, I wanted to talk a little about craft, of course.  There were a lot of workshops today at the show, one of which was all about experimenting with decorative foils from Chamberlain Plastics.  Picture to the left was taken by Lucy from Chamberlain Plastics of me attempting to stick the paper to the hardback cover to make an accordion notebook.  I’ll be honest, my final result is definitely not as good as some of the other participants but I’ll blame the fact that I haven’t crafted in a while.  I’m just getting rusty!

Chamberlain Plastics is a new brand that I haven’t heard of before but I had a great time playing around with their products – and snagged some samples for future experiments too!  More than anything, it inspired me to spend a little bit of time being crafty.  I love papercrafts and used to do it more.  But as I’ve gotten busier, it’s one thing that I stopped doing.  However, this workshop reminded me how relaxing it is to craft – and how good it is for people to do so!  So, with any luck, I’ll be spending some time on my next free weekend playing around with foils from Chamberlain Plastics.  Once I’ve gotten a chance to play around with them a bit more, I’ll share my creations with you all!

Wednesday – World Stationery Day

The second giveaway is a very pink stationery bundle, using stationery that has been sourced or made all over the world.  It’s perfect for World Stationery Day!  The bundle is similar to the first but with a few minor changes.  This time, the pen is a pretty one that is full of gems.  It’s a light pink gem pen to go along with the whole “pink” theme of this bundle.  The colour is not only reflected in the pen but it’s also the colour of the Rhodia notebook and the ribbon of the paperclip – and also the colour of the foil on the washi tape.  It’s a very pink bundle!  To enter the giveaway, click here to find out more.

Thursday – Thank You Thursday

For me, a great way to say thank you is by doing so through a letter.  It’s far more personal than a text or email.  So, I took a moment out of the day to write a few thank you letters.  You don’t need anything fancy to do this – something to write on, something to write with, something to put it in and a stamp to send it!  I found these gorgeous foiled envelopes hidden away in my drawer.  In all honesty, I didn’t even remember having them but they are so beautiful that I couldn’t resist using them for the letters.  I wrote a few letters to thank some of the people I’ve met recently but I know there’s dozens more letters that I need to write – a dozen more thank yous for this week alone!

Friday – Fountain Pen Friday

Fountain Pen inks come in a huge variety of colours and some even have glitter flakes or other special qualities to them.  Writing with a fountain pen is great fun.  They are so smooth to write with that it’s more like experience than just another pen.  Fountain pens have a place in my heart.  In fact, my most treasured pen is a fountain pen that was gifted to me by my dad.  So for this day, I thought it was perfect to add an ink pen to the bundle.

However, since the nib of a fountain pen isn’t for everyone, I decided I’d do something different for this giveaway.  This bundle includes a rollerball ink pen, letting you experience the joy of writing with fountain pen ink whilst using a nib that most people have used before.  The bundle is probably best for beginners but the giveaway is open to all.  So if you would like the opportunity to win the bundle, please click here to find out more and to enter.

Saturday – Signature Saturday

Signature Saturday is a theme that probably requires a lot more depth than a short paragraph or two.  I love seeing people’s signatures.  Everyone’s signature is unique to them and I love that there are no set rules for it.  Some people choose to sign their full name, others their initials only whilst some are a combination of the two or perhaps even just their first name.  Some underline it, some contain a little scribble and some are totally illegible.  There’s a whole variety and I think it’s great to see what people have chosen to do.  Apparently, your signature has its own personality – which is meant to be a reflection of your own personality.

For this blog, I choose to write the blog name with a little paintbrush that I created.  I haven’t blogged about the process before or said how I created this.  So I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about this now.  I actually created this logo first by hand using a brush pen.  Then I designed the paintbrush and made it into an image on the computer, after scanning in it.

Sunday – Write a Letter Day

As you already know, letterwriting is something I advocate a lot.  It’s incredibly therapeutic for yourself and also a great way to express yourself to others.  It was great for Thank You Thursday but also good for any other occasion.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to write any letters yesterday as I was pretty busy.  However, I will be writing some more this week.  Nothing super fancy but perhaps ones for a few people.  For example, one to say hello to a friend I haven’t met in a while (since she lives abroad). Another to a friend who’s not well at the moment.  Why don’t you take five minutes out of your day to write a letter to someone you love this week?  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or too time consuming.  Just take a few minutes out of your day to write a little message down for someone.

On Twitter or Instagram?  Lets be Social Media friends! I love meeting new people and talking about National Stationery Week or stationery in general, so let’s talk!

Find out more about National Stationery Week over on their website.  I’ll also be doing a lot more posts soon with products or companies I had the pleasure of meeting during the week.  I even went to a few events that I’ll be sharing on the blog soon.  Watch this space!

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