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Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to do a little mini series on thoughtful gifts  ideas and all of the Valentine’s stationery that you need in your life!  You can read the introduction here before we dive into the first idea.  This one is probably one of my favourites.  It’s so simple and easy to do, you have no reason for not doing it.  It’s inexpensive but thoughtful and you could even turn it into a game…  So let’s jump right in and see how this idea might work for you!

Send them a letter or leave little love notes for them
Do you live with them or do they live far away from you?

Whether you live with them or need to post it to them, this one is great for anyone.  I particularly like this one if you’re in a long distance relationship (or want to send it to a loved one who doesn’t live nearby) because it gives them something to read when they miss you or can’t talk to you.  If your loved one is always travelling (or you are!) then it’s something they can look at when they wish they were with you.  Even if you live together, this could be a great way of surprising them.  Imagine their face when they find little notes scattered around the house.  They wake up and the first thing they see is a note telling them how much you love them.  They go to make breakfast and find a note telling them how amazing they are.  They open the cleaning cupboard to see a note expressing your gratitude…  They don’t have to be long letters that have taken you hours to write.  Just make them something they’d appreciate – whether that’s something romantic or funny, “lovey dovey” or super cheesy, sweet or pretty naughty.  You know them better than I do!

What do you need though?

You don’t need anything fancy – something to write on and something to write with is more than enough.   Whether it’s a note on a tissue (preferably an unused one…) or on a fancy greeting card, I’m sure it will be appreciated.  I once got a letter on some paper that had clearly been torn out of a book and written in a rush.  It was a short message (only a few lines) on a large piece of A4 paper.  But it made me smile so much and warmed my heart up because the words on the page showed me how well my friend knew me.  It was sent to my workplace and even contained the words “ok, stop smiling now – your colleagues will think you’re mad!!” and that made me burst into laughter because I was totally grinning like an idiot right from the start and my colleagues did question it whilst I was reading the letter haha.  I remember the feeling I felt when I got that letter, because it stuck with me.  It was such a warm fuzzy feeling that it made my day (maybe even longer given I can still recall the letter, which was sent around two years ago, and smile like an idiot whilst writing this!).

But what if you wanted to spend a bit of money?

If you do want something a little fancy or pretty then you could pick up some of the beautiful Valentine’s day notepads around this time that contain lots of tear-away pages for you to write on.  I recommend picking up one or two now and using it throughout the year (as it’s a lot easier to find nice ones now!), making this purchase last long after Valentine’s is over.

I’m always a fan of notepads from Kikki K and their Valentine’s Collection is no different!  Their “Met You” notepad (pictured above) is very cute and great value for money.  This notepad features many different designs so you could use them for any occasion or anyone – I’m sure you’d find something suitable in here for all of your loved ones.  I love that there are 20 unique designs (two of which are pictured above) in this pad – and there’s 6 of each page.  That’s 120 pages in this notepad, which I’m sure will last you awhile!  Their designs vary quite a bit so they come in handy for so many different occasions.  For example, the two featured don’t necessarily have to be to your partner.  “We make a great pair” could work for two friends, siblings, cousins, anyone.  And the “just wanted to say…” could be a message of thanks, missing you, congratulations or anything else!  I love how versatile these notepads are.

Photo Credit: Kikki KI have the notepad from Kikki.K’s Valentine collection last year and it’s come in so handy to write a little message for many occasions.  It’s a red & white themed paper collection with lots of hearts, so perfect for “sending love”, “thinking of you” or “missing you” notes for anyone.  The cover say the words “we go together like pen & paper” – how could I not get it?!  It’s perfect for someone as stationery obsessed as me!  The paper itself is thicker than I expected so it’s great to write on.  Like this year’s, it also has 20 unique designs and 6 pages of each one so I’m still using the same pad from last year now!

Why don’t you make it a game?

You could easily create a game out of this, like a treasure hunt by hiding various clues and messages around the house.  If you wanted to, you could add a main prize at the end which could be a gift you’re planning to give them, for example.  You could even add little treats along the way like sweets, chocolates, gift cards or just smaller gifts that they might like.  It would be a fun way to give them a bunch of small gifts, if you’re planning to do that.  The best part is that the cost of all of this would be something you decide – you can choose if you add a gift at the end or treats along the way.  You don’t have to, it could just be a fun little game with messages and clues.  This would be something great to do on the day.  If you’ve booked a restaurant or cooked a meal and played a dinner date, this could be a fun activity to do beforehand.  Their main prize at the end could to find out about the surprise – so a note saying you’re going on a dinner date or you’ve cooked them a meal tonight!  A little note to say you’re treating them and spoiling them like they deserved to be spoiled and loved.

Photo Credit: PaperchaseThis “Love Note” pad from Paperchase could be a great notepad to get for this game – or just to send them notes randomly.  It contains 50 pages for you to write messages on.  I love that it’s got a date on it, so your partner could “collect” all of the love notes you give them and remember when you wrote them – even if they are reading them a year or two later!  A part of me loves that the sheets would have the same design but a different message every time – it has a sense of familiarity about it and a part of me really likes that idea of consistency.  With 50 sheets, there’s plenty to write messages to send to your loved ones or play games with!  For example, if you wanted to use it for Treasure Hunt, you could fold the page up with the “I love you” or “love note” always showing and this would make it easier for them to find the next clue once they’ve gotten to the right area.

Do I need a whole notepad though?!

Photo Credit: PaperchaseErrr yes!  Everyone needs a whole notepad of paper!  Okay okay, you don’t need it but think of it as an investment.  It will come in handy for tons of other occasions throughout the year – for your anniversary, their birthday, christmas, randomly to show them how important they are to you.  If you really don’t need all of these sheets then check out the smaller letter sets.  You’ll find tons of them around at this time of the year.  I like the “mini love letter set” from Paperchase (pictured right) if you’re just after a few sheets of cute paper.  You get 8 sheets of paper, with 4 envelopes too so you might even have some spare for some of those other occasions.

Whatever you do, write a letter or note for a loved one today.

And make it handwritten!  Now that we’re all so used to technology, receiving something that is handwritten is extra special.  So go all out for someone you love today.  Write a message, doodle on it, add some stickers on it, do whatever you want to do but do it with love.

What else can you do?

If this isn’t right for you or you want to do something else that you can gift alongside this then be sure to check out the rest of the series.  You can head back to the main page here, which contains a list of the other pages in the series or go to idea 2 here.  If you have any other ideas or stationery that you love, be sure to comment and let me know!  I’d love to find some more goodies to get my hands on.

Note: All of the photos and images featured in this post belong to the respective stores (Paperchase & Kikki K).  I’m not sponsored by either to share these products – I just love both of them enough to do so.  I’m sure there are other companies who’ve also got some great notepads or stationery line out there but these are the two I’ve seen that I loved.

You can read the rest of the series here.

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    Ah so cute! Love all the lovely stationery! I think I ought to start leaving my husband some love notes around the place. OR leave him notes form the kids. He;d love that x

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