35 Resolutions to becoming a better you

Since deciding last week that I should work towards hitting my focus in life, I thought I’d think about some resolutions that would help me to achieve that goal.  It’s a simple goal but one that can apply to anyone, which is to simply be the best me that I can be.  Resolutions work timely with the new year and also my birthday, which marks my personal new year (as yours would for you).  I thought of a bunch of resolutions that may be applicable to you so check out the list and see what you think!

If you haven’t found the perfect resolutions for you then this ideas list is a great place to start.  Whether you just haven’t made some yet or you want to try another one, hopefully you’ll find an idea to inspire you from this list!


35 New Year Resolutions ideas that to help you become a better you:

  • 1. Start exercising / exercise more regularly
    • Exercising is always one of the most popular resolutions – it’s usually something people want to do but don’t do enough or don’t do it at all. It’s a great way to look after your body, clear your mind and can also be a social activity if you exercise with friends or join a club.  It doesn’t even have to cost money or take a lot of time – you could easily do a few sit ups at home in the morning!
  • 2. Volunteer / give to charity
    • Doing something for your community is beneficial to everyone, whether that’s donating your time or money to a worthy cause.  It also gives you a good feeling.  I think it’s incredibly beneficial to your own mental health.
  • 3. Stop drinking / drink less
    • Cutting down on your drinking is great for your health – as well as your pocket!  It can help to reduce weight and reduce your expenses, giving you more money to spend on other things.
  • 4. Stop smoking / cut down / switch to vaping
    • Another popular resolution is to stop smoking.  But if you’re not sure you can go cold turkey, why not try cutting down or switch to an alternative method – such as vaping – that is meant to be better for you?  It could help you to break that habit once and for all!
  • 5. Take packed lunches to work
    • I like this one because it’s a great way to save some money, as well as be more healthy.  I’m always eating rubbish when I buy lunch from outside – and the cost of doing it daily quickly adds up (especially in London!).  I love when I take a packed lunch to work and know that I’m saving money, and it’s probably far better for me as I know exactly what I’ve put into my food!
  • 6. Have better finances – save more money / earn more money / manage it better
    • Whether you need to save money, earn more or just manage it better by cutting down on unnecessary spends or by budgeting better, make finance a goal for 2017.
  • 7. Be healthier – eat better / cut down on junk food or alcohol / exercise more
    • Whether “healthier” means eating better, cutting down on a bad habit or exercising more, it’s easy to do this!
  • 8. Learn a new language
    • Don’t just say you’d love to learn a language one day – start it right now!  All you have to do is pick a language you want to learn.
  • 9. Improve your language skills
    • Learning new words in your own language could be the answer to writing better articles or just increasing your knowledge.
  • 10. Travel more / to someplace new
    • Personal favourite as I love travelling or discovering new places.  This doesn’t have to be abroad.  You could visit a local area you haven’t been to before or go to another city.
  • 11. Try new things
    • Similar to the above, why not just try new things or experiences?  This could be visiting a restaurant you’ve never been to or ordering a different item on the menu!  You could try going to a dance class you’ve never been to or go skydiving!
  • 12. Pick up a new hobby
    • Hobbies are great ways of helping you to relax & have fun, learn something new and perhaps even meet new people!  You could pick up a new sport or try your hand at creativity.
  • 13. Cut down on watch TV or watch more beneficial programmes
    • Sometimes switching off and relaxing in front of TV is just what you need after a long hard day.  Sometimes, however, we spend all day watching useless TV and then feel bad we haven’t done anything productive.  If you’re the latter sort of person, perhaps cutting down or watching something useful like documentaries occasionally.
  • 14. Read more
    • If you’re one of those people who always say they want to read more but don’t have the time for it then why not make time for it this year?  Wake up 10 mins earlier, read on the commute into work, read before going to bed…  Even if it’s just 5-10 mins, dedicate some time to doing something you want to do!
  • 15. Write (more) handwritten notes, letters or cards
    • In this digital age, getting something handwritten is always special!  Why not start writing handwritten notes, letters or cards to people?  (Or do it more often, if you already do it!)
  • 16. Make time for your mind
    • Everyone knows the benefits of exercise and physically being active – but what about your mental health?  It’s less known but equally as important.  Make some time to look after your mind and doing things that help your mental health – whatever that means to you!
  • 17. Make handmade gifts
    • Handmade gifts are incredibly thoughtful and often quite a lot of fun to make.  Why not try making some handmade gifts?  This could be something you cook, draw, knit, stick together, design… whatever it is, make it your own!
  • 18. Sleep better
    • Whether you need to sleep more or less, get up earlier or go to bed earlier, why not make sleeping better your resolution?  Aim to hit whatever target you need to hit to do that!
  • 19. Stay in touch with friends and family
    • When you’re too busy doing your daily tasks, you sometimes lose touch with friends or family that don’t live with you.  Why not try staying in touch with them by making sure you call or arrange to meet up with people regularly?
  • 20. Do random acts of kindness
    • Whether it’s for your colleagues or strangers, your family or neighbours, your friends or your local community – why not do some random acts of kindness to show them you care?
  • 21. Be more polite / be kinder
    • Similar to the above but being more polite and kinder to people never hurts!  Aim to be more polite or kinder wherever you can.
  • 22. Show your gratitude
    • Don’t take people for granted – say thank you to people when you’re grateful, tell them why.  Why not combine this with no. 15 and write thank you cards or letters to people to show your gratitude?
  • 23. Adopt an animal
    • Don’t forget to do some good for animals too!  Adopt an animal for yourself – or for a loved one.
  • 24. Teach someone something
    • It’s said that teaching something helps you to learn more about it.  If you’re an expert in a field or just good at a hobby, share your knowledge by teaching beginners to help them out.  You could even teach your grandparents more about technology so you can keep in touch with them more easily!
  • 25. Keep things tidy / declutter
    • Keeping things tidy is great for your mental health and reduces your chores.  Sometimes a good declutter might help too, if you have too much unused stuff lying around!
  • 26. Be more organised
    • Plan your week or day and you’ll find that you’re suddenly more productive!  Planners are super useful to help you achieve your goals faster.  Work smarter, not harder – remember?  Or why not organise your stuff better?  You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it!
  • 27. Improve time management
    • Manage your time better by being more efficient.  No 26 could help with this but sometimes you just need to be more realistic about how long you will need to do something.  Like how long you need to get ready so you can get to work on time.
  • 28. Be more independent
    • Independence doesn’t necessarily require you to live alone or have no responsibilities, but rather allows you to do things on your own when you want or need to.  It means having the knowledge & skills to look after yourself.  Whether that’s being too scared to travel alone or not knowing how to cook, why not do something to help build your independence?
  • 29. Dedicate more time to neglected projects that you want to complete
    • I for one have tons of half started projects that get forgotten when life gets too busy.  If you’re anything like me, perhaps this year is a good time to pick up those projects and start completing them, one by one.
  • 30. Meet new people
    • Lost touch with your friends?  Why not meet some new people?  A number of these other resolutions could help you to do so – such as a new hobby might mean new classes or clubs!
  • 31. Be more social
    • Sometimes anxiety prevents you going to meet your friends or going out.  It’s hard but if it’s something you want to change, try being more social.  Take small steps to do this, if you need to but take the step!
  • 32. Be more creative
    • Creativity is beneficial for many reasons – many of which I won’t go into now – but my favourite is that it can be great for your mental health.  Try being more creative, if that’s what you need in life.
  • 33. Face your fears
    • Most people are afraid of something.  Perhaps this is the year to start facing your fears?  Whether it’s a fear of heights or being alone, why not try making small changes to help reduce or remove that fear!
  • 34. Write that book
    • Write that book, dammit!  A lot of people want to write and publish a book in their lives.  It’s on quite a few bucket lists – well, what are you waiting for?  Go write that book!  Start today, start now.
  • 35. Start journaling
    • Journaling helps you to clear your mind, clarify your thoughts, practice some gratitude and just remember important moments in life that you might forget.  Sometimes, we forget the little things as we’re too busy focused on the big one.  But those little things could provide us with immense joy!  Journaling can help you to keep a track of those little things!

So there you have it!  35 resolutions to inspire you to become a better you.  You don’t have to do them all – in fact, I would recommend you don’t do them all!  Pick a few that resonate with you – even just one – and do it, and do it well.  Dedicate yourself to accomplishing that one goal and give it all.  You’re far more likely to accomplish the goal – and do it properly – if there’s only a few.  The more you have, the more distracted you’ll get.  I personally would recommend you start with 1-2 and once you’ve got into the habit of doing them, maybe then expand to another.

Do any of these inspire you?  I would love to know which ones you do, if any and how it goes!  Perhaps you’re already doing one of them?  Or you have another idea that I haven’t mentioned?  Let me know!  I would love to hear about your resolutions!

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